Justin Chiasson Boating Accident

Justin Chiasson Boating Accident: Is Stalekracker Arrested? Where Is He Now?

Tiktok Chef Justin Chiasson Boating Accident captivated the attention of his followers after his involvement in a hit-and-run boating crash surfaced on the internet.

Justin Chiasson, famed by his Tiktok name Staletracker is an established chef, entrepreneur, social media influence, and content creator known for his unique cooking style.

The social media influencer has 5.9 million followers, and 70.1 million likes on his Tiktok [email protected] has 635 k followers on his Instagram account@stalekracker_official.

 Justin is a law enforcement officer with the Louisiana State Police. He is known under the alias ‘Stalekracker’ on social media. Stalekracker is best known for his cooking videos and clips highlighting south Louisiana culture.

Justin Chiasson Boating Accident

Justin Chiasson was on leave due to his involvement in a hit-and-run boating crash.

This month, Justin Chiasson was placed on leave by Louisiana State Police due to his involvement in a hit-and-run boating accident that resulted in injuries. In July, Bryan Nolan was the skipper of a boat on which Justin was a passenger.

Justin Chiasson Boating Accident
Justin was on a boat Bryan Nolan drove when it crashed into another vessel in Assumption Parish. Source: Latestnews

According to sources, The deputy radioed for help, and law enforcement blocked Chiasson and Nolan as they tried to escape.

Bryan Nolan was the captain of Justin’s boat in July. The two allegedly fled after their boat collided with another ship in Assumption Parish. Deputy radioed for assistance, and the influencer and Nolan were apprehended as they attempted to flee.

Chiasson reportedly sent the messages to friends of the hit-and-run boating victim, Jodi Sheets. Text messages from State Trooper Justin Chiasson’s wife, Amy, were obtained by Chris Nakamoto and the WBRZ Investigative Unit. 

In the message, Trooper talked about the victim claiming that he suffered broken ribs from the crash.

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Is Stalekracker Arrested?

After being detained, Nolan was charged with hit-and-run and DWI. Ten days later, he was arrested and accused of two charges of reckless watercraft operation and negligent injury.

Stalekracker was placed on leave this month due to his involvement in a hit-and-run boating crash. 

Following the accident, a passenger on the boat, Jodi Sheets, revealed it was the scariest moment of his life. The wreck happened in July, but Justin was not placed on leave until October. 

Justin Chiasson Boating Accident
Justin Chiasson’s wife, Amy was asked for insight on leave after hit and run crash.
Source: HOT

Chris with the WBRZ Investigative Unit claims that Justin was a passenger on a boat Bryan Nolan was operating when it collided with another ship in Assumption Parish. According to investigators, Bryan and Justin attempted to flee the scene but were stopped by Police.

A trooper named Albert Paxton was placed on remand for giving Justin’s wife internal information about an unrelated investigation. He claimed that after complaining about being ignored when looking into his arrest, he was given a letter of reprimand.

Where Is Justin Chiasson Now?

Investigators claim that Stalekracker was traveling on a boat with Bryan Nolan as the captain in July. After their ship collided with another vessel in Assumption Parish, he and the driver took off.

Stalekracker was put on leave after the event since he declined to take a lie detector test in connection with a hit-and-run boating accident, according to messages between him and his wife that were obtained by the WBRZ Investigative Unit.

State Police Colonel Lamar Davis said authorities made that decision as their administrative investigation progressed and was limited to their disciplinary committee.

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