Who Is Austin Crute Mother Lanette Crute? Age Gap Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Austin Crute’s Mother is Lanette Crute, an actor, manager, and singer. 

She has worked as a marketing director for VIP staffing. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She currently serves as her son’s manager.

Lanette Crute is the mother of Austin Butler. She is also an actress and a certified life coach. She has worked as a marketing director at VIP staffing, earning $300,000 per year. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Austin Crute’s Family

Lanette Crute, Austin Crute’s mother, is the only parent in his family. She was born on January 26, 1967, with a net worth of 1 million dollars.

Mr. Crute is 28 years old while his mother is 50 years old, thus providing an age gap between them of 22 years. His ethnicity is Black/African American and he belongs to the Mixed Race community. In terms of physical appearance, his hair color is black, and his eye color is brown.

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What’s on T.V. Wednesday: ‘Call Your Mother’; ‘C.B. Strike’

He also wears glasses for reading purposes and to look presentable during meetings or events. Furthermore, he graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science. 

As of now, his profession is Chief Executive Officer at an 18-wheeler company called Ryder System Incorporated, and he formerly served as President of Ryder Truck Rental LLC.

Crute has been married to her husband, Gary Crute, since 2007. She has three children: Brian Crute (born 1985), Tracey Crute (born 1987), and Brandon Crute (born 1992).

Lanette Crute’s Net Worth Revealed

Austin Crute is the mother of one and works as a marketing director for VIP staffing. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She currently serves as her son.

Austin Crute was born on December 6, 1986, in Washington D.C., the USA, to Lanette Craine and Kenneth “Ken” Crute Sr., who divorced when she was two years old due to financial issues between them (citation needed). 

Her stepfather, Gerald Charles Clinton Jr., has been involved with Austin since birth but did not marry her biological mother until 1996 when he married Lanette Craine; this relationship ended after five years (citation needed). 

In addition to having no biological father figure in her life growing up, she also went through numerous foster homes until being placed with her current parents at age 11 (accordingly cited by CNN Money).

She has even made appearances in magazines such as Grace, Texas monthly, etc.

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Austin Crute Ethnicity

Austin is of mixed ethnicity – his mother, Lanette Crute, is white with Native American roots, while his father is black and Jamaican.

He was born in 1996 to his mother and father, with a 23-year age gap. His parents were high school sweethearts and had never met anyone else due to their age difference.

They have been married for ten years but have been together for more than 20. Lanette was an exotic dancer before she became pregnant with her first child and quit her job. 

They currently live together as husband and wife in Chicago, Illinois, but have also lived together previously in Tennessee, where they attended college.

He has two siblings, Cheyenne, who is 13 years old, and Ashton, who is five years old.

Austin Crute is a remarkable young man, taking the world by storm with his music. With the support of his mother and father, he can do anything that he sets out to achieve.

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