Stacy Peralta: Skateboarding, Controversy & Net Worth

Stacy Peralta is an American professional skateboarder. He turned into a filmmaker, and he is the best of both worlds.

He started as an amateur skateboarder. His talent and dedication made him the highest-ranked skateboarder during the 1980s.

In addition to skating, he opened his own company with George Powell called Powell-Peralta.

stacy peralta smiling
Stacy Peralta smiling (His Facebook)

The talented skater went into the filming by shooting skate videos.

Eventually, his name rose to fame. He directed many popular skate documentaries like the Lords of Dogtown (2005).

The famous director was once a skater himself. Then, I went to win one of the most noteworthy documentary awards.

He is a member of the world-class Z-Boys. Peralta remains forever searching for life’s next great ride.

Quick Facts

Stacy Peralta’s life cannot be limited to short points. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at his brief bio:

Full name Stacy Douglas Peralta
Date of birth October 15, 1957
Age 24 Years Old
Birthplace Venice, California, U.S.
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican, Irish
Education Venice High School
Zodiac sign Libra
Nickname Peralta, Z-Boy
Height 6 feet
Weight 167 lbs
Body Measurement Shoe size: US 10
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
Marital Status Married
Wife (s) Joni Caldwell (1989-1990), Gemma Vizor (2001)
Net Worth $10 million
Profession Film Director, Professional Skateboarder, Entrepreneur
Salary $500,000
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Debut year 1967
Merch Dogtown and J-Boys, Made In Venice, Crips and Bloods
Last Update 2021

Stacy Peralta: Family, Early Life, and Education

Stacy Peralta was born on October 16, 1957, in Venice, California.

He does not mention his family very often. Nevertheless, he mentioned his mother on various accounts.

Peralta actually started skating when he was 7 years old.

stacy peralta with his mother
Stacy Peralta with his mother (by Dan Levy)

His mother was a crafty person. She often mended his skates. Unlike his father, his mother helped him to skate freely.

Recently, he revealed his mother’s father was a toolmaker. So, she was really handy with tools.

Moreover, she even made him a box scooter skateboard when he was four years old.

His parents were liberal and let him do whatever he wanted with life.

Evidently, the world-class skater grew up in a helpful family. They helped him get success in his passion.

He graduated from Venice High School in 1969. As an active learner, he wasn’t impressed by teaching at school.

Therefore, he went out to study on his own in many situations. He liked to read and learn about anything that he found interesting.

In his teens, he mostly visited Spring Valley park. Yet, he never liked its dark area.

Nonetheless, he went there with his teammates. They practiced for events like the Hester contest.

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Stacy Peralta: Body Measurements

Stacy Peralta aged finely with a still active body despite his hectic filming schedule.

His grey hair and blue eyes suit his wide smile suit his personality.

Additionally, the once-famous skateboarder stands at 6 feet, measuring 1.86m in height.

Furthermore, he weighs around 167 lbs which means he keeps a healthy diet. He also exercises to stay fit.

His shoe size is said to be a US size 10.

Stacy Peralta: Personal Life

Unlike many celebrities who keep their personal life private, Stacy remains an open book.

His life is filled with various creative journeys. They range from skateboarding to directing to even being an artist.

As a businessman, he had no prior knowledge of marketing and advertising.

However, with active listening and observing skills, he managed to make a name for himself.

He became a legend by leaving an imprint on every field he goes.

In addition to his hardworking self, his warm personality inspires everyone around him.

Stacy Peralta: Wife

Stacy Peralta had a fair share of romantic interests and partners in his lifetime.

He dated Joni Caldwell for a long time to tie the knot in 1989.

The couple birthed a piano genius Austin Peralta who loved to play jazz music.

However, Peralta faced a major heartbreak when Joni divorced him a year after their marriage.

The skater bounced back stronger and went on a date. He then married Gemma Vizor in 2001.

Peralta and Vizor welcomed their daughter Willow Peralta.

The most noteworthy heartbreak to the film director came in 2012 when his son passed away.

Austin had viral pneumonia aggravated by drugs and alcohol. The fatal event took his life.

Now, Stacy remains a father to Willow after the death of his son.

Stacy Peralta: Career

We see the multidimensional character of Stacy through his rainbow-like careers.


Stacy was already a rising star in the skateboarding scene. His popularity improved after joining the famous Zephyr team.

He got into the junior surfing team of the Z-boys. He met the legendary Tony Alva and Jay Adams.

According to Peralta, Tony Alva was exceptionally good at swimming pool skateboarding.

Similarly, the Z-Boys made vertical skating and swimming pool skating popular.

young stacy skating in the 1970s
Young Stacy skating in the 1970s (His Instagram)

Furthermore, he invented the “frontside lip to fakie” trick. The trick goes riding around the rim bowls of the skate parks.

Within his short-lived skating career, the professional skater found a community he loved very much.

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Business Career

At the young age of 19, Stacy Peralta joined forces with George Powell to create the Powell-Peralta company.

The company sought out to create essential products that became staples in the skateboarding household.

perlata with powell
Peralta with Powell (JuiceMagazine)

Powell-Peralta grew to be the most successful skateboard brand of the 1980s.

The company also founded the Bones Brigade, a team consisting of the most noteworthy skaters of the 1980s.


Peralta went on to make the first-ever skate video called the Bones Brigade Video Show.

When his first skate video reached over 30,000, making him $15,000.

He produced such videos eight more times. The earnings even crossed $10 million in revenues.

The video promoted the products of Powell-Peralta to increase their sales.

Surprisingly, the video was an ultra-low budget video. It would run loop in various local stores.

Following its massive success, Peralta was hired in motion pictures. He used to do Second Unit work.

Next, he filmed action movies like Thrasin and Police Academy 4. He even filmed Gleaming the Club.

Similarly, he directed a documentary on the gang Crisps and Blood in 2008.

Finally, his most noteworthy motion picture was Hook. He helped to film it with director Steven Spielberg.

The leading casts of the movie were Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, etc.

Recently, the filmmaker collaborated with the YETI brand. He highlighted their products through many commercials.


Much like any creator, Stacy was very interested in any artistic expression. He loved art exhibitions.

Ned Evans was doing a fundraiser on Surfrider almost two decades ago. Therefore, he let Stacy decorate a small surfboard.

He decorated the surfboard with leopard skin.

Moreover, the display done was praised by a couple of famous artists like Laddie Dill.

The surfboard currently belongs to Norton Wisdom.

His artistic side reveals that he is a rather creative person. Similarly, he comes with a good flow of creativity.

Moreover, the talented person also tried music as a singer and bassist.

So, he was not only a skateboarder or filmmaker but also a musician.

Awards and Honors

Peralta is said to be the start of modern skateboarding. He and the Z-Boys invented modern tricks for skateboarding.

He filmed his first film based on skateboarding. It was called Dogtown and Z-Boys.

The video earned him the Best Director’s Award at Sundance.

Similarly, he opened the Sundance Film Festival with his new work Riding Giants.

It was the first time a film work like that opened the film festival in such a way.

Stacy Peralta: Controversies

Surprisingly, Peralta’s directing career came with a little price of controversy.

He once directed a series of advertisements for Burger King in 2008.

The commercial showed Inuit people and Hmong people as “Whopper virgins.”

Furthermore, they were asked to compare the Whopper to the McDonald’s Big Mac.

The video came under attack for offending the native people. The natives were from Greenland and Thailand.

Such controversy kept Stacy in check. He became respectful to the culture.

Stacy Peralta: Net worth

Stacy Peralta remains undoubtedly the most creative person in the world of skateboarding.

He not only street-skated but also made videos of it. The man profited from the business of skateboards.

Therefore, his net worth is estimated to be about $10 million.

He gets a large sum from his directed videos.

Moreover, his art and music hobbies also help him to earn a hefty net worth.

With a huge house and many cars, Peralta has a stylish lifestyle.

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Stacy Peralta: Social Media

Stacy Peralta has made it huge even in the arena of social media.

His Facebook has a huge following. His page has 98,635 followers as well as 91,627 likes.

Next, on Instagram, he gained more than 165,000 followers. He currently has over 340 posts.

Trivia on Peralta

  1. The filmmaker directed a skating program called Sk8-TV. It was a teen-based program for Nickelodeon.
  2. Similarly, he has appeared in the video game Tony Hawk’s Underground. He played as a character of himself.
  3. Moreover, he once played as a Shuttle Pilot for the comedy movie Real Genius.
  4. His popular work Dogtown and Z-Boys earned him $40,000. He worked for 3 years for its making.
  5. Powell-Peralta sponsored legends like Tony Hawk.


Where did Stacy Peralta graduate from?

Stacy Peralta graduated from Venice High School in 1969. Moreover, he was not limited to the education system. Hence, he liked to learn from books and articles.

Is Stacy Peralta married?

Yes, he married Joni Caldwell from 1998 to 1999. After his divorce, he married again to Gemma Vizor in 2001.

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