Letitia Wright Transphobic Scandal: Is She A Lesbian?

Letitia Wright Transphobic Scandal: Is She A Lesbian? Gender And Sexuality

Letitia Wright Transphobic Scandal is taking over the internet as many media outlets have jumped into the bandwagon of documenting the topic. Is there any truth to those scandals?

Actress Letitia Michelle Wright is of British and Guyanese descent. She made her acting debut in supporting roles in the television shows Top Boy, Coming Up, Chasing Shadows, Humans, Doctor Who, and Black Mirror. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for the latter.

On October 31, 1993, Letitia Michelle Wright was born in Georgetown, Guyana. When she was seven years old, her family relocated to London, England, and she started attending Northumberland Park Community School.

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Letitia Wright, the star of Black Panther, has come under Fire for sharing and defending a transphobic, anti-vaccine video on Twitter on Thursday night. The Actress gave a non-apologetic response, saying her “intention was not to hurt anyone” on Friday morning.

Letitia Wright Transphobic Scandal Explained

Letitia Wright transphobic scandal is consuming the internet due to the numerous media outlets covering the subject. Do those scandals have any basis in reality?

Letitia Wright, the star of “Black Panther,” appears to have deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts following criticism of a video she posted on the website Thursday night.

Letitia Wright Transphobic Scandal
Letitia Wright Transphobic Scandal causes outrage among fans. (Source: Star Observer)

The COVID-19 vaccine’s validity is contested in the video, which is from the YouTube channel “On The Table.” Additionally, it expresses skepticism about climate change, accuses China of spreading COVID-19, and contains remarks that are anti-trans. 

Wright tweeted the link to it on Thursday night with the praying hand emoji, which was deleted shortly after that. YouTube also took down the disputed video because it broke its terms of service.

Wright’s entire Twitter account now appears to have been wiped, and a search for the handle @LetitiaWright returns the message “This account doesn’t exist.” Additionally, it seems that her Instagram account has been deactivated.

Don Cheadle, a member of the Marvel Universe and a co-star of Wright’s, was one of the celebrities who commented on Wright’s post, saying that he would “never justify somebody posting this.”

Is Letitia Wright A Lesbian? Gender And Sexuality

There are rumors which suggest that the Actress Letitia Wright is a lesbian. But those rumors came after she adopted a role on screen in which she was playing a lesbian character. 

Wright plays a little damaged, naive young lesbian who falls in “love at first sight” with an older, heterosexual white woman at the grocery store in the Russell T. Davies miniseries Banana, a follow-up to the equally innuendo-filled Cucumber. 

You may be familiar with Davies from the modern iterations of Doctor Who and Torchwood and the L Word forerunner Queer as Folk. Cucumber and Banana, which presents a variety of queer people, in brief, haphazardly connected vignettes, is a good example of how his queer sensibilities have developed, become more acute, and become more nuanced.

Letitia Wright
Letitia Wright’s new movie Black Panther is gathering massive hype. (Source: Variety)

It’s like a queerer version of Easy. “Episode 2” is directed by Wright and is, in turn, unsettling, endearing, shocking, and disturbing. The ending also takes a delightfully bittersweet turn.

Wright has talked openly about her depressive difficulties. When she first developed depression at 20, she admitted to Vanity Fair in 2018 that she “was in the dark going through so many awful things.” Wright found she had depression after attending a Bible study for London actresses, and she attributes her ability to overcome it to her Christian faith. 

She declined film offers to put her attention on her healing and her beliefs. In a later statement, she said she “wanted to take a break from acting” and “went on a journey to discover my connection with God, and I became a Christian.”

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