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Who Is Mapuana Makia From Fantasy Island? Husband, Kids And Net Worth

American Actor Mapuana is a voiceover director and actress. In the Fantasy Island series, Mapuana Makia goes by the fictitious name Michelle.

Emma Authorized, Aloha, and How to Get Away with Murder are a few of the movies she has worked on. Her career in the US film business started in 2007.

Mapuana started her career as a model before moving into the show biz. She is one of Hollywood’s most well-known acting figures.

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Who Is Mapuana Makia From Fantasy Island?

Mapuana Makia, an actress, mostly resides in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

Makia Mapuana [calculate_years datestring=”08/13/1983″] years of age. Height of Mapuana: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m) Weight 103 pounds/49 kg. Her eyes are hazel, and she has brown hair.

Modeling was Mapuana’s first line of work before she entered the entertainment industry. She is one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood. Her work on the television series Aloha is what made her most well-known.

Mapuana Makia
Mapuana Makia in a photoshoot (source: Whatsondisneyplus )

After attending a performance and longing to join the actors onstage, she fell in love with the arts in kindergarten.

Makia then earned a theater degree from Hawaii Pacific University, where she met Emma Stone and landed her first acting role in the movie Aloha.

In addition to her current role as Noelani Nakayama on Doogie Kamealoha, M.D., she has had previous appearances in Fantasy Island on FOX and Two Sentence Horror Stories.

Jeff Wadlow is the director and co-writer of the 2020 American supernatural horror movie Fantasy Island, often referred to as Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island.

Mapuana Makia goes by the character name Michelle in the Fantasy Island series.

Finding ‘Ohana, a Netflix family movie, features Makia as Tina, a nurse. The first showing of the movie took place on January 29, 2021.

The actress has also made appearances in video games like Adversary, which was launched in 2020, in addition to films and television series.

What We Know About Mapuana Makia Husband; Is She Single?

Johnny Vancouver is the partner of Mapuana Makia. The American actress looks to be married at the time.

She has recently wished in her Instagram a Happy Birthday to her husband with the caption “Happiest birthday to the man who holds this whole operation together. @jvancozy

Please share in his and the little girl’s joy right behind him,” where their daughter is laughing and giving a bright smile in the background.

Mapuana Makia
Mapuana Makia with her husband (Source: Instagram)

The Finding Instagram is frequently used by Mapuana, who portrays Ohana. She has 1.3K followers and goes by the username @missmapuana on her website.

Her Instagram feed has lot of pictures of her hubby. They exude really warm, contented relationship.

Mapuana Makia Kids And Family Explored

Actress Mapuana Makia spends much of her time between Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

She fell in love with the arts in kindergarten after going to a play and wanting to be one of the actors onstage.

From the start of her career, we can know that her parents are very supportive of her career choice as she started an art business at a very small age.

Her mother’s name is Salena Makia, and she was raised by the Mapuana Makia family.

The actress frequently posts pictures of herself with her mum on social media.

On the other side, we don’t know her father’s identity as she does not post about her dad. But this may be because her father likes to lay low and away from the spotlight.

Makia earned a master’s degree in theater from Hawaii Pacific University in 2006.

Presently, Makia is playing Tina, a nurse, in the Netflix family movie Finding ‘Ohana. The movie had its world debut on January 29, 2021.

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Mapuana Makia Net Worth

In 2021–2022, Mapuana Makia’s net worth has been steadily increasing.

The majority of Mapuana Makia’s income comes from her work as an accomplished actress.

Makia’s net worth is between $1 million and $5 million.

Mapauana Makia
Mapuana Makia in her house (Source: TVovermind )

Although Mapuana has spent the majority of her career performing, she has also had some experience working behind the camera. Preface to Being Jaded, a TV series, marked her debut as a writer and producer in 2015.

In 2018, she made her directing debut with the program Babbs and Maria Go to Therapy. We’ll probably see Mapuana working more behind the scenes in the future.

From such extra activities, she can make a hefty amount of wealth.

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