Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka Sister

Are Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka Sister? Family And Net Worth

People need clarification about whether Mckenna Grace and Kiernan Shipka are sisters due to their facial resemblance.

The similarities between the two actresses have seriously alarmed fans, not just them. The girls themselves have even adopted the joke. In a 2018 tweet, Mckenna posted a picture of herself and Kiernan.

She wrote at the time, “Finally. We are not the same person, not at all. Here is evidence.”

Despite only appearing in one episode of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina throughout the show’s four seasons on Netflix, Mckenna still finds it uncanny how much she resembles her former co-star.

There are undoubtedly many Hollywood clones of The Gifted Actress, but one fan made a valid point. ” Who will inevitably portray the younger versions of you as you get older is the question.”  

Are Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka Sisters? 

No, Mckenna Grace and Kiernan Shipka are not related, but they resemble each other. Even Sabrina Spellman, the younger version of Kiernan’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s character, was portrayed by the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Actress in the program’s first season.

When Kiernan learned they were filming Li’l Sabrina, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recalled in an interview with TheWrap from November 2018 that she texted him a photo of herself with McKenna and instructed him, “You have to get Mckenna.” She and I have a striking resemblance to each other as young girls.

Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka
Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka looks like eachother (Source: distractify)

Then they contacted Mckenna and inquired about her interest in portraying Li’l Sabrina for the Christmas special. It was that simple after she gave her consent.

The Actress reposted the tweet with the caption “Same” after a Twitter user shared a collage of Mckenna as the younger versions of several well-known celebrities with the statement, “I think about this a lot.”

Kiernan Shipka Finds Mckenna Grace Selfless

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kiernan discussed the show’s end and said, “At the end of the day, I think that what it represents is truly a selfless soul, & she sacrifices herself for the greater good, which is very hefty.”

She continued by saying that it emotionally affected her because the conclusion was difficult to accept simply. Kiernan may have left the Netflix series that has become a fan favorite, but she will always play Mckenna’s older sister or the older version of the character.

Since the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did end in December 2020, however, both Kiernan and Mckenna have temporarily left their respective roles.

 Kiernan Shipka Family Details: Who Is Her Sister?

John Young Shipka and Erin Ann Brennan are Kiernan Shipka’s parents. John Young Shipka, Kiernan Shipka’s Father, is a real estate developer by trade.

Erin Ann Brennan is the name of her housewife mother. She has a sister whose name is kept private from the press. Her Father is of English, German, Czech, and Bohemian ancestry. Her mother is of Irish and Italian origin.

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The marital status of Kiernan Shipka is single. Timothée Chalamet and Charlie Oldman are the names of her ex-boyfriends. She is currently in a relationship with actor-turned-director Christian Coppola.

Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka Net Worth Difference In 2024

According to celebritynetworth, Kiernan Shipka’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $4 Million. On the other hand, Mckenna Grace’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million. The net worth difference between Kiernan and Mckenna is $2 Million.

Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka picture
Picture of Mckenna Grace And Kiernan Shipka (Source: Distractify)

When she was a young child, Kiernan Shipka started her career in the entertainment industry. Before her family relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles to support her acting career, she began appearing in print advertisements.

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Shipka made her television debut in a few “Monk” episodes from 2006 as a young child. She additionally made appearances in the television shows “Dimension,” “The Angriest Man in Suburbia,” “Cory in the House,” “MADtv,” “Heroes,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

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