Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson: Rape Charge, Divorce, Kids & Net Worth

Mike Tyson is a retired American professional boxer considered one of the greatest and most dominating world heavyweight boxers of all time.

Further, he holds the record for being the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at just 20 years old. Similarly, he was the undisputed world champion from 1987 to 1990.

Likewise, he was the first boxer to hold WBA, WBC, and IBF titles concurrently. Not to mention, he is also the only heavyweight to unify these titles.

Healthy body
Iron Mike’s current ripped physique.

However, his life was never always filled with victory. As a kid, he had a criminal record and went to a juvenile prison where he learned to box.

Following his return from jail, he was taken under the wings of former boxer and trainer, Cus D’Amato who eventually became his mentor.

Besides that, he retired in 2005 after a devastating loss to Kevin McBride. However, after fifteen-year, he came out of retirement to fight Roy Jones Jr, which ended in a draw.

Quick Facts

Full Name Michael Gerard Tyson
Birth Date June 30, 1966
Birth Place New York City, USA
Nick Name Iron Mike, Kid Dynamite, and The Baddest Man on the Planet
Religion Muslim
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American-Jamaican
Alma Mater Tryon School
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Jimmy Kirkpatrick
Mother’s Name Loran Smith
Siblings Three
Age [calculate_years datestring=”06/30/1966″] years old
Height 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Hair Color/ Style  Natural Black/ Bald
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Tattoos Six
Sports Boxing
Total Fight 58
Profession Boxer
Boxing Record 58:50:6
Active Years 1985 to 2005
Marital Status Married
Wife Lakiha Spicer
Kids Eight
Net Worth $3 Million
Social Media Instagram, YouTube, Twitter
Merch Singed Glove, Signed Trunk, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Mike Tyson: Early Life, Family, and Education

Mike Tyson was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York City, USA. His mother is Loran Mae Smith, and his father is Jimmy Kirkpatrick, who happened to be his stepfather.

Purcell Tyson is Tyson’s biological father, who was from Jamaica. However, the boxer never had the chance to spend time with both his fathers.

Nonetheless, he has an older brother and sister named Rodney and Denise Tyson.

Similarly, he also has a half-brother from Kirkpatrick, whose name is Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick.

Mike at 14 years old
Young Mike alongside his mentor Cus D’Amato.

The Tyson family lived in a neighborhood that was known to have a high rate of crime. Thus, being a rebellious kid, the boxer was also involved in various crimes.

As a result, by the time he was 13 years old, he had already been arrested 38 times and ended up at a juvenile prison called Tyron School for boys.

Furthermore, the detention center counselor of the juvenile prison discovered Tyson’s boxing ability. Therefore, he trained Mike before handing him to Cus D’Amato.

D’Amato was a boxing manager and trainer who became Tyson’s legal guardian once his mother passed away when he was 16.

Further, D’Amato trained Iron Mike under Kevin Rooney, a former American boxer and trainer.

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Mike Tyson: Boxing Career

Amature Carrer

At the age of 15, he was selected for his first Junior Olympics in 1981. The young boxer made a name for himself as he qualified for his first Olympics finals.

Upon finals, he faced his fellow countrymate, Joe Cortez, to win his first gold medal. Likewise, he repeated the gold medal in the 1982 Junior Olympics.

Further, he faced Kelton Brown in the finals of that event. Naturally, he had a height disadvantage over his opponent’s 6 feet 2 inches height.

Nonetheless, nothing stopped Kid Dynamite from dominating and winning the first round. Following his victory, he set a vision to represent his country in the 1984 Olympics.

However, his dream was shattered when Henry Tillman beat him for the 1984 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team spot. After this loss, he turned professional at just the age of 18.

Professional Carrer

Debut, Rise To Megastardom, and Undisputed Champion

Tyson made his professional debut on March 6, 1985, against Hector Mercedes. At just the age of 18, he cruised to his first professional victory with a first-round knockout.

Instantly, he went on, winning 27 matches to face Trevor Berbick for the WBC heavyweight title.

Further, he won the match to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history at just 20 years and 4 months old.

Three titles
Tyson, after simultaneously winning the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles.

Likewise, he adds the WBA and IBF heavyweight title next year after defeating James Smith and Tony Tucker in a title match.

Moreover, in 1990, Tyson became an undisputed champion after winning the Ring heavyweight champion from Michael Spinks.

Title Loss, Rape Charge, and Upsets

However, the undisputed champion’s title victory would be short-lived as he lost a match to Buster Douglas after successfully retaining his titles twice.

Soon after cruising to a four-game win streak, he was convicted of raping 18-year-old Desiree Washington. Eventually, he was sentenced to six years in jail.

Nonetheless, he came out after serving less than three years in jail. Further, he again continued to compete and win boxing matches.

Likewise, after a year, he won the WBC title for the second time, and within seven months, he also won the WBA title.

Two months after winning the WBA title, he lost it to Evander Holyfield in a very intense match. However, he got his rematch after seven months but was disqualified for biting.

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Retirement, Downfall, and Comeback

After the disappointing back-to-back loss, he hung around to land another match for WBC, IBF, IBO, and The Ring heavyweight title on June 8, 2002.

However, he lost the match to Lennox Lewis in the eighth round via Knockout. Further, this marked his 4th career loss out of 53 fights.

He fought three more matches where he lost the last two, after which he decided to retire from competitive boxing.

The former undisputed boxer’s life went a downfall after his retirement. He got addicted to drugs and faced legal problems after drug possession and driving under the influence.

Not to mention, he was also in some heavy debt. As a result, he began to compete in some exhibitions bout to help pay off his debt.

Nonetheless, the fans received the bout poorly, and eventually, Tyson canceled the tour.

After 15 years of retirement, he came back to action by signing a contract to face Roy Jones Jr that went on for full 8 rounds and ended up in a split draw.

Mike Tyson: Workout Routine

The career he has built over the years is not just the result of his skill and ambition, but his constant practice and hard work behind all this.

Tyson works out seven days a week with a strict workout routine. Tyson’s workout routine includes 2000 situps, 800 dips, 500 press-ups, and 500 shrugs with a 30kg barbell.

Mikes’ diet consists of high-protein meals, giving him enough energy to assist his 8-10 hour training session. 

The result of all the effort put to date has been shown in a snippet in his knockouts highlights

Mike Tyson: Movies and Documentary

Mike Tyson had also acted in movies such as Tyson, Ip Man 3, The Hangover II, Ip Man, Rocky Balboa, Kickboxer Retaliation, and many more.

The amazing career he has created to date has led to his work being recognized and respected in terms of documentaries as well. “Mike Tyson: Baddest Man on The Planet” is the documentary released dedicated to his work, released in March 2021.

Mike Tyson: Marriage and Kids

Robin Givens

Mike Tyson has been married three times, out of which his first wife was Robin Givens. Tyson and Robin started dating once Givens stopped seeing Michael Jordan in 1987.

Further, she is an American model and actress who has worked in the Head of the Class sitcom as Darlene Merriman.

Likewise, they started dating in 1987 and tied knots on February 7, 1988.

However, news broke out that the couple’s marriage wasn’t a smooth road. Givens claims Tyson was physically abusive and had a violent temper before the wedding.

Similarly, their wedding started to fall once they went through a miscarriage in June 1988. After three months, actress Givens filed for divorce, citing spousal abuse.

Following the divorce filed, the court granted a temporary restraining order. Iron Mike also filed for annulment, accusing her of manipulating the public and stealing money from him.

Givens countered by filing for defamation worth $125 million. Nonetheless, after four months on Valentine’s Day of 1989, the court finalized their divorce.

Moreover, following her split with Tyson, she received negative reviews from the public and media. Several media headlined her to be “the Most Hated Woman in America.”

Furthermore, people claimed her to be a gold digger who married solely for her ex-husband’s money.

Nevertheless, she denied receiving a divorce settlement of over $10 million from Tyson.

Monica Turner

After eight years of divorcing actress Givens, he married his second wife, Monica Turner.

The couple met at a party thrown by Eddie Murphy and instantly became good friends.

Further, Monica is a professional pediatrician who worked at Georgetown University Medical Center. Much after the boxer’s divorce, they started getting close to each other.

Moreover, the couple had started dating before the former boxer was convicted and sentenced to jail for rape.

Regardless, she kept in touch with him by visiting the prison every two weeks. Following his release, they had a small Muslim wedding ceremony on April 19, 1997.

However, their marriage didn’t last long as she filed for divorce, citing adultery after four years of marriage. Likewise, the court finalized their divorce on January 14, 2003.

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Lakiha Spicer

The retired boxing legend married their third wife, Lakiha Spicer, in 2009.

Further, Lakhia, also known as Kiki, met her future husband through a promoter after his fights.

Likewise, they had been keeping in touch with one another ever since. They first started dating when she was 23 but soon headed their ways.

Nonetheless, they had an on-and-off relationship for many years. Hence, following Iron Mike’s second divorce, they again started dating each other.

Lakiha Spicer
Mike Tyson with his current wife, Lakiha Spicer.

In doing so, Kiki was carrying Tyson’s first child in 2008 when she was sentenced to prison for six months. Further, she was jailed for defrauding £60 thousand from a company.

During this period, the former heavyweight champion started abusing drugs. Eventually, after Spicer’s release, she managed to sever him out of drug addiction.

The couple then decided to tie knots in a private ceremony at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. Ever since then, their marriage has held strong.


The former world heavyweight champion is a father of eight children.

Even though he is known to be the worst man on the planet, he is a very responsible and caring father.

Mikey Lorna Tyson is his eldest child who was born to Tyson’s ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Scarborough.

Despite Tyson and Kimberly never getting married, he remained close to his eldest daughter.

Further, Mikey was born in 1990 and is a plus-size model for Queen magazine. Likewise, he had two children from his second marriage, Rayna and Amir Tyson.

On February 14, 1996, Rayna was born, an actress who starred in movies like Joker and The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson.

Similarly, Amir was born on August 5, 1997, and is the CEO of an apparel brand named Debonair Attire

Furthermore, during the early 2000s, the father of eight had an affair with Sol Xochitl and had two children. Xochitl named the elder son Miguel and is a musician.

They also had a daughter named Exodus, who unfortunately passed away when she was just 4 years old. Nonetheless, Miguel is quite close to his biological father.

Finally, the heavyweight boxer has two more children with his current wife. They are Milan, the elder sister, and Morocco, the younger brother.

Currently, Milan is training to be a professional tennis player with Serena Williams.

Mike Tyson: Net Worth and Salary

The former heavyweight champion has built an enormous wealth throughout his boxing career.

Back in his prime, he accumulated over $300 million as his net worth.

Currently Tyson’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

Furthermore, he lives in a lavish mansion that had 21-bedroom and 24-bathroom. Likewise, the mansion also has an on-site casino and a nightclub.

On top of that, he has purchased estates in Maryland, Las Vegas, and Ohio. Not to mention, he also has multiple considerable car collections.

Further, some of those car collections include Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz 500, and a 1995 Rolls Royce.

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Mike Tyson: Social Media Presence

The Baddest Man on the Planet is also active on various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Further, he has over 14.7 million followers on his verified Instagram handle. He loves sharing pictures and videos of him training and maintaining his physique.

Instagram Post
Tyson’s Instagram post of him working out.

He also promotes his merch, energy drink, and podcast through his Instagram stories and post. Likewise, he has over 5.6 million followers on Twitter.

He uses this platform to share boxing-related news. All in all, he loves sharing his day-to-day life on social media with his fans.

He also has a YouTube Channel.


Did Mike Tyson have a tiger?

Yes, the undisputed heavyweight champion had a tiger as a pet. He has had three Bengal tigers over the year.

What house does Mike Tyson live in?

Tyson lives in his mansion in the Seven Hills gated golf-course community in the Henderson suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who is Mike Tyson’s next fight?

Although there hasn’t been any confirmation, rumors speculate that Tyson might go against Jake Paul in later 2022.


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