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Mr Beast Parents: Stephen Donaldson and Mrs. Donaldson, Is The Youtuber Dying? Health Condition

Mr Beast Parents, Stephen Donaldson, and Mrs. Sue Donaldson raised him in a well-settled Christian family from Kansas, United States. 

Many social media users speculate that the famous Youtuber is dying of fatal kidney problems, but that is not the case. Originally known as Jimmy Donaldson, he has shared that he has not had any deadly disease but a long-term battle with an inflammatory bowel disease.

Moreover, being a social media celebrity, he has been the center of attention for pioneering a genre of YouTube videos focused on extensive stunts.

Mr Beast Parents: Stephen Donaldson and Mrs. Donaldson And Family

Mr. Beast was born on 7 May 1998 to his Father, Stephen Donaldson, and his mother, Mrs. Sue Donaldson. Likewise, his Father was a businessman, whereas his mother was a Housekeeper.

MrBeast fasts for 14 days to battle Crohn’s disease
MrBeast fasts for 14 days to battle Crohn’s disease [Source- Techie Gamers]
He grew up with his elder sibling; his brother’s name is CJ Donaldson, who is also a content creator and social media star. The family holds American nationality and has Christian values.

Even though his Father has not appeared in videos, his mother is seen in many of his videos, including “Giving My Mom $100,000,” which was the proudest Day of his Life and has gathered more than 22 million views. 

Not only that, but she has also been featured in some of his prank videos, and he is closer to his mother than his Father.

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Is The Youtuber Mr. Beast Dying? Health Condition

Youtuber Mr. Beast is not dying of any cause. Many people have speculated that he suffers from a kidney problem, but that is not the case. 

The mega prankster is not suffering from any deadly disease but said he had Crohn’s disease since ninth grade. He shared on YouTube that he had a long-term battle with inflammatory bowel disease in 2011.

It can give him problems at the end of the small intestine to the colon, but the disease is not fatal. He has also mentioned that “Crohn’s isn’t the worst thing ever. Some people have way worse diseases.”

Not only that, he may be under proper medical supervision so that his disease vanishes completely, but he hasn’t updated publicly about the same.

Mr Beast and Maddy spell
Mr. Beast and Maddy Spell have been together since 2019 [Source- Briefly]
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Does Mr. Beast Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, Mr. Beast has a girlfriend named Maddy Spidell. He keeps sharing photos with his sweetheart. Maddy is a professional dancer, and when going through her Instagram feed, she also looks like a model.

She is active, gives numerous timely updates, and is available on the handle @maddyspidell with more than three hundred thousand followers; however, even after being a popular figure, she is not yet verified under the blue tick mark.

Additionally, she has posted more than seven hundred posts but has not shared them with Mr. Beast lately. The duo is said to have met through Twitter in 2019 and made the relationship official immediately. 

Many people criticized Maddy for being with the Youtuber regarding money and fame. In a Twitter post, Mr. Beast’s girlfriend said, “If it wasn’t clear, don’t want Mr. Beast for his money, just want a bf with good taste in anime who can make me laugh.”

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