Lucy Cray-Miller makes millions from her acting career.

Maxine: Who Is Lucy Cray-Miller? Husband Family Net Worth Kids

Maxine star “Lucy Cray-Miller” is not a new name in the film industry. But we rarely hear about the actress’s married life, net worth, family, kids and everything in detail.

Lucy Cray-Miller is an actress, producer and writer. She has starred in movies and tv shows such as The Journey, Holidays, My Boy Jack, Loving Miss Hatto, Penance, The League of Gentlemen’s, Omagh, St. Patrick’s Day and Pitch ‘n’ Putt.

Cray-Miller made her debut in 2001, guest starring as Debbie’s Brief. She appeared in Food Chain, Episode One of Murphy’s Law. In 2012 Lucy Cray-Miller landed the role of Regan in the 2012 show Line of Duty.

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Maxine: Who Is Lucy Cray-Miller?

Lucy Cray-Miller is a skilful and hardworking actress whose fame skyrocketed after she landed the role of Marion Bastin in Maxine.

Lucy Cray-Miller played the role of Marion Bastin in 2022 tv series Maxine.
Lucy Cray-Miller plays Marion Bastin in Maxine. Source: Radiotimes.

In the 2022 tv series, Lucy portrays Marion, the head of the CPS trials unit in Cambridgeshire where she served for prosecution of Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley.

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Apart from Maxine, you might have seen Lucy Cray-Miller in The Frankenstein Chronicles and Line of Duty. She appeared in more than 24 movies and television shows such as Dalgiesh, Der Irland Krimi,  The Widower, Neverland. 

Is Lucy Cray-Miller Married to Husband?

Lucy Cray-Miller has probably married her long-term boyfriend and turned to her husband. To be precise, The Maxine cast is protective of her spouse and kids. Thus, she prefers keeping her personal life under the radar.

As the actress prefers privacy, she is unavailable on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Lucy Cray-Miller has not left a single hint regarding her husband and children.

Does Lucy Cray Miller have Kids?

Maxine actress Lucy Cray-Miller may have children of her own. Nevertheless, she would refuse introducing her children publicly. 

Regarding reel life parenthood, we have rarely seen her hanging around kids. We just hope, the actress would disclose the details of her partner or kids someday.

How Much Is Lucy Cray Miller’s Net Worth?

“Lucy Cray-Miller” adds big chunks to her bank account earned from her successful career as an actress. She possesses an estimated “net worth” of $2 million as of 2022. When Lucy is not acting, she likes to produce and write scripts for the shows.

As an experienced actress, Lucy Cray-Miller earns around $30,000 to $60,000 annually, the basic salary of a television and movie actress. Maxine, Penance, Taken, Down, Holidays and Line of duty are some of her highest-grossing shows.

The Cold Courage cast is undoubtedly secretive, but she embraced an opulent lifestyle. The starlet owns a beautiful three-bedroom house and car for more than $30,000. 

Lucy Cray Miller Family, Age

Lucy CrayMiller was born in Russia in the 1970s, Making her 40-45 years old. Well-educated parents raised and admitted her to the reputed high school. Lucy Cray-Miller prefers spending quality time with her family in the meantime.

Speaking of her body measurement, she flaunts a slim-hourglass shaped body measuring 32-25-35 inches. Lucy is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 54 kg. The blue-eyed look glamorous and healthy at the age of forties.

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