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Ryan Garcia: Boxer, TikTok, Controversies & Net Worth

Starting from the bottom and making it to the top, Ryan Garcia is an American Professional Boxer. He is competing in the Super Featherweight and Light Weight Divisions.

Ryan Garcia made his debut against Edgar Mezza by winning the Knockout match. The fans call him ‘The Flash.’ He has brought 14 titles home for the USA.

Ryan Garcia
                                                                   Ryan Garcia in frame

Known for never losing a match since 2016, Ryan Garcia is working under Golden Boy Promotions.

Garcia is one of the finest boxers and holds the title for WBO-NABO and WBC Silver Lightweight.  The Ring magazine has called him the third-best Lightweight Boxer in the world.

Quick Facts

You must be interested in knowing these quick and interesting facts about Ryan Garcia.

Full name Ryan Garcia
Date of birth August 8, 1998
Age [calculate_years datestring=”08/08/1998″] years old
Birthplace Victorville, California, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Alma Mater Not Available
Father’s name Henry Garcia
Mother’s name Lisa Garcia
Zodiac sign Leo 
Height 5 feet and 9 inches/ 1.75m/ 175 cm
Weight 58 kg/ 128 lbs
Ex-Girlfriend(s) Catherine Gamez
Child(ren)  One daughter; Rylie Garcia
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Black
Net Worth $10 million
Siblings Four
Titles Fourteen
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Boxer
Company Golden Boy Promotions
Nickname Strasburg
Salary $100 thousand
Social Media  Instagram, Tiktok
Merch Signed Glove, Poster

Ryan Garcia: Early Life and Family


Ryan Garcia was born on August 8th of 1998, in a small town in California called Victorville. Even though Garcia is American, his parents are Mexican.

His father’s name is Henry Garcia, who once wanted to be a professional boxer but could not succeed and now is a USA Amateur boxing official. His mother’s name is Lisa Garcia, she is an administrative consultant for different events.

Ryan has four siblings. He has three sisters: Demi Garcia, Sasha Garcia, and Kayla Garcia. He has one brother named Sean Garcia, who is also a professional boxer.

His brother Sean competes in the Super Bantamweight division, and Ryan is trying to create a good Boxing background for him.

Early years

Ryan Garcia was introduced into the boxing world from a very young age. His uncle Sergio Garcia was a professional boxer too.

Even though his father dreamt of being a professional boxer but when he could not be one, he settled for being a trainer. Henry started training his son Ryan and Sean from the young age of 7.

Both parents supported both brothers in pursuing their boxing careers. Their father trained them with great enthusiasm and with a spirit that won’t quit.

It is unsure when Ryan graduated from high school or even went to high school, but his mother once claimed that he had finished his high school education.

Ryan lives with his parents and is very proud of their Mexican heritage. He carries both a Mexican and American flag with him into the ring.

This has confused fans, but he says that he is a Mexican born in America and likes to show off the culture that he grew up with.


Ryan Garcia: Physical Appearance

Garcia is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, and he weighs about 58 kg. He has dark brown hair and black-colored eyes.

Living that California life, he has a tanned skin complexion and has a muscular body. He follows a strict diet regimen as he is careful about his health. His body measurements are unknown.

Ryan is known for his good looks and has a great younger generation following based on his looks.

Ryan Garcia: Personal Life

Ex-girlfriend and Daughter.

Ryan had a long-term relationship with Catherine Gamez. They dated for three years before breaking up. She is a Latina in terms of ethnicity.

Unfortunately, their relationship was highly private, and there seem to be no photos of Catherine Gamez. However, they do have a daughter from the relationship.

Ryan and Catherine are young but proud parents of their daughter, Riley Gomez. Riley Gomez was welcomed into the world in March of 2019.

Riley is just two years old, but Ryan has a loving and good relationship with his daughter. He has to travel and is occupied because of his career but has hired a nanny for Riley.


Ryan never fails to be the best dad for Riley, and he is seen doing all kinds of activities with her. He takes Riley to the parks and gardens and gives her baths, and tucks her in bed. This daddy-daughter duo is too cute to miss out on.

Current Relationship Status

Ryan Garcia is currently romantically involved with Andrea Celina who is a model by profession. Although we have no definite evidence, the couple has officially tied the knot.

It seems they love spending time with each other and are often seen in each other’s social media posts. Ryan and Andrea are often seen showing affection to each other at parties.

Ryan Garcia with Drea Celina
                                   Ryan Garcia with Drea Celina.

Celina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 5th of December 2020 and named her Bela Celina Garcia. Both the sisters, Rylie and Bela are seen on their parents’ Instagrams having fun and being cheerful.


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A post shared by Drea Célina (@dreacelina)


In a recent interview, Ryan Garcia also announced that he has a crush on Pop artist Selena Gomez and would love to take her out on a date.


Ryan Garcia: Professional Career

Ryan had started training with his father in 2006, but he still had a long way to go as he was only just a child. After years of training with his father, he finally got his first debut.

In the beginning, Ryan has a record of 215-15 in boxing. He made his big debut on the ring against Edgar Meza on 9th June 2016 in Tijuana, California. Ryan won the match by TKO.

In 2016 Ryan Garcia signed a contract with Golden Boy Promotion for five years. Ryan fought seven more matches in the same year and won all of them.

Some of these matches were against Luiz Lozano, Christian Jesus Cruz, Mario Aguirre, and Jonathan Cruz.

One of the biggest names that Ryan fought against was Romero Duno. The match was announced on 18th September 2019. Ryan defeated Romero with a first-round knockout and took home the title of WBC Silver Lightweight.

Garcias fought against Fonseca on the 14th of February 2020. He knocked out Fonseca with seven punches and eventually knocked him out with a lead left hook.

Ryan has also faced opponents such as Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell. The match took place on January 2nd of this year. He defeated Campbell with a left hook on round seven.


Ryan has earned titles such as WBC-NABF Junior Super Featherweight, WBC-NABF, WBC-NABO Super Featherweight by his first year as a professional boxer.

Recently he has won titles such as WBO-NABO, WBC Silver Lightweight, and WBC Interim Lightweight.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Unlike 22-year-olds who are working a day job while living in their college dorms, Ryan has already made a fortune for himself.

His professional boxing career is a big part of his earnings, but he also earns from his brand deals and product endorsements.

Currently he has a net worth of $10 million and a banging salary of $100 thousand.

He has a taste for a luxurious life and spends lavishly on his lifestyle. Ryan also loves spending his bucks on luxury vehicles.

He owns a Porshe GTs worth about $15k, and he reportedly bought it after defeating Braulio Rodriguez.

Ryan also owns a red-colored Ferrari, which he is not shy to show off. He also has an Audi RS seven and also has a white Lamborghini.



Ryan has amassed such great wealth in a very short amount of time. He has earnings from his Instagram posts as well as TikTok.

He charges somewhere from 250 thousand dollars for a single match.


Ryan Garcia: Rumors

Cheating Scandal

In 2019, news broke that Ryan was cheating on his then-pregnant girlfriend, Catherine Gamez. He was reportedly seen kissing a girl outside a restaurant, and it was found that the girl was Malu Trevejo.

Malu is a social media influencer with a massive following of 8 million followers. Trevejo claimed that she had no idea that he had a baby on the way and just thought he was a nice guy.

Ryan Garcia then came out and admitted he had a girlfriend, Andrea Celina. Yet, the fans slammed him for this behavior, calling him names like ‘douchebag’ and ‘jerk

$700 Million Deal

According to Oscar De La Hoya, Ryan Garcia deserves a 700 million dollar deal, which is twice the amount Canelo Alvarez got, the world’s current best boxer.

De La Hoya claims that he wants to make Garcia the biggest boxing star and get him a 700 million dollar deal to win the world title. But everyone thinks it’s a big risk to invest in Ryan Garcia since he only started in 2016.

Ryan Garcia: Social Media

Garcia is no beginner when it comes to the social media game. Everywhere you look, he has a massive following on every platform.


In his Instagram, he has shared his entire journey from his daughter Riley’s birth to the separation from her baby mama Catherine. He posts about his current girlfriend, Andrea Celina.

Among his social media, he has the biggest following on Instagram with over 8.7 million followers. He has posed with many famous YouTubers, such as Faze Rug and the Paul Brothers.


Like many kids in California, Ryan is also very famous on Tiktok. He has over 5 million followers and over 56 million likes on his Tiktok.

He has collaborated with Tiktoker stars such as Charli Damelio, Dixie Damelio, and Noah Beck. Ryan makes Tiktoks about his lifestyle and travels. He also makes cute Tiktoks with his daughter.

Ryan also has a Twitter account, but he is not very active and has recently deactivated his account.

What to look forward to in 2022.

The most anticipated and wished fight has to be between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, nicknamed “Tank Davis”. Supposedly taking place in early 2022, the match is counted as one of the big matches. 

Spectators also wished to see Garcia going up against Manny Pacquiao, however, the match, unfortunately, did not take place. Garcia expressed his disappointment regarding the cancellation of this dream match and said would focus on his next match.

Garcia’s next confirmed match is set against Emmanuel Tagoe on the 9th of April. It looks like Garcia is making a comeback after his hiatus to “manage my health and wellbeing” as mentioned by Garcia himself.


Is Ryan Garcia in a relationship?

Yes, he is romantically involved with Andrea Celina.

Does Ryan speak the Spanish language?

Ryan does not speak Spanish.

How much does Ryan make for each fight?

Ryan pockets somewhere along 250 thousand dollars per fight.

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