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Kristin Holte: Early Life, Career & Net worth

Kristin Holte, a professional athlete, is famous for the variety of commercials, modeling, and advertisement.

Apart from this, she is also well-known as a nutritionist. 

Likewise, her fame was raised when she competed in the 2017 Meridian Regional Championships and managed to grab the title.

Kristin Holte striking a pose for a photo.
Kristin Holte striking a pose for a photo.

So, how well do you know about your favorite athlete?

We have collected information about the athlete, Kristin Holte. So, continue reading forward.

Quick Facts

 Here are some quick facts on a Norwegian athlete, Kristin Holte.

Name Kristin Holte
Nick/Celebrated Name Kristin Holte
Date of Birth March 29, 1986
Age 38 years old
Birth Place Oslo, Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Religion N/A
Race N/A
Zodiac Sign Aries
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Light Brown
Body Measurement N/A
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.6m)
Weight 60kg (132lbs)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Parents Father – Gier Holte
Mother – N/A
Siblings N/A
High School N/A
University a degree in Clinical Nutrition
Marital Status Single
Partner N/A
Children N/A
Profession Athlete/Nutritionist
Sponsors Reebok Nordics, Unbroken RTR, Red Bull Norway, and Nordic Sportsmaster
Favorite Kits for Training Reebok Nano shoes, Wrist bands, WodnDone thumb tape, Lacrosse ball, hairband, and a Red Bull
Salary N/A
Net worth $1.5 million (estimated)
Debut 2012
Social Network Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
Last Update May, 2024

Early Life and Parents

The Norwegian athlete/nutritionist Kristin Holte was born on March 29, 1986, in Oslo. Her father’s name is Gier Holte.

Sadly, there is no adequate information regarding her mother and her complete details about her family.

However, her father was well-recognized as a Norwegian cross-country skier.

Interestingly, she commenced gymnastics when she was six. Moreover, she was 11 when she started track and field.

She was also in a game of soccer where she was a captain of the boy’s team.

Likewise, she competed in triathlons and cross country skiing and became a national pole vaulting champion.

Similarly, she also competed on the Norwegian heptathlon team. Thus, from her early days, she was into different sports to enhance her skills and engine.

Regarding her education, she is graduated with a degree in Clinical Nutrition but, there is no information on her early education and the institution she was involved in.

Body Measurements

An athlete and nutritionist stands 5 ft 4 in (1.6m) and weighs around 60 kg (132lbs). She has a beautiful pair of grey color eyes and shoulder-length light brown hair.

Kristin’s birthstone and birth flowers are Aquamarine and daffodil, and her birth sign is Aries, who is said to have the personality of being passionate, determinate, and cheerful leadership skills.

Kristin Holte posing for a photo during her holiday.
Kristin Holte posing for a photo during her holiday.

The athlete has not revealed her body measurements.

Looking at her body, we can see she has maintained a great body through her training and diet.

Personal Life

Similarly, her marital status is single and has never been a part of any controversy yet.

The athlete has successfully kept her personal stories away from the media.

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Holte made her CrossFit Games debut in 2012. She has been a dominant force ever since she made her debut.

However, she has only ever finished on the podium a single time.

However, she had been a mainstay at the top of the field in every game representing her country and being Norway’s top CrossFit athlete.

Likewise, once Kristine ranked 21st in 2015, other than that, she has never finished outside 20.

Her best performance in Crossfit games seasons was in 2019 and 2020, where she ranked 2nd in CrossFit Games Finish and 3rd in CrossFit Open Rank.

Likewise, she is sponsored by Reebok Nordics, Unbroken RTR, Red Bull Norway, and Nordic Sportsmaster.

Major wins 

Despite being ranked below 20 in Crossfit Open, her notable win was the 2018 CrossFit Games Meridian Regional, followed by Samantha Briggs and Annie Thorisdottir.

From left, Eik Gylfadottir, Kristin Holte, and Chelsie Guardado after winning the Asian CrossFit in 2019.

Similarly, she also grabbed the 2019 Asia CrossFit Championship title, followed by Eik Gylfadottir and Chelsie Guardado.

Likewise, she won the 2017 Regional Meridian.

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Training, Diet, and Sleep


Let’s see the weekly training routine of the athlete, Kristine Hole.

  • Monday: Kristin normally does weightlifting and strengthing work in addition to running or CrossFit-style intervals with different ergs or movements.
  • Tuesday: Her Tuesday schedule includes strengthing works, gymnastics, and low-intensity training for 60 minutes.
  • Wednesday: Likewise, her Wednesday training is CrossFit-style workouts with different movements and ergs. Also, strengthening works and weightlifting just as Monday.
  • Thursday: Since Thursday is midweek thus, she sticks with the easy movement for about 60 minutes and yoga/mobility.
  • Friday: Kristin’s Friday schedule includes weightlifting, strengthening work, gymnastics, and conditioning.
  • Saturday: Similarly, on Saturday, she does weightlifting, strengthening work, running intervals, and conditioning.
  • Sunday: It’s the weekend. So, you got to have some rest too. So, it’s a rest day for Kristine.

Similarly, her favorite kits for training and competing include Reebok Nano shoes, Wrist bands, WodnDone thumb tape, Lacrosse ball, hairband, and a Red Bull.


Unlike other athletes and bodybuilders, Kristen is not very strict about her diet.

Kristine’s main focus is about the type of body, the person’s age, and what the body needs to stay fit. 

The athlete likes to experiment with her own body, so she consumes various food with nutritions at different times and in different amounts. 

Further, she believes that a cheat meal is worth it to enjoy life. And enough food which works best as her body fuel is all she cares about.


Along with training and diet, Kristine believes that good sleep is a must.

Kristine has some better tips for falling asleep before joining bed if you’re awake.

  • Find a good bed that adjusts to your weight and sleep.
  • Unwind from social media about one hour before bedtime. And no scrolling in bed.
  • Drink a cup of caffeine-free tea or a glass of milk before bedtime.
  • Write down your plan for the next day and things you to remember so that it’s out of your head when you go to bed.
  • Turn off your bedroom lights and use earplugs to block any noise that can wake you up.

Accidents and Injury

During the long journey of Kristine, she had gone through some unfortunate incidents.

Likewise, in December of 2013, Kristin was hospitalized after a stray acupuncture needle caused a punctured lung.

The incident was just a few months before the 2014 CrossFit Open season was supposed to start. Luckily, she didn’t miss the annual competition.

Similarly, she had surgery on her right wrist in 2016. However, she returned to her full training within 7-8 weeks. 

In addition, Kristin struggled with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her left wrist for over a year. Finally, it led her to the point where there was no other option than surgery.

Unfortunately, it was the same surgery she had in 2016. It took over 3 months which was really frustrating for her.

However, she’s completely healed and can do all movements again.


Sadly, a Norwegian athlete announced her retirement from 8 years-long journey with Sports of Fitness on August 4th, 2021, through her Instagram.

According to her Instagram post, she might not participate in the 2022 CrossFit Games season.

However, she may still compete at the 2021 Rogue Invitational currently scheduled for the end of October.

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Net worth

Unfortunately, there is no information about her actual annual income and salary.

However, we can say that as being Norway’s top athlete and a Crossfit, she certainly has a good income.

Likewise, despite being an athlete, she seems reserved and loves to keep her profile low.

Irrespective of these facts, it is believed that her total net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Social Media Presence

Kristin is majorly active on her Instagram account, with around 140k followers. And her username is @holtekristin. Through her account, she shares a lot of her professional and personal stuff through Instagram.

Recently, she announced her retirement through an Instagram post. 

Kristin Holte latest Instagram post (4th August 2021).
Kristin Holte’s latest Instagram post (4th August 2021).

Similarly, she is over Facebook with 17k followers. However, she doesn’t seem as active as on Instagram.

Interestingly, here official website provides four different Gymnastic Programs.

With 3k followers on Twitter, she doesn’t seem as active compared with Instagram and Facebook. But, according to her profile, she joined Twitter in October 2012. To date, she has tweeted 435 times.

Likewise, she is on LinkedIn with 300+ connections.

(Note: Numbers of followers on her social platform are as of August 2021).

Fun Facts

  • Despite being well-recognized as a nutritionist, she loves Norwegian Candy.
  • Kristin is the third fittest CrossFit person on earth after Katrin Davidsdottir and

    Sara Sigmundsdottir as of 2021.

  • Her father, Gier Holte, participated in the 1984 Winter Olympics, Sarajevo, in Cross Country Skiing.

  • When Kristin was asked what she wanted to be in elementary school, she answered, ‘World Champion.’

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Kristin Holte ever been in a relationship?

Unfortunately, there is no precise information about her past relationship. However, Kristin was rumored that she was once in a relationship.

Why is Kristin Holte famous?

Apart from being the 3rd fittest CrossFit athlete, she is the top CrossFit athlete of her country, Norway. She is known best for being a successful bodybuilder.

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