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Paddy Considine Gay Rumors: Does He Have A Husband? Illness And Health Update

Paddy Considine gay rumors are all over the internet, but that is not true. His sexual orientation is straight, and he is married to his sweetheart Shelley Insley.

He is an English actor, director, and screenwriter who has received multiple awards for his outstanding performances, including two British Academy Film Awards and three Evening Standard British Film Awards.

Even though his professional updates are on top highlighted well, he keeps his private life away from the spotlight. 

Paddy Considine Gay Rumors: Does He Have A Husband?

Paddy Considine’s sexual orientation is straight. Many people spread the rumor that he was gay without any base, creating confusion among his fans.

Many people may have felt about it as he may have been portrayed as a gay character in his shows, but that is just an on-screen thing.

He is a married man who does not have a husband but a beautiful wife named Shelley Insley. They are also their children’s parents, proving that he is not gay and is attracted to females.

Paddy Considine: ‘I was always portrayed as angry, but I was just ill’
Paddy Considine: ‘I was always portrayed as angry, but I was just ill’ [Source- The New York Times]
With his nature, he had once said if he ever became a renowned person, he would “disappear and go and make shoes like Daniel Day-Lewis” (an example of Day-Lewis’ working as a shoemaker).

Due to this, he has not shared his romantic life publically, which made people speculate that he is gay. Moreover, he is available on his Instagram account @paddy_considine with more than two hundred thousand followers.

Even though he is highly active there, he only shares his professional content and does not share his private ones, so, unlike other celebrities, everything is not known about him.

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Paddy Considine Illness And Health Update

Paddy Considine has had illness issues for many years. In his 30’s, he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in April 2011.

Although he was reassured by the diagnosis beforehand, he continued to work in social situations until clinician Andrew Barton-Breck explained he might have Irlen Syndrome.  

Also, he was diagnosed in 2013 with Irlen syndrome, a condition in which the brain cannot process visual stimuli enough.

His condition improved as he began wearing purple Irlen filters, either as specially made contact lenses on-set or as traditional tinted glasses. With treatment from experts, his condition may be better soon.

In addition, he is about to turn 50, and even though his sickness is treated under medical supervision, aging may cause his strength to decline.

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House Of The Dragon's Paddy Considine Had One Big Fear About Joining The Series
House Of The Dragon’s Paddy Considine Had One Big Fear About Joining The Series [Source- Loopers]

Paddy Considine Net Worth

According to Celebrity Networth, Paddy Considine has an estimated net worth of four million dollars from being a famous actor, filmmaker, author, and musician in the present.

Even though he is known for acting, he admits that his first love was music. Paddy returned to his band, Riding The Low, in January 2022. 

Also, In 2022, he started his role as King Viserys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones series prequel House of the Dragon, which is getting good reviews.

Before the initial phase, his first lead role came after a year in Pawel Pawlikowski’s Last Resort, gaining the Thessaloniki Film Festival Best Actor award. After completing his studies, Meadows cast him in several short films and his second movie, A Room for Romeo Brass. 

Paddy enhanced his popularity during the early to mid-2000s by supporting and starring in cult films such as 24 Hour Party People and In America.

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