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Kyle Forgeard Girlfriend: Is He Dating Alyssa Kulani? His Controversy Details Explored

Get to know about Kyle Forgeard’s rumored girlfriend and his relationship timeline.

Kyle Forgeard is the co-founder of the YouTube channel “NELK,” formerly known as NelkFilmz, which produces prank videos, public performances, and vlogs. The NELK crew is referred to as the NELK Boys.

Forgeard, according to reports, dropped out of college to seek a career as a YouTuber. During a Q&A session, the question “What inspired you to start making videos?” was addressed.

He used to submit small sketches and humorous films on his YouTube page before launching NELK in 2010. However, when Jesse Sebastiani joined NELK, it was changed into a parody website.

Kyle Forgeard Girlfriend: Is He Dating Alyssa Kulani?

Kyle Foregard’s girlfriend is rumored to be Alyssa Kulani after several posts hanging out together and videos of them working together surfaced.

According to publicly accessible information, Alyssa Kulani is a social media influencer with 408k Instagram followers. She also has over 731k subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts pranks, tips, hauls, and glow-up videos.

kyle Forgeard
kyle Forgeard with kyle Forgeard on Thailand (Source: Instagram)

Alyssa is a 23-year-old YouTuber from Canada. She joined the channel on November 8, 2011.

Kulani rose to prominence due to her work with Nelk and Andrew Tate. She also appeared in the preview discussion “Andrew Tate Stole Our Girl At The Club.”

Although it is unknown whether the suspected couple is dating, Kulani first moved in with the gang in 2020, as she revealed in the video about her acquaintance with Kyle and how he phoned her to hang out.

Furthermore, on September 1, 2022, they were photographed hanging together in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Kyle Forgeard Relationship Timeline Explored

The 28-year-old YouTuber’s prank videos are popular with his following, and he recorded a fake video about meeting his new girlfriend’s parents last year. 

He has also posted numerous lovely photos of himself with his female friends.

With all of this, Kyle’s fans have always wanted to know more about the specifics of his relationships. Despite the plethora of images he’s shared with his female friends, none of them hint at a romantic relationship.

The co-founder of Nelk enjoys hanging out with his friends and sharing photos with them, but he prefers to keep his personal life private.

There have been no solid details concerning Kyle’s relationships since he rose to prominence. Similarly, he has been tight-lipped about the facts of his relationships. Only information regarding his professional life is available on his social media website.

Kyle Forgeard Controversy: Why Was He Arrested?

Kyle Forgeard, a NELK Boys YouTube collective member, was arrested after reportedly impersonating a security officer in Texas.

It wouldn’t be the NELK Boys if they weren’t breaking the rules and getting in trouble. The controversial YouTube group has been in the news for various reasons over the last year, and now one of its founders has been detained.

kyle Forgeard 1
Kyle Forgeard arrested (Source: Twitter)

The crew went too far while filming at the Texas Grapevine Mills Mall. Forgeard allegedly impersonated a mall security guard, prompting his detention by the local police department.

The popular social media personality was apparently riding his own segway through the mall while pretending to be a security guard. While this was the last update from the NELK Boys account, Forgeard was not held for long.

According to police documents acquired by TMZ, the YouTuber was quickly freed after the gang posted a $750 bond. He posted a picture on Instagram hours later, indicating that he “just got out of jail.”

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