Kdin Jenzen Gender

Kdin Jenzen Gender: Is Voice Actress Trans? Surgery Update

The gender of Kdin Jenzen has become a popular issue on the internet. She is, in fact, a transexual woman! She came out as transgender in December 2016.

She is a podcast host and Youtuber with many other specialties as well. Being a social media personality, she has a huge fan base online.

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Kdin Jenzen Gender: Is Voice Actress Trans? Surgery Update

Kdin Jenzen revealed her gender identity as a transexual woman. Even though her surgery updates have not been shared, she told about her sexuality in December 2016.

She keeps sharing her transexual-related question asked by many people online. She tries to remove their curiosity, but she has not clearly state and shared her surgery experience.

Responses by Kdin on her sexuality and surgery
Responses by Kdin on her sexuality and surgery [Source- Reddit]
Jenzen once cleared her aspect when asked, “as a trans woman, feel comfortable voicing male or masculine characters” by social media users. She explained by sharing audio clips of her voice on Twitter.

Similarly, she is available on Twitter at @KdinJenzen and keeps updating tweets and replies with more than sixty-four thousand followers.

How Old Is Kdin Jenzen?

Kdin Jenzen has a huge fan base online, and many followers match her interests and show she shares, even if the age gap is not similar. They may wonder how old Kdin is!

With the report from Rooster Fandom, it has been reported that Kdin Jensen is recently 35 as of 2024.

Even though her exact birth details are unknown, many’s favorite Kdin is already in her mid-35 as of 2024.

While looking at her enthusiasm and activeness, she feels young and can understand the sentiments and interests of younger people, and while looking at her pictures, she looks like she is in her 30s.

As per Celeb Week, she was born on November 14, 1988, making her 35 with a zodiac sign, and her birthday was just a few days ago. Her birth place is Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Former Achievement Hunter Kdin Describes Working At Rooster Teeth As One Of Slurs And Poor Pay
Former Achievement Hunter Kdin Describes Working At Rooster Teeth As One Of Slurs And Poor Pay [Source- Gamer Braves]

Kdin Jenzen Net Worth As Of 2024

Kdin Jenzen has a net worth of around 1.5 million dollars as of 2022. She gained value as she was involved in numerous activities and engaged on social media.

She worked for Warner Bros Rooster Teeth; she works in Discovery’s fandom, sci-fi, and gaming entertainment division. 

Jenzen was in the headlines after she revealed how the Company had mistreated her by verbally harassing her and not paying her the exact amount. There, she worked as a producer and director who mainly worked in RT’s Achievement Hunter games group.

Later, she worked as a contracted content creator and editor in February 2013 and was hired full-time in November, but as per the payment deals, she was not paid for all the video game news/release series work she did.

Several times, she has faced such problems of underpayment, but if she had been given as promised, she would have more net worth than that today.

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