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Laulauga Tausaga Parents: Mother Avea Tausaga And Father Mac

History has just been made, Laulauga Tasusaga stuns the world after setting the record for the longest throw in the history of Women’s Discus. Laulauga Tausaga parents must be more than thrilled to welcome their daughter back home with a newfound gold medalist title.

Laulauga Tasusaga is the latest American gold medalist discus thrower with an amazing record of 69.49 m throw in her name.

Laulauga Tausaga parents gave birth to her on the 29th of May 1998 in the beautiful land of Hawaii. She grew up in Hawaii and went for her higher studies at the University of Iowa, where her journey as a discus thrower began.

She started playing for the university and many times brought the trophy home as she won 9 games from 2017 to 2021.

Laulauga has been able to play many other international and national games representing her country and her hometown several times.

In the latest World Athletics Championships 2023, she won the gold medal. And with Laulauga Tausaga parents whole world is celebrating her astonishing record.

Laulauga Tausaga Parents: Who Does Laulauga Credits Her Success To?

Laulauga Tausaga grew up in Hawaii, but she moved to California when she was about 7 or 8 years old.

This move happened because her grandparents got sick, so they decided to stay in California to take care of them.

People are eager to know how this young 25-year-old achieved so much in life. And she has been profusely appreciating the support from her parents.

While it may not be both of her parents, Laulauga has someone to who she gives most of the credit for her success.

Laulauga Tausaga Parents
Laulauga Tausaga with her mother, Aveaomalo Tausaga. (Source: Instagram)

It is none other than Laulauga Tausaga mother, Aveaomalo Tausaga. Interestingly, Aveaomalo was the one who got Laulauga into sports in the first place.

However, her father Mac’s presence wasn’t very visible. Despite this absence, her mother, Aveaomalo, played a significant role.

Laulauga’s mother, Aveaomalo, wanted her to be active and do things like sports. Even though Laulauga didn’t initially like the idea, her mom took her to play volleyball. 

Later, she also tried basketball. But everything changed when her coach suggested trying track and field. At first, Laulauga didn’t want to run in track events. She asked her coach if she had to run, and he said no.

That’s when she got interested. She asked to try the discus throw instead, and her coach agreed. He immediately put her on the varsity team after seeing her talent.

Laulauga Tausaga with discus
Laulauga Tausaga just won Gold in the Athletics Championships 2023.

Laulauga would come home tired after practising for tournaments all day, and her mother would be there waiting for her to prepare her for the next day.

In one of her Instagram captions sharing her mother’s picture, she writes,

I love you so much Mom. All the hard work you put in to raise me and the rest on your own for all these years is starting to pay off. I am going to make you so proud, Your daughter wont dissapoint you.

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Laulaunga Does Not Want Her Mother’s Memories To Fade

Tragically, Aveaomalo passed away at the end of 2017. Even though her mother isn’t physically present, Laulauga carries her admiration for Aveaomalo in her heart.

Laulauga spoke about her mother with a deep fondness, saying,

She just had this presence about her, where you just knew that she was there for you.

laulauga Mom
Laulauga while leaving for college with her mom. (Source: Instagram)

She is constantly posting pictures of her mother, and it’s like Laulaunga does not want her mother’s memories to fade from this world.

Laulaunga, in a recent interview after her record-breaking win, said that,

If It wasn’t for my mother, my life would’ve been completely different, I would’ve been working some normal job right now. She showed me the way to the glory and left me with a life that she dreamed for me, she is the angel of my life.

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