YN Jay In Jail

Is YN Jay In Jail? What Did American Rapper Do? Arrest Charge And Net Worth

YN Jay’s songs went viral on different social media platforms, including TikTok. Is YN Jay In Jail?

YN Jay is a rapper from the United States of America. His song “Coochie” went viral on social media in 2020 following his debut mixtape MVP in 2019.

In 2021, Alamo Records issued his first two studio albums, Ninja Warrior and Coochie Chronicles. In addition, Jay’s song “Triple S” became popular on TikTok, and in June 2021, a remix of the song with Coi Leray was released.

That same month, Jay appeared on Mace Supreme’s song “Jumanji.” After Jay’s several songs got viral on social media, his fans were eager to know about him.

There are reports about Jay being in jail. Is Yn Jay in jail as of 2022? Let’s find out. 

Is YN Jay In Jail? Arrest Charge

No, YN Jay is not in jail as of October 2022. However, if Jay Z hadn’t entered a guilty plea, he would have been sentenced to 15 years in prison, and the state of hip-hop would be entirely different today.

YN Jay In Jail
Is YN Jay In Jail? (Source: Last.fm)

Jay has been rapping since he was ten, getting his start from his older brother Gabe. A much younger Jay performed at rap concerts and freestyling all across Beecher, Michigan, where he was raised.

Once he reached his adolescent years, he began recording eight to ten songs daily. Jay decided to pursue rapping as a career after his brother Gabe passed away.

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He released the seven-track project MVP in November of 2019, and in 2020, when the humorous, catchy song “Coochie” went viral on YouTube and social media, he finally made good on his promise.

The song “Coochie,” released in April, has that distinctive Detroit production. Still, instead of delivering filthy street rap, it is a more comedic account of YN Jay and fellow rapper Louie Ray’s encounters with women.

The song became popular. Now, it has over 3 million Spotify streams, and the music video has received over 18 million views.

What Did American Rapper YN Jay Do?

After his highly anticipated debut album was released, Jay would throw a Party at the Kit Kat Club in Manhattan for two days to commemorate it. Busta Rhymes, Lil Cease, Puffy, Lil Kim, Lil Cease, Jay Z, and others were present.

Before going to Q-party, Tip’s Jay hosted a listening session for his next album, Vol. 3, at Irving Plaza. The Diary Of S. Carter. He performed a couple of songs along with Beanie Sigel, Amil, and Memphis Bleek of Roc-A-Fella.

It should have been a night to rejoice, but there was a problem: Vol. 3 wasn’t due for sale until December 28, but bootleggers had already obtained the record by leaking it a month beforehand.

YN Jay
YN Jay’s song “Triple S” became popular on TikTok. (Source: Audible Treats)

The unexpected larceny had everyone on edge. Dame Dash shouted angrily over the microphone at Irving Plaza before Jay Z approached the stage, “Fuck the bootleggers!”

In the end, the stabbing of Lance “Un” Rivera—the CEO and co-founder of Entertainment alongside Notorious BIG—rather than Q-fantastic Tip’s album would be the incident that would be most remembered from that night at the Kit Kat Club.

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He received treatment at St. Vincent Hospital in New York for his abdomen and shoulder injuries. At first, it was claimed that all the Police had was a description of two black males in their 20s and no weapon or suspect.

It’s generally accepted that “Un” cooperated and told Police who his attacker was: Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.

YN Jay Net Worth In 2022

YN Jay has not disclosed his actual net worth to the media or the public. However, several sources estimate Jay’s net worth to be more than $1 million. 

Jay’s primary source of income is his rap career. As a result, YN must have earned a hefty sum from his music career. 

In addition, Jay must be earning a good amount from YouTube as well since he has a self-titled YouTube channel with almost 200k subscribers.

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