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Who Is Chris Chan? Twitter Meme Explained: Where Is She Now? Arrest Details

Internet celebrity Chris Chan escaping from prison has been the subject of an astounding number of memes if you’ve followed Twitter trends over the past few days.

In August 2021, the internet celebrity was arrested and held at the Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange, Virginia, on incest-related allegations.

However, in response to the absence of new information on Chris’ case, the internet decided to bring the 40-year-name old’s back into the spotlight by creating several memes that make fun of an attempted jailbreak.

Who Is Chris Chan? 

Chris Chan, whose real name is Christine Weston Chandler, is a famous American musician from Charlottesville, Virginia, who also stars on YouTube.

The 40-year-old has approximately 60,000 YouTube subscribers under the username CwcvilleGuardian, and she also has an Instagram account.

She created the Sonichu webcomic series, which she started publishing in 1999. The persona is a hybrid of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu from Pokémon. 

Chris started her YouTube channel in 2007 and later came out as a transgender woman in 2016. Chris had previously identified as male.

Twitter Meme Explained

A false rumor that Chris had escaped from the Central Virginia Regional Jail began circulating on Twitter in August 2022. The popular tweet, which has had 960,000 views and 62,000 likes, catalyzed a wave of memes.

There is no evidence to support the initial rumor or the subsequent memes that Chris escaped from prison.

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Chris Chan Twitter Memes
Source: Twitter

According to Newsweek, Chris was held without bond at the Central Virginia Regional Jail and had a court date of September 16, 2021. However, the case has been sealed because of the widespread interest in Chris since that time.

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Chris Chan Twitter Memes
Source: Twitter

In response to HITC’s request for comment, Chris’ attorney said they were “unaware from any source that Ms. Chandler “escaped” and agreed.

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Where Is She Now? Arrest Details

According to Insider, Chris was initially detained at the Henrico County Jail after being apprehended outside a hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2021.

She was detained on August 1 and charged with incest when it was claimed on an audio tape that she had intercourse with her mother, who is 79 years old.

Christine Weston Chandler is now being detained in our Jail West facility on one count of incest and is awaiting arraignment in Greene County, Virginia, according to a statement from Henrico County Sheriff Alisa Gregory to Newsweek.

She stated Greene County was mere “housing” the online celebrity until transportation could be arranged but made no additional comments regarding the criminal accusations.

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