Lynn Yaeger Tattoo

Lynn Yaeger Tattoo Meaning And Design: Hair Real Or Fake

Fashion reporter Lynn Yaeger tattoo and personal style have always been a topic of discussion. With her bold choice of clothing, hairstyle, and makeup, her tattoo is also something fans and fashion enthusiasts are curious about.

Fashion journalist Lynn Yaeger is an established figure in the fashion world, known best for her unique style, eccentric flaming red hair, and exaggeratedly painted lips.

Yaeger is a fashion icon herself, who contributes as a fashion editor to Vogue and is also a writer for Vogue.

Previously, she worked for 30 years as a fashion reporter for The Village Voice; she also wrote a column called ‘Elements of Style,’ later renamed ‘Frock Star’ in February 2007.

Furthermore, Yaeger also regularly contributes to several news portals and magazines like The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Style Magazine, and Travel + Leisure.

She also worked as a fashion columnist for Full Frontal Fashion, a style website associated with Sundance Channel.

The trendsetter is also the custodian for the vintage section of the fashion retail website

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Lynn Yaeger Tattoo Meaning And Design

Looking at Lynn Yaeger and understanding her eye-catching appearance, one assumes and is curious about her tattoo designs and their meaning.

However, the reputed fashion journalist Lynn Yaeger tattoo does not exist.

Judging by her personality and choice of fashion, it is natural to think that Lynn Yaeger tattoos are also unique and eccentric. Photos on her social media and pictures taken by the paparazzi say otherwise.

Lynn Yaeger
Marc Jacobs called Lynn Yaeger his muse because of her style. (Source: Instagram)

Her long layered skirts and full-length tops cover most of her body on most days. This opens more speculations and assumptions about Lynn Yaeger tattoo.

The style icon’s striking cupid bow lips are often misunderstood to be inked. She has spoken about her unique lips and says that she draws them, making it clear that the lips are not one of Lynn Yaeger tattoo.

Is Lynn Yaeger’s Hair Real Or Fake?

Lynn Yaeger’s hairstyle is unique enough to distinguish her in a crowded room. The quirky fashionista holds a steadfast obligation to her notorious style.

While her style may not fall under what societal norms have accepted, Lynn Yaeger truly celebrates being one of a kind.

Yaeger spent years trying hard to follow styles that were ‘culturally appropriate.’ She tried to dress and look like models on the cover of fashion magazines.

When she started her career in the fashion industry, she realized that she looked nothing like the models.

On top of that, she found the rules of the fashion industry suffocating and unachievable. At this point, she decided to follow her path and dress the way she wanted.

In the process of finding her style, she began experimenting. In an interview with Oprah, she said, 

The copper henna I threw on my head to give my hair a quirky tint was a miracle. Coating my limp bob and making it bouncier than I’d ever dreamed possible

People often assume her hair to be a wig because of the distinct bob-cut hairstyle and the extraordinary color. However, it is not.

Lynn Yaeger
The fashion writer is widely known for cutting and dyeing her hair. (Source: Instagram)

Yaeger understands that most people find it difficult to fathom the courage to walk on the streets looking like she does.

Her extreme choices in terms of her looks have drawn laughter and hate. However, she also receives a lot of compliments, which is what she focuses on.

“This may be because I live in New York City, where a certain level of eccentricity is appreciated”, she exclaimed.

Nevertheless, she hopes that despite where she lives, people will respect her for her style and preference.

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