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UFC 279: What Does Khamzat Chimaev Look Like In Long Hair? Hair Loss And Surgery

Did Khamzat Chimaev experience hair loss, or did he shave his head?

Khamzat Khizarovich Chimaev, a professional mixed martial artist and freestyle wrestler from Sweden, competes in the welterweight category of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Chimaev has won three Swedish National wrestling championships. In the past, he participated in Brave Combat Federation.

Khamzat Chimaev Hair Loss: What Does He Look Like With Hair?

Fans have noted a significant difference between Chimaev during fight week and Chimaev in daily life. In real life, he is incredibly gregarious, humorous, and fun-loving. 

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He is not naturally bald, either. Just before his battles, he shaves his hair. Khamzat Chimaev spoke candidly about it in a recent interview with Daniel Cormier.

Here’s what he looks like with long hair:

Khamzat Chimaev 1
Khamzat Chimaev before and after shaving his head (Image Source: )

When questioned about whether or not it was an American haircut, Chimaev responded that he didn’t know what that was, but he was going to shave before the fight. He further added that just one person cuts their hair and treats everyone the same way, making everyone look the same in the house.

Did Darren Till Force Khamzat Chimaev To Modify His Hairdo?

It’s no secret that Darren Till and Khamzat Chimaev have gotten closer over the past few months. They first sent messages back and forth on Instagram. Then, too improve his wrestling, Till attended Chimaev’s gym in Sweden. 

They became such good friends that Khamzat started speaking with a scouser accent.

Therefore, the fans questioned whether Till was responsible for Khamzat’s most recent hairstyle or not. In a BT Sport interview, Chimaev confessed he wanted to break up the monotony of wearing the same hairdodailyy.

“Sometimes have to modify things,” Khamzat continued. You understand that I can’t always be the same. I have to take various actions every time. What am I saying to you? The hair is sometimes clipped and other times let to grow.”

Chimaev would undoubtedly hope that his perspective stays the same as it did throughout his first four career fights, despite possibly changing his hairdo. At UFC 273, Khamzat will try to extend his winning streak with Darren Till in his corner.

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Khamzat Chimaev Surgery: What Happened To Him?

In an interview, Khamzat Chimaev’s coach discusses the specifics of his injury and surgery. At UFC 267, the unbeaten welterweight fighter “Borz” will make his octagon debut.

The COVID-19 virus nearly caused the Swedish fighter to give up fighting. He has since healed completely and is prepared to dominate the lineup once more.

Chimaev’s coach Andreas provided a health update in a recent interview with Frontkick. Online, among other things.

Khamzat Chimaev 2

He disclosed that they had a mission to complete and obtain the belt. The man underwent surgery from top to bottom. He had had a cyst in his neck roughly the size of this, measuring around four centimeters. They also removed and settled.

His lungs have a scar from Corona. He has a knee issue. They’ve now corrected everything, and he’s prepared now. 

Khamzat Chimaev Health Update

Following a particularly challenging match against COVID-19 that earlier this year nearly put a stop to his promising career, Khamzat Chimaev claims he is now fully recovered.

Chimaev had two high-profile UFC fights against Leon Edwards set for January and March, respectively, but he had to pull out of both owing to COVID-19 issues. The 26-year-old traveled to Las Vegas in February for medical care before announcing his impending retirement on March 1 in a social media post.

Chimaev revealed to ESPN on Monday that he has begun training and hopes to compete again in August in his first interview since that post. Chimaev, a Chechen who now resides in Sweden, also disclosed that he just underwent surgery to address unresolved difficulties in his home country of Chechnya. Requests for the reaction from his agents did not immediately receive a response.

He acknowledged that on the night he blogged about potential retirement while undergoing treatment in Las Vegas, he took part in three rounds of grappling sparring during a session.

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