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Lee Sung Jin: Career, Injury & Net Worth

Lee Sung-Jin is a South Korean archer currently active in her coaching career after retiring. The recurve archer has two Olympics medals to her name.

She was a member of the Korean national team from 2003 to 2007 and was crowned world champion in 2005.

Right after her first international debut, she won the Olympic team championship in 2004 and bagged silver in individual.

lee sung jin at the 2012 olympics
Lee Sung Jin at the 2012 London Olympics (Korean Culture and Information Service)

Moreover, her accurate and fast arrows made her famous. Despite her injuries and halt from training, Lee made her way to the top again.

Similarly, in addition to her two Olympic gold medals, she reached the 2012 Archery World Cup finals in Antalya, Turkey.

Most of Sung-Jin’s wins have been attributed to her consistent effort and intensive training to survive tough national competitors and compete in international forums.

Quick Facts

Before looking at descriptive information on Lee Sung-Jin, let’s take a quick look at her bio:

Full name Lee Sung-Jin
Korean name 이성진
Date of birth March 7, 1985
Age [calculate_years datestring=”03/07/1985″] Year
Birthplace Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Nickname Sung Jin
Religion Unknown
Nationality Korean
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac sign Pisces
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 132 lbs
Body Measurement 27 inches waist
34 inches hip
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth $2 million
Profession Recurve Archer
Sport Archery
Occupation Student
Salary Around $200,000
Bow Samick
Arrow Easton
Archery Equipment Broad Head Wench, Hunter Crossbow
Social Media Not available
International Debut year 2003
Archery’s Equipment Crossbow, Arrows, Archery Target
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Lee Sung-Jin: Early Life, Family, and Education

Lee Sung-Jin was born on March 7, 1985, in her hometown Hongseong-gun.

She is [calculate_years datestring=”03/07/1985″] Year. She hasn’t shared any information about her family.

Additionally, it has not been known whether she is a single child or she has siblings.

Lee Sung-Jin completed her high school in her hometown Hongseong-gun.

She began as a track athlete in high school however jumped to archery at the suggestion of her coach.

Regardless of her age, she considers herself as a student both in education and her career.

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Lee Sung-Jin: Body Measurements

Lee Sung-Jin features a rather athletic body for someone of her age.

She stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall, making her height to be 165cm in length.

She has black hair and brown eyes.

The world champion archer weighs around 132 lbs. Consequently, she maintains a strict nutritional diet to feel best during archery events.

Moreover, her 34 inches, hip, and 27 inches waist signify a healthy lifestyle she gains from athletic dedication.

Lee Sung-Jin: Personal Life

Lee Sung-Jin remains one of those athletes who prefer to keep their personal life away from public view. Therefore, most of her early life is unknown.

She began archery at the high school level. First of all, archery was just a sport to her, unlike many athletes.

It was her coach who brought her interest in archery.

Similarly, her coach said that she deserves to be in the Olympics in the archery category.

Following her coach’s suggestion, the now Olympic player reminisces her wise decision and gives it all towards archery.

Lee Sung-Jin: Love Life

As per her mantra towards personal life, Lee Sung-Jin’s love life is no exception. She surprisingly remains single.

Despite her determination, zeal, and youthfulness, she is single and does not reveal anything about her love life.

The archer responded to questions on her love life by saying she still wanted to focus on her career.

Lee Sung-Jin: Career

The archer’s dedication towards archery started from high school but finessed it when she was 18 years of age.

lee sung jin in shanghai 2012
Lee Sung Jin at Shanghai in 2012 (World Archery)

Sung-Jin made it into the national team in 2003 at the age of just 19. Evidently, she was still in high school.

Lee Sung-Jin: International Debut

After a year of endless efforts, Lee finally passed the national trials to qualify for the Olympics.

Coincidently, she began her international career in 2004.

Following her debut, she ranked 6th in the European Grand Prix held in Germany in 2004.

Next, she ranked 9th in the Asian Archery Grand Prix Tournament on May 16, 2005.

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Intensive Training

To reach success, Lee Sung-Jin had to go through intensive training in her early years.

She mentioned that she was obsessed with proper form rather than land the mark on the target.

The world champion practiced up to 10 hours per day to make it to the Olympic team.

Since archery is highly competitive in South Korea, Lee practiced extremely well to make her mark.

Consequently, her untiring efforts made her debut internationally at a very young age as a gifted prodigy.

The Olympic Games

Lee Sung-Jin first qualified for the Olympics in 2004 at just the age of 20 years old.

After that, she again qualified for the London Olympics in 2012.

She quoted her thought on her Olympic memoirs, “Whatever I saw and wherever I went, the games gave me incredible, thrilling feeling…I was happy there, right inside it.”

Athens Olympics 2004

The Olympics of 2004 was both the start and highlight of Lee Sung-Jin’s wonderful archery career.

The archer went on to win gold in the team championship, whereas silver in individual.

The team winner competed against her teammate Park Sung Hyung in the finals of the individual while setting a world record in the ranking round.

London Olympics 2012

The second Olympics for Lee Sung-Jin was more of a comeback after her recluse period due to injuries and recovery.

She qualified for the Olympics team and managed to get to the quarterfinals in the individual round.

With her team, she won the eventual gold medal after defeating the tough competitors from China.

Asian Championship

Unlike the fairly inconsistent wins at the Olympics, Lee remained a winning champion at the Asian Championship.

The archery master bagged a bronze in her first Asian Championship in 2003.

Following the win, she maintained a fair position of 4th at the Asian Championship of 2005 held in India.

Finally, her efforts led to a gold win at the 15th Asian Championship 2007 held in China.

World Archery Championship

In her first-ever World Archery Championship of 2005 in Madrid, Lee Sung-Jin bagged a gold medal.

After her win, she consequently took up the Universiade in Turkey to win gold again.

lee sung jin at the world archeyr championship in madrid
Lee Sung Jin at the World Archery Championship 2005 in Madrid (World Archery)

Going back to Turkey again in 2007 for the Archery World Cup, she grabbed a bronze at the third stage.

Finally, in the Shanghai World Archery Championship in 2012, she ranked 9th overall.

Coaching Career

After consistent years of professional career, Lee recently retired after the 2021 London Olympics.

She now coaches junior archers and even shoots to keep herself up to the mark.

She believes in expanding her knowledge and skill to people is the best way to keep going.

The world champion remained adamant about learning archery because it gives her relaxation, emotional control, and a strong mindset.

Lee Sung-Jin: Honors

Regardless of her wins and defeats, her perseverance brought her to fame and glory in the International arena and around the world.

From Olympic wins to becoming World Champion in 2005 and winning the Universiade in the same year, Lee Sun-Jin is no short of fans.

The archer ranked no. 1 in the world in June 2006. Adding to her honors, she became the Athlete of the Week in April 2012.

Lee Sung-Jin ranks as the 9th best archer in the world of all times.

Park Sung Hyung and Yun Mi-Jin remain her idols, who were also her teammates in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Injury and Recovery

Like so many athletes in the world, Lee also fell into the trap of injuries.

After series of events, she suffered from shoulder pains in 2008. The pains certainly haunted her right from high school.

Her form slumped and suffered as a result of the shoulder pains. Consequently, she had to undergo surgery.

The archer had a difficult rest period following her shoulder surgery. She battled for recovery during rehabilitation.

Her conditions improved significantly faster, and she was able to get into the 2012 Olympics.


To date, Lee Sung-Jin remains free of any controversies.

Lee Sung-Jin: Networth

Archers in Korea are highly respected as well as earn a good amount of salary.

Lee being a successful player, won many tournaments and championships.

Lee Sung-Jin’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Despite her hefty net worth, Lee approaches life to simple living and high thinking.

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Social Media

Lee Sung-Jin remains inactive on social media.

As a solitary individual, she tries not to be flashy. She remains the 27th best Korean athlete.

Trivia on Lee

  1. Lee first started as a track runner but later shifted her interest to archery in high school.
  2. The archer was ranked no. 1 in the world in 2006.
  3. Recently, she underwent shoulder surgery and recovered to compete in the Olympics.
  4. She broke the world record in the 2004 Olympics in the ranking round before the opening ceremony.


Is Lee Sung-Jin single?

As per many outlets, Lee remains single. However, there is no news on her dating history yet.

How many Olympic medals does Lee Sung-Jin have?

In total, Sung-Jin bagged 3 Olympic medals. She has two golds and one bronze.

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