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“Blaise K Gankam,” who is shortly known as Kobe, was born in the city of Buea in the country of Cameroon.

Kobe Blaise was born around 1987. Blaise will be 34 years old in 2022. He has a brother named Tyykum Samuel and a sister named Viviane Fokun.
90-Day Fiance Emily and Kobe with their child

Later, he moved to Douala, Cameroon, and then, in 2021, to America.

About the educational background of Kobe, he studied in the Gths Molyko Bura, Yaounde University Complex, and Siantou University Complex.


Kobe Blaise New Child

The 90 Day Fiance couple Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly released the first images of their daughter Scarlett, their second child.

While they were on the show, the couple gave birth to a son, Koban, but there were rumors that they had also given birth to a daughter.

When Emily received a positive pregnancy test result from a test she took inside a pharmacy restroom, it was not long before it became known that Emily and Kobe were expecting their second child. 

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Soon, Emily announced on Instagram that everyone knew and posted a sonogram of her second child.

Emily and Kobe used a short video clip of newborn Scarlett to introduce viewers to their daughter during their appearance in Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Couples Tell All.

Recently, Kobe and Emily both posted the same thing on their individual Instagram sites.

The videos featured several clips of Scarlett as she ate dinner while babbling “Dada,” climbed a flight of stairs by herself, and posed for a few still photos.

On the contrary to that, The news that Kobe and Emily are expecting a second child is particularly problematic because Emily’s parents had agreed to let the couple and their son Koben stay at their home on the condition that the finances do not have another kid until they found and relocated to a new home.

Kobe Blaise’s Wife And Wedding

The 17th episode of 90 Day Fiance will feature the wedding of Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly. 

On his wedding day to Emily Bieberly, Kobe Blaise is shown on this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, going through all the emotions.

In a preview for Sunday’s episode, Kobe spends a moment getting to know his soon-to-be father-in-law, David Bieberly, before he and Emily say their vows.

Kobe is keeping an important secret from the bride’s family, and the gravity of the circumstance causes both men to cry.

After the ceremony, David offers Kobe a gift and talks about their letters. Kobe thanks David for the present while sobbing as he says it.

David explains in a later interview that he “gave Kobe something personal that I wanted him to retain that would remind him of what my letter told him.

David tells Kobe, “It’s a truly wonderful thing. The gift is meant to be known exclusively by the two of us.
Emily and Kobe from 90 Day Fiance were hiding their pregnancy from David

David appears relieved after the embrace, but Kobe continues to cry sometimes, requiring comfort from his future father-in-law.

Kobe confesses that one of the things making him cry is how much he loves Emily’s father and how “the truth hurts” to conceal the pregnancy from him.

Kobe Blaise’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Kobe’s net worth is somewhere around $100,000.

Kobe Blaise had only recently arrived in the United States Of America and was still looking for a job at the beginning of 2022.

On the other hand, he is already a well-known figure on 90 Day Fiance and receives good pay for the program.

The 90-Day Fiance cast reportedly made between $500 and $1,000 per episode.

Kobe was a model for underwear in China before he immigrated to the US. He even posted a few of his modeling images on Instagram so that he may earn a huge amount from there.

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Kobe Blaise Instagram

The Instagram handle @kobe_blaise belongs to Kobe Blaise.

On social media, this Television personality is very active. As a result, he has 94 thousand fans and followers on Instagram and follows around 106 people.

He has around 134 posts on his Instagram, sharing many pictures relating to his personal life.

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