Matthew Stafford's Health

Matthew Stafford’s Health Update: Is Los Angeles Rams QB Playing Tomorrow?

Matthew Stafford’s health has become a concern for the Los Angeles Rams. Watch what head coach Sean McVay said about it before their Week 1 matchup.

This Thursday, September 8, the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams, the defending Super Bowl winners, will square off in the opening game of the 2022 NFL season at SoFi Stadium in Southern California.

Even though both the Bills and the Rams had several players who were questioned in the season’s first game due to injuries, just one player has been declared out of the match.

A sign of the toll the Rams’ Super Bowl victory had on some of their key players was that the team’s quarterback, running back, and cornerback all had injuries this offseason, making it uncertain for a while whether they would play in the season’s opening contest.

Matthew Stafford Health: Did He Get Injured?

Matthew Stafford’s health has created a lot of tension throughout the offseason.

Even though Matthew Stafford had surgery in the offseason for an elbow ailment, he had been struggling since, before the 2021 postseason, many people thought he would not be fully recovered since he didn’t play in preseason games.

Matthew Stafford's Health
Matthew Stafford is dealing with an elbow injury (Image Source: Ramswire)

Matthew did not throw at all during the offseason because of ongoing pain in his right elbow, as McVay hinted. He had an injection in his throwing arm to aid with the problem, and during training camp, he was on a limited throwing schedule.

The defending Super Bowl winners, the Los Angeles Rams, cannot afford to lose their starting quarterback.

Sean McVay has first-hand experience with what it’s like to have an ordinary driver in charge of his Ferrari. Stafford only needed one season to demonstrate that the team needed a good quarterback to end their championship streak.

Consequently, it appears that the former Detroit Lions star won’t be constrained in any way for their season start, which is excellent for them. In addition, the head coach asserts that he is in perfect shape going into Week 1.

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Matthew Stafford Health Update: How Is He Now?

McVay, Los Angeles Rams head coach, revealed that Matthew Stafford has been feeling great and is throwing the ball excellently.

He also said that Matthew is content and that he feels highly pleased about the fact that everything he sees is a reflection of what Matthew is telling him.

He also stated, ” You are unable to reflect on the past. There won’t be anything different because it will be similar to last year. You have a strong opponent who you want to manage men’s bodies wisely. For a quarterback, you always want to manage their arm wisely. It will be the same as we did with him last year.”

Thursday’s season opener for the Rams will take place in primetime against the Buffalo Bills, not precisely the matchup a reigning champion would prefer. However, they are always a threat when Stafford is in the center.

Is Los Angeles Rams QB Playing Tomorrow? 

Sean McVay has prioritized getting his players through the preseason and training camp as healthy as possible after a grueling schedule of 21 games over a six-month period that resulted in his first Super Bowl victory.

He said he feels comfortable about where they are and that one of their goals is to arrive on September 8 healthy and prepared to go.

Sean McVay stated that Matthew Stafford would not be restricted. He believes that, like last year, they have a reasonably solid plan. Those were the issues that he was resolving on his own.

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