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Clara Guerrero: Career, Husband, PBA & Net Worth

Clara Guerrero is a World Champion international bowler from Columbia.

As a ten-pin bowler, she grabbed several Columbian championships and international titles.

She started her professional career at just 18. Then, she became a part of the Columbian team for almost three decades.

The Bowler also earned the title of World Champion seven times in total.

Next, she was crowned as the 2000 Athlete of the Year in Columbia.

clara wins gold at the 2019 world championship
Clara wins gold at the 2019 world championship (her Instagram)

Currently, the world-class bowler practice to qualify for the 2021 PWBA Lincoln Open.

As one of the most noteworthy women bowlers, Clara Guerrero lives her life. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at her life in a glance:

Quick Facts

Full name Clara Juliana Guerrero Londoño
Date of birth April 22, 1982
Age 41 Years Old
Birthplace Armenia, Columbia
Religion Christian
Nationality Columbian
Ethnicity Latin American
Education Wichita State University
Mother’s name Clara Ines Londoño
Father’s name Guerrero
Zodiac sign Taurus
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 123 lbs
Shoe size 8 (US)
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Marital Status Married
Husband Joshua Kubiak
Children None
Net Worth $500,000
Profession Professional Bowler
Clubs Columbia 300
Salary $150,000
Social Media InstagramTwitter, Facebook
Debut year 1999
Bowling Equipment Ball, Patch Pack, Gloves
Last Update March 2024

Clara Guerrero: Family, Early Life, and Education

On April 22, 1982, Clara Guerrero was born in Armenia, Columbia.

She was born to her mother, Clara, and her father in a small nuclear family.

Additionally, she has a brother named Diego Fernando Guerrero L.

Her brother is married. Now, he has one daughter.

As a child, Clara was an active player. However, she mentioned she was five years old when she discovered bowling; Then, her love for bowling sports started.

clara with her husband and parents
Clara with her husband and parents (her Instagram)


At the mere age of five, she began playing with her father, who taught her the basics.

In a few years, she mastered her skills to get into national championships.

Clara Guerrero: Body Measurements

Clara Guerrero remains one of the most attractive players in bowling.

Due to her fit form, even in her late thirties, she looks much younger actually.

Guerrero stands around 5 feet and 6 inches, almost reaching 170 cm.

Similarly, she weighs around 123 lbs. According to her, she maintains her weight through intense training.

Moreover, she likes to do fun exercise activities like cycling.

Although she was in quarantine, she used her bike to circle her house.

She has shiny black hair with brown highlights at the bottom.

Likewise, she has bright black eyes to charm her fans.

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Clara Guerrero: Personal Life

The world champion is a significant go-getter in her personal life. However, she also mentioned that she is not what she seems.

During her games, she overthinks a lot. Therefore, she makes a lot of mistakes.

Despite her hardships, she likes to live in the present. Thus, she does not worry about the past or future.

She seemingly loves to spend time with her husband and family.

Most of her friends describe her as a cheerful personality.

Nevertheless, she is also a handy person. During a blackout at her home, she got creative to use her time.

Clara Guerrero: Husband

Much of Clara’s married life has been under the covers.

Nonetheless, fans found out their beloved idol was married.

Likewise, Clara is married to Josh Kubiak. Not much is known about Josh.

Like any other couple, they live together in Pflugerville, Texas.

However, he remains very close to her family. Thus, they all celebrate Christmas and New Years’ together.

She and her husband were stuck in their home for three days without light, water, and a heater.

Nonetheless, she used her bike to cycle around to get warm.

It was not only an exercise but also a way to be warm.

The couple also used lots of their winter clothes to layer up. Additionally, they used blankets to warm up.

Moreover, they used the snow melting in their background to wash dishes.

After that, the couple felt the need for a fireplace since they did not have one.

Hence, she remarked, “When we built our home, we thought we didn’t need a fireplace because we are in Texas. However, this is the last time we live in a house without a fireplace.”

Thus, this was one of the many lessons for the couple.

Clara Guerrero: Career

Clara was one of the youngest players in the National U-12 Championship. Following the event, she took part in a yearly national to compete.

She consecutively became a national champion for four years (2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005).

Professional Career

With her national fame, Clara began her professional debut in 1999. Clara was only 18 years old at the time.

Early Start

First of all, she competed at the 1999 FIQ World Champion, where she won silver.

Next, she competed at the 2000 AMF World Cup. She won the silver medal there too.

Consequently, she was the Woman of the Year in Quindio, Columbia.

Then, she went to the 2003 Pan Asian Games to win bronze in both single and team events.

Later, she visited Malaysia for the 2003 World Championship. She won bronze with her Columbian team.

Following her bronze win, she went to win the 2005 World Ranking Masters Championship.

In the following year, she defended her World Ranking Masters Championship in Panama.

Thus, she ranked no. 1 on the women’s leader board with 4989 points in 29 games.

In 2006, she became second at the Central Americana and Caribbean games. Then, she won silver at the USBC Women’s Challenge.

Moreover, she won the 2006 Panama Invitational.

As a threatening player, she averaged 203.60 at the 2007-08 Sports bowling national high average in the US.

Next, she also went to win the Columbian national games once again in 2008.

Regardless of her big national wins, she won the Team Columbia Trials Champion again in 2009.

Further, she averaged 208 points over 48 games. It was a record for both men and women at the Trials Champion.

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Career Best Year

2009 became the most noteworthy year of her career. She began the season by winning all the events as the World Champion.

The events include singles, doubles, trios, and teams.

Moreover, Clara secured the world record for the event with 5330 points overall.

However, the win was not as easy. Guerrero had to stretch the game against Korean player Hwang Sun-Ok into five rounds.

Ultimately, she was hoisted as the World Champion.

She also won both World Champion and Masters’ all events within the same year.

Therefore, she was named the Bowler of the Year in 2009. Moreover, she similarly held up well in the PBA Women’s World Championship.

In 2010, she went to the South-American Games with the Columbian team. Consequently, her six gold wins made her the star of the event.

The Columbian team then won 14 out of the 15 gold medals.

She again won the 2014 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup following the win. She held down 747 pins during the game, putting a World Record.

In the following year, she defended her QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup title. Hence, she became the 6th female Bowler to win World titles two years consecutively.

PBA and PWBA Tours

In 2013, she became the third Woman to make it to the TV Finals for a standard PBA Tour.

Later, she also won the #4 seed for the 2013 PBA Cheetah Championship.

Clara with her Trophy
Clara with her Trophy Source: Bowling Digital

To date, she has won two PBA Regional Tour titles.

Finally, she became a Professional Women’s Bowling Association member in 2015.

Then, she claimed her first PWBA title in 2016. She had qualified as the #3 seed for the event. Later, she climbed the semi-finals to win the finals.

Honors and Awards

In 2000, she was named the World Amateur Bowler of the Year.

Next, in 2005, she won the World Ranking Masters title.

Similarly, her team was second in the NCBCA of All-American from 2003-to 2004.

Then, in 2009 she got the World Bowling Writes Bowler of the Year.

Likewise, she was inducted into the World Bowling Writers Hall of Fame.


Currently, she is being sponsored by Columbia300 as well as Turbo company.

Recently, she earned the sponsorship of Logo Infusion.

Clara Guerrero: Controversies

Currently, no ongoing controversies surround the bowling player.

Due to her cheerful personality, she does not have any bad relationships.

Hence, she remains free of any controversies at all.

Clara Guerrero: Net worth

The Bowler became quite famous worldwide for her wins.

Clara Guerrero’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

In the event, she won up to a $30,000 cash prize.

Turbo and Columbia300 sponsor her to add to her money pool alongside her wins.

Currently, the athlete resides in a big house in Texas.

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Clara Guerrero: Social Media

Guerrero has a huge fan following, even for a non-mainstream sport as a professional player.

First of all, her Instagram has a massive 18.9k followers.

Next, she has more than 5k followers on her Twitter account.

Moreover, Guerrero also has a Facebook account with around 20k followers.

Clara Guerrero: Trivia

  • Guerrero immensely loves to drink coffee. Moreover, she mentioned it was a significant part of her household. Hence, she loved every cup of it.
  • Apart from bowling, she loves to watch soccer and tennis. More than playing, she watches those sports with her husband.
  • If a movie ever is made about her, she wants to cast Julia Roberts.
  • Consequently, she mentioned Julia was her favorite actress.
  • She says she’s not a very good singer. Although she sings in the shower, she would not dare to sing elsewhere.

Clara Guerrero: FAQs

Who won the 2012 EBT Brunswick Euro Challenge?

Clara Guerrero won the 2012 EBT Brunswick Euro Challenge.

What is Clara Guerrero’s favorite food?

Her favorite food is a Columbian dish called “Lentejas.” Moreover, although it was a simple dish, it felt special to her.

What degree did Clara Guerrero have?

She has a degree in International Business from Wichita State University.

Has Clara Guerrero played in the Olympics?

No, Clara hasn’t played in the Olympics.

Furthermore, bowling doesn’t belong to the Olympics event.

Likewise, bowling is the most popular even in Special Olympics.

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