Mrs Smith Was Killed On A Sunday Evening Riddle

What Is “Mrs Smith Was Killed On A Sunday Evening Riddle”? Why Is It Viral On TikTok?

The “Mrs. Smith Was Killed On A Sunday Evening” riddle went viral on TikTok after a TikToker shared that the person who solves the riddle might have psychopath tendencies.

There are numerous puzzles and brain teasers available for entertainment. But there is one riddle that, if correctly solved, may reveal a dark secret about yourself.

Mark, a well-known Tiktoker user, posted a new riddle on a social media platform and raised many questions about who murdered Mrs. Smith.

What Is “Mrs. Smith Was Killed On A Sunday Evening Riddle”?

Mark, a TikToker known for his clever riddles, shared a riddle that may reveal something dark about your personality.

Based on witness statements, you must determine who murdered Mrs. Smith. According to Mark, a TikToker, police can tell if you’re a psychopath if you correctly guess his riddle.

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Mark posted his perplexing riddle in a video, and over 6 million people tuned in to find out the answer.

Who Killed Mrs Smith
Who Killed Mrs Smith riddle went viral on TikTok platform. Source: vizaca

“Mrs. Smith was murdered in her home on a Sunday evening,” begins the riddle.

According to the riddle, there were five people in the house at the time of the murder. The officers inquired as to what they were doing at the time of Mrs. Smith’s murder. One must determine who murdered Mrs. Smith based on the five witness statements to solve Mark’s riddle.

All of the five people at Mrs. Smith’s house were auspiciously busy at the time of her murder, but one person’s statement was sufficient to lead to their arrest.

The chef was preparing dinner at the time of the murder, Mr. Smith was in the garden looking at the stars through his telescope, the gardener was pruning the trees, the maid was setting the dinner table, and the butler was in the wine cellar getting wine for the meal.

Why Is The Riddle Viral On TikTok?

The riddle has gone viral on TikTok because it is said that it may reveal a dark secret about oneself if it’s correctly solved.

The riddle is currently trending on social media platforms, with over 18 million views. People want to solve Mrs. Smith’s murder mystery and find out what happened. Furthermore, depending on the first pattern people are drawn to, one brain teaser reveals a lot about their personality.

Meanwhile, the first thing one notices in this intense optical illusion can reveal his strengths and weaknesses. One might have psychopathic tendencies if one could solve the riddle based on police interrogations.

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TikTok Answers To The Riddle: Who Killed Mrs. Smith?

Many people responded in the comments section, with some believing the gardener was the murderer, others believing the maid, and the majority believing the murderer was Mrs. Smith’s husband.

Several people speculated in the comments section that the gardener was the murderer because there’s no reason for a gardener to be working in the evening, but Mark shut this down.

You were correct if you guessed Mr. Smith.

One commenter said, “Mr. Smith, it was in the evening, and you can’t see stars in the evening,” to which Mark replied, “Absolutely.”

According to the Oxford Languages, “evening” refers to the time between 6 pm and bedtime, so Mr. Smith would most likely not have been able to see stars at that time, implying he lied in his statement.

“You can’t see stars in the evening,” Mark explained, “and it was on an evening when Mr.Smith sat in his garden and saw stars in the sky.” Mr.Smith is Mrs. Smith’s murderer.”

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