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Raoul Moat Parents Peter Blake And Josephine Healey: Family Ethnicity

Raoul Moat parents are Josephine Healey and Charles Alexander “Chas” Moat. Peter Blake is not known to be one of his parents.

Raoul Moat was born On June 17, 1973, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Together with his parents and brothers, he grew up in the city. At 16, Moat stopped attending school and began working as a tree surgeon and bouncer. In July 2010, Moat went on a shooting rampage in Northumberland, England, resulting in one death and two injuries.

Resulting that incident, Moat was the center of an extensive search and eluded the Police for several days. He was a major national news story with considerable media attention during this time. In a remote location close to Rothbury, Police discovered Moat on July 10, 2010. He was armed and refused to surrender, which led to an hour-long confrontation with the Police.

Moat ended the standoff by suicide, shooting himself in the head. He was rushed to the hospital immediately. The next day, he passed away in a hospital from his wounds.

The connection between violent crime and mental illness spread a nationwide discussion triggered by Moat’s actions and the media attention that followed them.

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Raoul Moat Parents, Peter Blake And Josephine Healey

Raoul Moat’s parents have remained mainly out of the public eye and have not spoken publicly about their son’s crimes or life.

Raoul Moat Parents
Raoul Moat Parents breaks silence ten years after the massacre to say, ‘He’s not my son (Source: Mirror)

Raoul Moat Parents have not commented on the media attention surrounding their son’s story and have maintained a low profile since he died in 2010.

Charles Alexander “Chas” Moat was Raoul Moat’s Father, and Josephine Healey was his mother. Little is known about their lives, histories, or vocations to the general public.

It is not known if Raoul Moat Parents were still together at the time Moat was born, but they had already broken up by the time Moat was a teenager.

According to various sources, Moat experienced mental health problems at a young age and had a challenging upbringing. He had a rough past and was constantly in and out of jail for offenses like robbery, assault and threatening behavior.

Regarding the ancestry of Raoul Moat Parents, no information is readily available to the general public. But since he was raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, it is most likely that his ancestors were of British or English descent.

Note that ethnicity can refer to various cultural, linguistic, and genealogical roots and is a complicated and varied component of identity.

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The ITV documentary has been slammed by Raoul Moat Parents for bringing up the pain again.

After finding his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and her new boyfriend Chris Brown, 29, more than ten years ago, Moat began his deadly rampage.

Raoul Moat Father
The appearance of PC David Rathband after the incident (source: MyLondon.news)

He discharged a shotgun through a window in Gateshead, killing Chris and hurting Sam.

Then, he shot PC David Rathband twice at close range in Newcastle, leaving him blind. Two years later, PC Rathbrand committed suicide after battling with his infirmity.

ITV decided to publish the documentary regarding the public safety issue the public. The long-lost Father of killer Raoul Moat claims that a new film detailing his murderous rampage will only traumatize his grandkids further.

The new three-part ITV documentary has received criticism from Peter Blake. The 81-year-old is convinced that the episodes, which portray the brutal rampage of former builder and bouncer Moat following his release from prison, would only continue tormenting his grandchildren.

The incident, in which Moat killed one person and injured two others, will be revisited in ITV’s new series, according to the Sun.

The biggest losers in this, according to Peter, are his kids. They were already traumatized then, which will make them even more traumatized. According to Peter Blake, 81, the newest documentary will “re-traumatize” his grandkids.

He claimed, “I have spoken to his kids and told them not to watch. I informed them that it wouldn’t show sympathy for him and would be sensationalized to draw in viewers.” They still reside in Newcastle, and some residents are familiar with them. Raoul’s crimes have already caused them pain, including bullying at school.

“They are innocent, but this has blighted their lives. I’m apprehensive about how this will impact them.”

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