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Alison Hammond Surgery Before And After: Has She Recovered From Gastric Band? Health Update

People want to know about Alison Hammond surgery. After Matt Damon had to rescue Alison Hammond from a broken chair, she underwent gastric band surgery.

An actress and television personality from England is named Alison Hammond. She participated in the Big Brother third season in 2002, where she was the second housemate to be booted out. Since then, she has worked as a reporter and presenter for ITV’s This Morning (2002–present), and she has also participated in reality television.

Hammond has made numerous television appearances since her Big Brother participation, notably on Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrities Under Pressure, and Big Star’s Little Star. In addition, she has performed as Nina Simone on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes, featured on Celebrity Ready Steady Cook, won the Daily Cooks Challenge, participated in a panel discussion for ITV’s Loose Women, and served as a presenter for the ill-fated ITV Play channel.

Alison Hammond Surgery Before And After: Has She Recovered From Gastric Band?

People want to know more about Alison Hammond surgery. In an interview with her idol Matt Damon in 2007, Alison Hammond revealed how the experience inspired her to undergo weight-loss surgery.

In a recent interview, Alison Hammond talked about the “mortifying” event that led her to choose to obtain a gastric band. The 46-year-old TV host has described how a meeting with one of her heroes, Matt Damon, drove her to make a decision that would change her life.

However, she acknowledges that the surgery caused physical problems and claims that it was difficult for her to keep food down. The broadcaster of This Morning, who rose to fame after making an appearance on Big Brother in 2002, was open about the 2007 interview and the events that followed.

Alison Hammond Surgery
Alison Hammond Before and after weight loss. Source: The Sun.

For the third Bourne movie, The Bourne Ultimatum, Alison said that she had spoken with actor Matt. Her chair started to feel a little uncomfortable around halfway through the conversation, but she carried on as usual.

However, she detailed how the chair unexpectedly shattered due to her weight in an excerpt from her new book that was published in The Sun. The encounter was described by her as “a horrific, embarrassing time.”

Alison Hammond Health Update

Halfway into the interview, something terrible and unpleasant occurred, according to Alison. “My weight and size worked against me, and the chair’s side abruptly snapped.” She said, “I was ashamed. I desired to be absorbed by the world.

Are you OK, he inquired. Regarding that, he was quite gracious. We’ll bring you another chair, please. Despite being a Black woman, my face turned really crimson.

“I told him, “Don’t worry about it,’ and I yanked the chair’s arm off and threw it to the ground. He began to laugh at that, and instead of immediately breaking down in tears as would have been expected, I did too. We then continued with the interview.

Alison Hammond Surgery
Alison Hammond Instagram Image. Source: Instagram

Alison requested that the video not be used in the final interview after shrugging off the event. She disclosed that shortly after, she decided to get a gastric band. However, she had the treatment reversed as a result of problems she encountered after the operation. She said she started to feel sick and thought her body was rejecting the foreign thing inside of her.

In contrast to the typical 15-minute gastric band removal procedure, her surgeon had to work for an hour and a half to get rid of her scar tissue since it had grown so thickly around her stomach and was preventing me from eating, which was the reason for her constant sickness.

Regarding her current self-perception, Alison wrote: “I may have ups and downs with my feelings regarding weight, but I truly do love being big. “I don’t look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, no, I’m so fat.’ I love myself and I enjoy my largeness. I tell myself when I look in the mirror, “Man, I’m beautiful.” I look fantastic. I feel like fire.

Early life Of Alison Hammond

On February 5, 1975, Alison Hammond was born. She and her two siblings were reared in the Kingstanding neighborhood of north Birmingham. She was a student at Cardinal Wiseman.

Alison Hammond Surgery
Alison Hammond and @dermotoleary. Source: Instagram

Her mother was a Jamaican immigrant who worked multiple jobs at once, including one as a manager for Tupperware. She took part in Central Television’s drama workshops starting at age 11, but she was unable to attend drama school due to financial constraints. Later, she relocated to south Birmingham’s Hall Green.

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