What Happened To Brett DeLaura On The Love Boat

“What Happened To Brett DeLaura On The Love Boat?” As early as he was introduced to the show, he confusingly left the show in the second episode.

Viewers were keen to know about Brett deeply, but he left the show highlighting the illness even though what kind of illness was not expressed clearly.

Similarly, The Real Love Boat show follows the adventure of single people finding their love on a luxury ship. This show is about romantic couples and is full of entertainment; it premiered on CBS and started on October 5, 2022.

What Happened To Brett DeLaura On The Love Boat?-Did He Left The Show

Yes, Brett De Laura left the show “The Real Love Boat” soon after he had joined. The show expressed that he had to go based on his health problems.

Many viewers were excited to see the new face and know more about this personality, but he disappointed them. Even though what kind of health problem was not briefly described, he created a good buy moment.

Brett DeLaura from The Real Love Boat; the musician from California
Brett DeLaura from The Real Love Boat; the musician from California [Source- Naluda Magazine]
After knowing his departure, some admirers even told him they were just seeing the show because of him and may quit watching if he leaves.

Along with his hype and demand, the show makers might make some kind of compromises and deals to bring him back, but it all depends on the rising star, Brett.

Even though he has left, but has not addressed the same, and still; his Instagram bio reads Season 1 Cast @realloveboatcbs. If he quits the show, he may express his departure and the cause too soon.

Brett DeLaura Family

Brett DeLaura is a family man who does not leave the special occasion to praise and thank his family members. He constantly posts on his verified Instagram account.

Since he rose to prominence in the cast of The Love Boat so he is slowly developing his followers and now has around two thousand of them.

Similarly, he has shared several pictures with his family members, whether it be a vacation, their birthday wishes, or remembering his late grand Father, etc.

It looks like he has two siblings. Even though he has not mentioned them as siblings, their facial structure matches and looks like his brother, and people commenting have expressed it as a happy family!

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He is a member of the Holiday State, a Country-Pop Brother Trio, other members include Brandon DeLaura and Bry.
Brett is a member of the Holiday State, a Country-Pop Brother Trio; other members include Brandon DeLaura and Bry [Source- DjAloha]
Brett DeLaura’s net worth is unknown at present, but now after his early popularity, he can earn hefty by involving in such television series.

While briefly looking at his posts, it seems like he is a musician by profession and earns well, as, with many vacations, his lifestyle looks extravagant.

As per SportsKeeda, In Southern California, these brothers have performed in different places throughout their careers & since their schooling in 2016. They were also associated as supporting acts on the 2017 National Tour. 

The 36-years-old DeLaura, Brett, and his brothers were the prestigious guest judges and featured performers at the Music Changing Lives showcase. 


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