Cyan Boujee Accident

TikTok Cyan Boujee Accident Update: What Happened To Her? Is She Pregnant Now? Husband And Baby

People are questioning Cyan Boujee accident after she is accused of letting her friend die in a car accident. Let’s get insights into Cyan Boujee’s accident and what happened to her from this article. 

Cyan Boujee is a well-known South African entrepreneur, philanthropist, influencer, content developer, and YouTuber. Boujee is renowned for creating visually appealing and entertaining videos.

Boujee’s TikTok account typically hosts videos of her dancing and lip-syncing. Cyan has achieved great success in her work as a maker of amusing material in the previous few years.

Cyan has a sizable fan base that follows her on all her social media platforms. She recently got into a confrontation with her boyfriend Bamzy Riches, which made headlines in the media.

In addition, Cyan made the headlines in the media in 2021 when she had an accident with her friend. However, her friend claims that Cyan tried to sacrifice her in the accident.

Cyan Boujee accident sparked a lot of questioning including about her pregnancy. Get updates on the Cyan Boujee accident case and pregnancy update. 

TikTok Cyan Boujee Accident Update: What Happened To Her?

Cyan Boujee, a YouTuber, Instagram influencer, and makeup artist, had a horrible accident with her friend in 2021.

However, it seemed as if Cyan faked the whole thing when Karabo accused Cyan of abandoning her after the two got into an accident.

On her YouTube channel, Karabo, also known online as Madam Spura, described the events of her and Cyan Boujee accident.

Cyan Boujee
Cyan Boujee is a South African entrepreneur Source: (The Famous Naija)

According to reports, Cyan fled the site of the collision and continued to the event they were attending, leaving her companion in critical condition. 

When Cyan arrived at the event, she posted pictures of drinks for content reasons only, but she also tagged her friend Karabo to make it appear as though they were both in the event.

People on Twitter believed she was trying to sacrifice her buddy because she survived the collision unscathed and later wrote, “There’s always going to be something to celebrate,” in one of her posts.

After everything she has done for Karabo, Cyan has responded to these accusations by stating that she would never do something like that to someone she considered a close friend.

Is Cyan Boujee Pregnant Now?

No, Cyan Boujee’s pregnancy rumors are fake. However, there were rumors on the internet that Cyan faked a pregnancy and was blackmailing Kagiso Lerutla, who is believed to be Doro Mongy’s brother.

Doro Mongy is thought to have targeted Cyan Boujee in a rage on Instagram. She informed her that a DNA test was required to establish the baby’s paternity.

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Additionally, she advised her to acknowledge that he had moved on and found someone else. Cyan denied ever attempting to fabricate any pregnancy in a statement she released in May 2022.

Cyan said she wanted to have a baby with Bamzy riches and that she also became pregnant. But sadly, they lost their baby earlier this year.

Boujee also denies ever pretending to be a baby’s Father or being engaged with anyone else. And before that, she was not pregnant. In addition, she hasn’t even threatened anyone with money.

Cyan requested solitude to process her loss because she hadn’t fully recovered from the shock.

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Tiktok: Cyan Boujee Husband And Baby

Cyan Boujee is unmarried as of September 2022. As a result, Boujee does not have a baby as well. 

But, Boujee is said to be dating Bamzy Riches, an Afrobeats musician from Nigeria. Cyan and Boujee also attempted to have a baby, but the couple lost their baby during the pregnancy.

In addition, Cyan was rumored to be seeing DJ Maphorisa. Still, when she learned that Maphorisa was seeing both of them, she and Beverly Thlako got into a heated argument on social media.

DJ Maphorisa, Cyan Boujee, and Beverly Thlako
DJ Maphorisa was dating Cyan Boujee and Beverly Thlako at the same time. (Source: Youtube)

In a video and pictures posted to her Tik Tok account, Cyan describes how her former spouse mistreated her. Cyan is aware that many young women decide to quit their relationships with boyfriends who have harmed them.

She continued by detailing how a mirror in her beautiful face caused her harm. But ultimately, Cyan stood up for herself and ended things with her ex-boyfriend.

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