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Meet Julia Ituma Mother Elizabeth Ituma – Parents And Ethnicity

In this article, we introduce you to Julia Ituma mother, Elizabeth Ituma. Likewise, please get to know about the reason for her death.

Julia was a talented Italian volleyball player who died on April 13, 2023,  at 18, after falling from the Vally Hotel in Turkey.

She was a superstar in the globe of volleyball who had made a name for herself in the professional volleyball circuit at a very young age. She was born on October 08, 2004, in Milan, Italy. She began playing volleyball at 11 and played for the Igor Gorgonzola Novar club until her death.

Moreover, she earned gold medals with the Under-19 Italian national team at the European Championship and the European Youth Olympic Festival. Before then, she was a runner-up with the Under-18 team following their 2021 defeat to Russia.

Furthermore, She went to Istanbul, Turkey, for a Champions League semi-final match with AGIL Volley, where She was found dead. According to the sources, she fell from a window on the sixth floor of her hotel room. 

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Meet Julia Ituma Mother Elizabeth Ituma

Julia’s mother is Elizabeth Ituma, a dedicated and caring mother. However, there is nothing known about her. Likewise, Julia had never mentioned anything about her mother, and she wanted to keep things low-key away from the media and the spotlight.

Despite the lack of information about her, there is no question that Julia and her mother had a close relationship, and she has always had her back for her daughter, encouraging and supporting her throughout her career.

Julia Ituma Parents And Ethnicity

As mentioned earlier, Julia was born to her parents, Elizabeth and Mr. Ituma. In addition, there is no information about her parents as they must stay guarded against the controversies.

Although little is known about them, they have been essential to Julia’s career and life. They have always been there for her in any situation and have supported and motivated her in every manner to achieve her goals.

Julia Ituma Mother
Julia Ituma Mother
Source: FIJ NG

Regarding Julia’s ethnicity, her Father is of Nigerian ancestry, whereas her mother belongs to Italian ancestry, meaning she has mixed Italian- Nigeran roots. Moreover, Julia inspired her heritage and has played a significant role in shaping their identity and worldview. 

Despite this, there is no other information about her parents, including their birthdays, educational history, occupation, and photos. If you retain any further, our page will be the first to post it.

Julia Ituma Mother Response To Her Death: How Did She Die?

The death of Julia Ituma has shocked the world of sports. She was found dead outside a hotel in Istanbul after falling from the sixth floor. When the Police pointed out that she had committed suicide, Julia Ituma’s mother denied the assertion.

Julia Ituma A professional Volleyball player Julia Ituma (October 08, 2004 – April 13, 2023). (Source- Italy 24 Press News).

Besides, she said she did not believe her daughter committed suicide. She said Julia was a cheerful and strong girl with a great future ahead. Furthermore, on the night of the incident, hotel cameras saw Juliana walking and talking on the phone between 10:30 and 11.50 pm; however, at 5.30 am, she was found dead.

Her death was a terrible blow to the Italian volleyball community, which had a loss of its brightest young talent. In addition, Julia will be known for her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport; her success on the court was a monument to her devotion and hard work.

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