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Kalani David Wife And Children: Parents Family – What Happened To Him?

Kalani David is a skateboarder and surfer who was born in Hawaii. X Games profile highlighted David’s multi-sport abilities at an early age and is well-known for the same.

At the 2012 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in Panama, David, then 14 years old, won both the team and individual gold medals. This talented personality has an Instagram profile packed with clips and images of him skating, fishing, and surfing.

Sadly, there has been news circulating about his death, which has created a state of shock and concern among people.

Surf-Skateboard prodigy Kalani David reported to be dead at 24
Surf-Skateboard prodigy Kalani David was reported to be dead at 24 [Source- News Week]

Kalani David Wife And Wife

Kalani David may not have been married or had no children while alive. He seemed single, as he had mentioned no mention of his romantic relationship.

He has not hinted about it on his social media sites or any other media. Kalani was only 24 years old at his death, so he was way too young to have a wife or children.

Likewise, It seems he was more focused on his career and had plans to marry later. Moreover, if he had any loved partner, that may come to the media soon.

What Happened To Kalani David?

Kalani David, a world junior surfing champion, passed away on Saturday, September 17, 2022, in Costa Rica. According to sources, Keoni, David’s younger brother, confirmed the heartbreaking news on Instagram.

The Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, a rare heart abnormality resulting in a very high heart rate, affected the 24-year-old Hawaiian surfer and skater.

Some patients get seizures as a result, which not necessarily can be fatal, but frequently cause a loss of consciousness, which is especially dangerous when swimming in the water.

In August 2016, while ice skating in a park in Oceanside, California, David experienced his first seizure. That incident briefly halted his heart, which also caused three further outbreaks in the hospital.

Again before Christmas, David had another seizure in Hawaii a few months later. He later wrote on Instagram that he was “fortunate to even be alive” after the program aired in the middle of the night. He had been convulsing for nearly six hours before friends discovered him.

After two days in a medically induced coma, he underwent surgery to have an additional heart muscle removed, or “burned,” as he called it.

Sadly again, after multiple seizures, he passed away on Saturday, and tributes to this young man are constantly being passed.

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Who Are Kalani David’s Parents?

David and Andrea, who are both from Hawaii, are the parents of superstar surfer Kalani David. There is not much information on his parents; however, his mother, Andrea, is the author of a travel book. Similarly, it is mentioned that he has a brother named Keoni David.

Kalani is available on Instagram under the username @kalanidavid, where he has shared numerous pictures and videos relating to his personal life.

Kalani dies after Seizure while surfing [Source- Alpha News Call]
Kalani dies after Seizure while surfing [Source- Alpha News Call]
However, he has shared mostly about his skating, which is most of the highlights. He has not shared any pictures or mentioned his family member, so it is unclear who they are detailly.

As of now, his family member may be in a deep state of shock and pain. Many people are praying for them to overcome this heavy grief.

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