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Meghan Maloof From Drive Hard The Maloof Way: Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

After learning that Meghan Maloof will be a cast member of the new Netflix series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way, fans are wondering how old she is.

American reality television program Drive Hard: The Maloof Way follows the loving family of stunt drivers and gearheads known as The Maloofs. They develop automobile engines and pull off incredible driving feats with their talent and devotion.

The American reality television program Drive Hard: The Maloof Way features racer Meghan Maloof, who has captured viewers’ interest with her appearance.

The story centers on Sammy Maloof, a Hollywood stunt driver, and his daughters as they establish a family tradition of racing and stunt driving.

Who Is Meghan Maloof? Biography Explored

The Maloof Method Meghan Maloof is a qualified professional stunt driver who wants to specialize in performing stunts full-time. 

The young woman is well-known in the racing industry despite her lack of expertise.

She has worked twice as a precision driver and as a stunt rigger for the short Doritos commercial Stubtdobule and the music video for the song I Believe in You by Kacy Hill.

Meghan routinely works with stunt actors and actresses, which is not surprising given her family’s connections in the auto industry.

In the 2014 movie Santa Claws, the young Maloof’s participation was recognized, and Tattooed Love received a similar honor (2015).

Meghan Maloof Age And Family

Some of Meghan’s private information, such as her age and birthdate, has been protected. According to appearance, the stunning Meghan is between the ages of 22 and 26.

The stunt racer is a quiet, reserved person who values solitude and time away from the spotlight and cameras.

Drive Hard: The Maloof Way story of The Maloofs, a lovable family of gearheads and stunt drivers
Drive Hard: The Maloof Way story of The Maloofs, a lovable family of gearheads and stunt drivers (Netflix)

The parents of Meghan Maloof are racing enthusiasts Sammy and Jennifer Maloof.

Sammy owns his engine business and has worked in Hollywood for over 25 years. Sammy Maloof directed action-packed scenes in films like Rush Hour and the Fast & Furious series.

Along with being a stuntwoman, Meghan works as an engineer in her father’s firm.

Meghan and her sister Kaitlyn were already a part of Sammy’s stunt team, and the reality star said she was getting ready to work as a stuntwoman full-time.

Meet Meghan Maloof on her Instagram

One thing Meghan likes more than stunt racing is posting on social media. Meghan wants to publish details of her daily life on her Instagram page. She likes to share her seductive self-portraits, which make her fans swoon.

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Image Source: Instagram

There are numerous photos of Meghan’s cars on her Instagram feed, with her riding in them or turning them into beasts. Meghan is a strong-willed teenager with an unquenchable enthusiasm for vehicles and stunt racing. Meghan likes to be left alone and receives little attention, which fits her nature. Meghan has an estimated net worth of $1 Million or More.

She has just 5.4k followers on Instagram and goes by her username @meghanmaloof.

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