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Katrine Saltara: Chris Copeland, Stabbing & Net Worth

Katrine Saltara is both an executive assistant and a real estate realtor. She has worked for the Madhvani Group as an executive assistant since 2014. Katrine has also worked as a real estate realtor for 3 years.

However, the reason for her popularity is her husband, Chris Copeland. Chris Copeland is a professional American basketball player.

Marrying into fame, Katrine Saltara did not spoil herself with riches.

Katrine Saltara
Katrine Saltara

The American Basketball player, Chris Copeland’s wife, has been involved in charity even before her fame.

Her belief in helping the less fortunate and the underprivileged has been consistent all through these years.

Katrine is actively involved in many charity works and non-profit programs. And, she is really passionate about her charity works and help.

Quick Facts About Katrine Saltara

Here are a few interesting facts about Katrine Saltare for you.

Full Name Katrine Saltara
Date of Birth 1987
Age 36 Years Old
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Place of birth New York, USA
Marital Status Married
Spouse Chris Copeland
Marriage Year 2012
Children No
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
Religion Not Disclosed
Nationality American
Languages she speaks English, Spanish, and Italian
Profession Executive Assistant
Current Office Madhvani Group
School Fashion Industries High School
University John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Major International Criminal Justice and Sociology
Hair Color Black
Eye color Unavailable
Father’s Name  Not disclosed
Mother’s Name Not disclosed
Sibling’s Name Corina Saltara
Horoscope Not disclosed
Net worth $1 million
Salary $150,000
Active Since 2014
Social media Facebook
Chris Copeland’s Merch Basketball card
Last Update May, 2024

Katrine Saltara: Early Life and Parents

Katrine Saltara was born in the busy city of New York in the USA. She is an American belonging to the white ethnicity.

Although nothing much is made public about her family, her sister is well known to the public. She is close to her older sister, Corina Saltara, ever since they were kids.

There is no news about Katrine’s parents or their whereabouts. However, she has a love for fashion and modeling ever since she was a kid. Let’s learn more about her below.

Katrine Saltara: Education

Since Katrine showed a keen interest in fashion and modeling as a kid, her parents enrolled her in Fashion Industries High School.

Katrine graduated from high school with all the basics she needed to know about fashion designing.

This definitely came in handy in her future because she has done a lot of modeling and fashion projects with her sister.

After graduating high school, Katrine attended the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She majored in International Criminal Justice and Sociology by 2011.

Katrine Saltara: Career

So how did a fashion and a law student end up being the executive assistant of a millionaire company like Madhvani group? Let’s trace her steps in her career that led her to the position she is now.

Real Estate

Katrine did not start her professional career with a position in a large company. She started slow. First, she worked as a real estate realtor for 3 years, starting in 2011.

Even as a real estate realtor, she worked other jobs before finally working as the executive assistant in Madhvani Group.

Madhvani Group

After working different jobs for over 3 years alongside her real estate realtor job, Katrine finally landed her current job. Katrine started working for the Madhvani Group in 2014.

Madhvani Group is one of Uganda’s biggest companies, with a presence in Southern Sudan, Tanzania, India, The Middle East, Rwanda, and North America.

Famous as the sugar millionaire in the industry, the Madhvani group also has many other operation fields.

Their involvement includes Insurance, Electricity, Tea, Sugar, Communication, Horticulture, Hotels and Resorts, and Software.

Also, the Madhvani group is known for its charitable trust and its charitable events. Since Katrine always had a soft spot and a firm belief in helping the less fortunate, she was drawn to the company.

Katrine Saltara: Relationship and Marriage

Katrine has achieved a lot for herself at a young age. However, the reason for her popularity is her relationship with veteran American Basketball player Chris Copeland.

Her Facebook status stated that she and Chris started dating in 2012. However, there are speculations that they have been together since college.

Chris Copeland and Katrine Saltara
Chris Copeland and Katrine Saltara

The couple is currently happily married. They maintained a long-term relationship before finally tying the knot.

Although the couple is popular among Chris Copeland’s fans, their relationship is not open to the media. Neither Katrine nor Chris talks about their relationship in front of the media.

Despite their lack of appearances together in front of the media, they seem to be happy together.

Chris Copeland

Chris Copeland is a professional American basketball player. He is known as “The X-Factor” for his playing skills. Born in 1984 on March 17, Chris has been interested in playing ball since he was a kid.

From the years of 2002 to 2006, Chris played basketball for the University of Colorado. He didn’t make it into the NBA right after college.

However, he signed with Fort Worth Flyers of the NBA Development League.

His career skyrocketed after playing for the Knicks. Copeland became known as The X-Factor for scoring 33 focuses in a game against Atlanta Hawks for the Knicks.

Chris played for D-League and Europe during the years 2006-2012. He left Alstar in Europe and came back to play for the New York Knicks in 2013. It was short-lived but a great year for Chris Copeland.

chris copeland playing for the Indiana Pacers
Chris Copeland playing for the Indiana Pacers

He joined the Indiana Pacers in 2013 after the Knicks weren’t willing to offer him a raise per demand.

After a loss with 12 rebounds and 19 points, Chris left the Pacers. He returned to Europe after playing for the Bucks for a year in 2016.

After playing for 2 years, on January 29, 2018, Chris left Andorra. He played six games in Europe with Andorra and 21 games in the BSL season.

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Chris Copeland: Acheivements

Chris is not called “The X-Factor” for no reason. He had achieved many feats in his professional life before he took a break.

While playing for the Dutch Leafe and in Europe, he earned the title of Belgian League MVP and was called the Star of the Coaches Honors. He also won the Belgian Cup in 2012.


Chris also earned the title of the German League Top Scorer in the year 2010.

In 2008, Copeland won Dutch League All-Star. These were some of the highlights of Christopher Copeland’s professional basketball career.

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Chris Copeland and Katrine New York Stabbing

Why is Chris, one of the most promising and loved basketball players, not playing now? You must be curious about this reason.

Well, Chris and his wife, Katrine, were a part of a traumatic incident in New York City. While leaving a well-known club in New York City early in the morning, a tragic incident left Chris traumatized.

As Katrine and Chris were arguing outside a club in New York City, a 22-year-old Sharoy Blery Murdock showed up out of nowhere. The guy stabbed both Katrine and Chris Copeland.

Katrine Saltare was injured in the breast, bottom, and arm as the guy plunged the knife at her. The assailant first cut her husband in the mid-region and elbow before attacking Katrine.

Everyone present in the incident, including two other players of the Atlanta Hawks and Katrine and Chris, along with the assailant, was arrested by the New York police department.

Recovery from the Trauma

Both Chris and Katrine were injured during the attack in New York. Very less is known about how Kristine dealt with the trauma of the incident.

However, Chris recently talked about the incident in an interview.

In a recent interview talking about his plans, Chris revealed that he had no fixed plans on returning to the gaming fields.

Because of the trauma he faced in New York City; he was left traumatized. And it was one of the reasons for him to take a break from basketball.

Chris talked about wanting to find a different path. One he had dreamt of before becoming an athlete. So, Chris hinted that he wanted to be a businessman.

Katrine Saltara: Modeling

Saltara has shown her interest in fashion and modeling since she was a kid. Also, she graduated from a fashion school in high school.

Her experience and knowledge of fashion and modeling definitely came in handy later in her life.


She tried modeling with her sister, Corina Saltara, a while back. Corina has been a major influence on Katrine for her interest in modeling and fashion.

The Saltara sisters had a fun and sexy photoshoot in Las Vegas in 2011.

Katrine Saltara: Net Worth and Income

Since she is the executive assistant of the Madhvani group, it is not that surprising, and she is living in great comfort with a bright future ahead.

Katrine Saltara has a net worth of $1 million.

As for her income, she has not shared details about her salary with the media. However, her job status and the company’s reputation have made us speculate about her salary.

Katrine Saltara is estimated to be earning a salary of $150,000.

As a professional American football player, it is no surprise that Chris Copeland has a higher net worth than his wife.

Chris Copeland’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Also, his successful career in sports and sponsors, his annual salary is around $1 million. Apart from this, they also have properties valued in millions. So, we can say that they are living in luxury.

Katrine Saltara: Social Media

Katrine Saltara has not been in the public eye much. Apart from her appearance with her sports celeb husband, Chris, she likes to stay away from the limelight.

Chris and her fans are still searching to know more about her as she is not very active on any social media.

On the other hand, Chris Copeland is active on Instagram with over 30k followers.

Katrine does have a Facebook account. However, she hasn’t been active in a long time.

As for other social media for fans to reach out to her, she does not have a Twitter or an Instagram account.

Although this is disappointing to her fans, let us hope she has a great life.


What is Katrine Saltara’s net worth?

Katrine Saltara has a net worth of $1 million.

What is Chris Copeland’s net worth?

Chris Copeland’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Who stabbed Chris and Katrine in New York?

Shevoy Bleary Murdock, a man in his twenties, stabbed the player and his wife outside a club in New York City.

Which team is Chris Copeland currently playing for?

Chris Copeland is not playing basketball professionally currently for the time being.

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