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Khalil Tatem AKA Rapper Killy Arrested: Where Is He Now? What Did He Do?

According to a Reddit user, the famous Filipino-Canadian rapper Killy was arrested: He was preparing to embark on a European tour when all of his dates were abruptly canceled.

Khalil Tatem, also known as Killy, is a Filipino-Canadian rapper from Toronto, Ontario. He is most known for his platinum-certified single “Killamonjaro,” as well as his debut album “Surrender Your Soul,” which was certified Gold by Music Canada.

Killy has been rapping since 2015 and has become immersed in Toronto’s nightlife, swiftly developing connections. In 2015, Killy recorded multiple songs in a single studio session and released them all in 2016, his only release that year.

He uploaded his first song, Big Bux, on SoundCloud in 2016, then three more tracks in 2016. Killy received local attention in Toronto due to the recordings, prompting him to make different music.

Khalil Tatem AKA Rapper Killy Arrested: Where Is He Now?

According to a Reddit post, Killy was arrested based on his Instagram story. Killy was preparing to embark on a European tour when all of his dates were abruptly canceled.

Rapper Killy Arrested
                            Rapper Killy Arrested In Subway Station Image Source: Twitter

Dave stated that he was arrested indefinitely due to the Toronto Police’s hunt for Canadian rappers. Killy country is having a bad day.

Killy, a Toronto rapper, is one of Canada’s most wanted individuals. Khalil Tatem, a teenage rapper, is now considered one of Canada’s hip-hop elite after featuring on 6ixbuzz Entertainment’s Canada’s Most Wanted collection alongside rappers like Pressa, Anders, and 88 Glam.

What Happened To Him? What Did He Do?

According to a video uploaded on YouTube on October 14, 2022, Killy was recently apprehended by the authorities. But we’re not sure if this is simply a rumor or if he’s actually in jail. 

Because there was no official news or statement about his arrest on the internet, as a result, we must wait for the formal notification of rapper Killy’s arrest.

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The rapper’s family has not confirmed his detention, and officials have not issued an official comment on the topic. The reason behind his arrest has also not been available on the internet.

In the video, he is seen being arrested by an officer under a subway station, and he seems intoxicated and high. But the official statement hasn’t been announced.

How Much Is Khalil Tatem, AKA Rapper Killy, Net Worth?

Killy’s net worth is $90,000 as of October 20, 2022. His rough salary estimate might range from $19.2K to $23.5K.

He is a fresh and upcoming rapper with a new record label. Because the performer has not been signed to any brand, determining his net worth is difficult. He has appeared in a few tracks.

He also has no endorsements or affiliations with any brands and is a Canadian rapper and songwriter. Killy lost interest in school and began playing soccer in his spare time.

He became interested in rap music, which eventually became a hobby.

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