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Jordan Raskopoulos Wife- Is He Married? Gender And Sexuality

Australian comedian and actress Jordan Raskopoulos do not seem to be married. She is best known for being a writer and performer on the comedy show The Ronnie Johns Half Hour.

Additionally, Raskopoulos is a singer and is known as a lead singer for the comedy rock group The Axis of Awesome.

Born to the formal football player Peter Raskopoulos, she also plays roller derby since the age of twelve.

Who Is Jordan Raskopoulos Wife-Is She Married?

Jordan Raskopoulos does not seem to be married at the moment. Additionally, she has not shared her marital life with the audience.

However, she was married to a woman back in 2016. She had also told how she would have to divorce her wife as she wanted to fix her birth certificate to change her gender to female.

Since the Australian government did not have a law about two women marrying, Jordan and her wife were in the trap.

However, the after-equation of the lady’s condition is unknown to the audience. It is not clear if she divorced and remarried or moved apart from the lady.

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Jordan Raskopoulos Gender And Sexuality Revealed

Jordan is a transgender lesbian. She was identified as a male boy in the early days.

Jordan Raskopoulos Gender
Jordan respresenting herself as a female (Source: IMDb)

Going through gender dysphoria for many years in his early days, she was later discovered to be a transgender lesbian. She came out publicly as transgender in 2016.

Later, she kept her name and added the middle names Nicola and Bridget.

Though she does not hesitate to talk and express her identity, her first time attending the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was a bit intense. 

Many followers raise questions regarding her name and sexual orientation on her social media, and she covers most of their curiosity through her videos.

Besides talking about her sexual orientation, she spoke about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety disorder at a TEDx talk in 2017. 

Jordan Raskopoulos Net Worth Revealed

The estimated net worth of Jordan Raksopoulos is around one million dollars. The forty-year artist has been involved in the profession for almost two decades.

Jordan Raskopoulos Net Worth
Jordan on her work (Source: Instagram)

In 2003, he participated in his first theatre sports event, including the Belvoir St Theatre and Cranston Cup tournaments. She joined the University sketch comedy supergroup 3rd Degree two years later.

Her successful appearances include the Ronnie Johns Half Hour, Stupid, Stupid Man, Thank God You’re Here, and so on. Additionally, she also has given voice to the ABC2 machinima series.

Her solo debut was The Adventures of the Man with the Dominant Claw. 

 Before becoming a trans woman publicly, she used to write articles on the transgender issue for Junkee under the pseudonym Nicola Fierce.

Her Instagram, @jordanrasko, amassing about thirteen thousand followers, is full of comedy and informative content. She seems to live a modest lifestyle. Likewise, her TikTok account @jordanraskohas gathered over three hundred thousand followers.

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