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Nick Jonas hospitalized after suffering an Injury

American singer, songwriter, and actor Nick Jonas has been hospitalized after sustaining an injury while filming a new show.

Jonas, 28, was “rushed” to the hospital in an ambulance after the injury on Saturday evening. However, fans have nothing to worry about as the singer is now home and recovering.

Details of the incident and the nature of the injury are still undisclosed. However, we hope to hear from Nick very soon.

Reports say that the singer will also appear on the set of The Voice filming on Monday night, and this injury won’t affect the filming.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas is one of the coaches for The Voice season 20.

He is also appearing at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards next weekend as a host. The singer recently launched his Spaceman album.

Thus, we hope and pray that this injury was not a serious one!

Is this Nick Jonas’ first injury?

Not really. This is not the first time Jonas got injured on the filming set. The singer also got injured in 2018 during a post-show workout in Mexico.

However, he informed the fans with a picture of his bandaged hands, “My post-show workout was going well until….”.

The injury happened after a midnight concert. Nevertheless, we now know that Jonas makes no excuses for the gym; he even works out after a tiring midnight show!

Nick Jonas in The Voice

Nick reappeared on this season of the voice after a year-long hiatus. The singer and songwriter initially appeared on season 18 as a coach.

However, Gwen Stefani replaced him on season 19 as he left the show. Moreover, Nick will not be returning for the next season. But we hope we will see him again on season 22!

So, who will be replacing Nick for season 21? Singer, songwriter, and former actress Ariana Grande will be taking Nick’s chair from the following season.

Nick also shared some bits of advice to the 27-year-old singer, which includes “do not trust any other coaches.” Nick also says that Ariana will make a fantastic coach as she is “the best in the game.”

Priyanka is unable to take care of Nick

Unfortunately, wife Priyanka is unable to take care of Nick during this challenging time. Currently, the 38-year-old actress is in London for her new projects while Nick is in the USA.

Nick is left alone in the Encino mansion as he recovers from his injuries. The couple got married on December 1, 2018, following both Indian and American rituals.

priyanka nick
Nick Jonas is married to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra.

The couple recently made headlines as they donated over 1 million dollars to Indian covid funds. Moreover, they managed to raise another one million dollars to help India during the time of crisis.

All the money raised will be used to buy ventilators, oxygen support, and relief for the ones in need. However, many people criticized the duo for depending on fans and followers to raise a million dollars.

According to some fans, the couple could have donated all the money by themselves instead of creating a fundraiser as the couple’s combined net worth is over 100 million dollars.

However, the couple has now set a new goal of raising over 3 million dollars after achieving the 1 million target.

Nick Jonas and diabetes

A lot of fans are worried about Jonas’s health as he also fights diabetes. In 2018, the singer opened up about his health condition on his Instagram.

Jonas was diagnosed with Type-I diabetes in 2005, which caused him to lose a lot of weight. It is a no-brainer that he works out regularly and keeps his diet in check nowadays.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas, diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes, wears a glucose monitoring system.

Since the nature of Nick’s injury is not revealed, we hope it has nothing to do with his diabetes diagnosis. Take care, Nick!

What do you think? Is this injury related to his diabetes diagnosis? What could be the reason behind this injury?

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