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Youtuber Truthfully, Trisha’s divorce story is all over the internet as she is always on her Youtube channel showcasing her personal life. Most people dislike her personality and feel she is punished for her deeds.

Originally known as Patricia Kirley, she has a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. She appears to utilize the channel to bully, insult, and make fun of others while claiming to be anti-bullying. 

Likewise, she started making videos in 2016 and is obsessed with making videos and streaming for many hours. Also, her ex-husband felt she needed help and should focus on other things as she was beyond the limit without privacy in the media.

Youtuber Truthfully Trisha Divorce Story

Youtuber Truthfully, Trisha’s divorce story is the subject of concern among people now. The duo got separated due to its annoying habit of Trisha!

My YouTube Addicted Wife and Her Online 'Haters' are Ruining Our Marriage says Sean
My YouTube Addicted Wife and Her Online ‘Haters’ are Ruining Our Marriage says Sean [Source- Dr. Phil]
Their relationship was all ruffled due to her habit of exposing all her personal life on the internet platform. She was also advised to stay unplugged from the internet for 90 days to focus on her life, but she refused to take that offer.

She started making bad claims about her husband and claimed she was the Rosa Parks Of The Internet. With her stupid activities, the duo was destined to get separated.

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While she backlashes him sometimes, she makes her audiences feel she badly wants him back. Her constant lying has created confusion among the audience.

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Youtuber Truthfully Trisha Relationship Timeline With Sean

Youtuber Truthfully Trisha’s relationship timeline with Seam is unknown as people are more concerned about their divorce. There is no clear information about how long they have been together.

She is mostly busy talking about others’ matters and is up to criticizing them, so she has never mentioned their romantic relationship now.

While seeing them on the channel together, Sean seems completely frustrated with her even though she is her wife. Trisha has claimed to go on live streams for eight hours doing insane activities.

Moreover, these irritating habits caused them to separate even though their marriage was a love tie.

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‘I Want To Log Off But I Can’t,’ Says Trisha Who Claims She’s Addicted To Live Streaming
‘I Want To Log Off But I Can’t,’ Says Trisha Who Claims She’s Addicted To Live Streaming [Source- Bk kent Week]

Youtuber Truthfully Trisha Arrest And Charge

Youtuber Truthfully, Trisha’s arrest and charge are the results of her insane activities on the internet platform. She was always there to bully and make fun of people in her videos.

Cyberbullying charges were implied on her due to the same reason. Without proper investigations, she talked rubbish about many people who caused defamation in their lives.

Even her viewers were surprised by her behavior and felt that her arrest was a good punishment. Once in her videos, she threatened to rip a woman’s hair and started giggling at her criminal record and showing her mugshot pictures.

Many such videos were offensive to many people, and such content was legally prohibited. Due to such behavior, she is behind bars now.


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