Mickey Broadman gay

Is Mickey Boardman Gay? Gender And Sexuality

The famous Socialite, Fashion Designer, and philanthropist Mickey Boardman describes himself as a rainbow emoji. Is he finally conforming to the ‘Mickey Boardman Gay’ rumors? Read the article to find out.

Mickey Boardman is a famous writer and media personality famously known as the editorial director and active columnist for Paper magazine from 1993 to 2023.

After graduating from Purdue University in 1989 with a degree in Spanish, he moved to New York City to study fashion design at the Parsons School of Design.

The famous writer has also appeared as a fashion guru, lifestyle expert, and cultural commentator on many famous channels such as vh1, CNN, and Fox News. He has been able to name himself as the ‘New York magazine’s most photographed face in New York.

Mickey is not only a talented writer and fashion designer but also well-known for his philanthropy activities.

He has been active in many charitable efforts like Mickey’s Sidewalks sale, doctors Without Borders, and Red Cross earthquake relief. 

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Is Mickey Boardman Gay? What Does He Have To Say About His Sexuality? 

Throughout the years, Mickey Broadman has been able to inspire many people not only with this philanthropy but also with his activism toward gay rights and gender equality.

His strong support for the gay rights movement was one of the key reasons for people to speculate if Mickey Boardman gay rumors were true.

The socialite did not find it important for him to say anything about his sexuality in his initial days of fame.

But recently, he has been very open about his sexuality and does not hesitate to show the world he is a proud gay American. 

Mickey Broadman gay
Mickey Broadman with his friend in Spain. (Source: Instagram)

Even though Mickey is now very comfortable with who he is right now and okay with the ‘Mickey Boardman gay’ headlines surfacing the internet, he opens up in an interview that when he was younger, he would say that he wasn’t at peace when he thought being gay had ruined his life.

I was not at peace but it’s like Glenda in the Wizard of Oz I had the power all along to be at peace I just had to accept myself.

It took a long time for Mickey to finally come to the realization that he had to accept who he was for him to be happy. He finally was able to do that.

He says that once he accepted himself, everything else fell into place, and he finally started finding peace in his life.

Mickey Broadman, in an interview, said,

No matter how rich you are, how successful you are, or how many friends and things you have you will never be happy if you are not being yourself and think that you have something wrong with you.

Mickey Wants People To Remember Him As More Than Just A Gay Person 

Mickey, however, does not want his legacy to be left behind only as a queer person who was once in the fashion business. He wants people to remember him for his work in the fashion industry throughout the years.

He wants people to remember him as a person who was fun to be around, who loved peace, harmony, diversity, and the idea of people coming together positively.

Mickey Boardman Gay
Mickey Broadman has often taken to his platform to advocate for inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance. (Source: Instagram)

When asked about the insecurities that he had as a child, he playfully said that he still has some insecurities that anyone anybody else has, and he sometimes struggles with the feeling that he is not worthy.

But eventually, he reminds himself that he has lived through it all and knows there is no shame in asking for help or needing to redo things.

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