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Tubbo Girlfriend: Who Is The Streamer Dating? Gay Rumors- Know His Sexuality

Tubbo Girlfriend has been the topic of discussion among his fan base as the streamer is known to be very private about his personal life.

Toby Smith, better known as Tubbo, is an English Twitch and YouTube streamer best known for his work with Dream SMP in Minecraft. 

Smith has nearly 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, but it’s on Twitch that he truly shines.

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He has 3.5 million Twitch followers, with a large portion of them subscribing in 2020. Tubbo began his Twitch journey as a Skyblock player in 2018.

He still plays Skyblock, but his content focuses primarily on Minecraft.

Tubbo Girlfriend: Who Is The Streamer Dating? Is He Dating Ranboo?

YouTube gamers are notorious for keeping their personal lives hidden, and Tubbo is no exception.

His social media profiles reveal nothing about who he is dating or his sexual orientation. Tubbo still needs to announce his feeds.

Tubbo Girlfriend
Tubbo during his twitch stream about his Girlfriend (Source: youtube)

However, with the secret fling that was eventually made public, fans were overjoyed to learn who Tubbo was dating.

After forming a business partnership through Dream SMP, the couple became acquainted.

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They became buddies after that and worked together to develop Snowchester.

But the topic of who Tubbo was dating swiftly shifted to whether Tubbo married, as the events looked sudden and unexpected. Tubbo and Ranboo will be canonically married on February 21, 2021.

The pair adores each other, but many were perplexed as to why they needed to rush into marriage. The couple even adopted a child called Michael together.

As a result, fans were even more perplexed and demanded more information about the lives of two of their favorite YouTubers.

Tubbo Gay Rumors- Know His Sexuality

There is no evidence to substantiate Tubbo’s homosexuality. Some regard his flirtations with TommyInnit as solid evidence of Tubbo’s sexuality.

TommyInnit And Tubbo
Tubbo With his friend (Source: stylesrant)

TommyInnit and Tubbo became friends after TommyInnit invaded Tubbo’s stream.

They were both little Twitch streamers at the time and have grown up on the network together. The duo regularly plays together and flirts with one another.

He approached Tommy in one of the streams and asked him for a date. Tommy replied no after a long wait.

“You suck, Tommy!” screamed Tubbo. Tommy stated in another stream that his fans wanted him to kiss Tubbo.

To Tubbo’s dismay, Tommy indicated he did not want to do it.

In a later webcast, Tommy was noticeably upset that Tubbo had included another individual rather than himself when making House decorations. 

How Much Is Tubbo Net Worth 2024?

Tubbo’s net worth is expected to be $290.87 thousand in 2022. He makes money from his Twitch accounts, YouTube, sponsorships, and item sales.

In terms of his business ventures, in addition to selling his brand’s items, he has teased “TubNet,” which is characterized as “a future Minecraft network for Java and Bedrock players, coming soon.”

Tubbo makes an unknown amount of money from limited merchandise sales and sponsorships. He earns around $800,000 from his YouTube and Twitch channels, not including donations, bits cheered, and higher-tier subscribers.

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