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Mor Toledano: Shapiro, Husband & Net Worth

Mor Toledano is a medical practitioner who was born in Israel.

Furthermore, she leads a secluded life and is best known for being Ben Shapiro’s wife.

In addition to being a celebrity wife, Mor Toledano has built a name for herself in the medical field.

Mor Toledano
Mor Toledano is famously known as the wife of Ben Shapiro’s wife

This article discusses their body measurements, personal life, career, husband, education, social media, and net worth of Mor Toledano. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Mor Toledano: 

Full Name Mor Shapiro 
Birth Date 1988
Place of Origin Herzliya, Israel 
Current location Sacramento, California, United States of America
Nationality American 
Religion Jewish 
Hobbies Not Available
Education University of Los Angeles (UCLA) 
Zodiac Sign Not Available
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”1988″] years old
Height 5’4″ (1.63 m) 
Reach Not Available
Weight 62 kilograms (136 pounds) 
Eye Color Blue 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Profession Medical Practioner 
Relationship  Ben Shapiro (husband) 
Children Leeya Eliana Shapiro and one son 
Net Worth  $20 million (husband) and $500K 
Social Media Not Available
Merch Not Available
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Mor Toledano: Age, Zodiac, Height, and Weight

Mor, who is currently [calculate_years datestring=”1988″] years old, stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. She also has a fit body and a bodyweight of roughly 62 kg.

Mor Toledano’s zodiac sign is also unavailable because her birthdate is unknown. On the other hand, Ben’s wife has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Mor Toledano: Personal Life 

Mor Toledano changed his name to Mor Shapiro after marrying prominent political pundits and author Ben Shapiro.

She was also born in Herzliya, Israel, around 1988. 

However, the details about Mor’s parents or siblings are not known to the public. Likewise,  how she spent her childhood is not available. 

Her parents and Mor moved to the United States of America when she was just a child. They moved to Sacramento, California, to be specific. 

According to various sources, she was just 12 years old.

Mor Tolenado was reared in the United States despite being born in Israel.

Furthermore, Tolendo’s nationality is American. The [calculate_years datestring=”1988″] years old obtained her citizenship after arriving in the country.

In addition, she is of Moroccan ancestry.

Religious Woman

Mor Toledano has never dated a man who is not Jewish. She is a deeply religious woman who was raised in the Jewish faith.

Furthermore, she is a devout Jew who’s never practiced outside of her faith.

In addition, Mor also used to be a teacher. She taught Judaica and Hebrew at the University Synagogue Sunday School. 

The University is located in Los Angeles.

As a child, she wished to marry somebody who was also Jewish.

Mor also desired a spouse who shared her values and practices. Moreover, being an Orthodox Jew is a way of life and has a set of beliefs.


Ben and his bride Mor Tolenado were acquainted through his younger sister Abigail. In Acre, Israel, the couple married in a traditional Jewish wedding reception in 2008.

However, it is unclear how long they dated before becoming engaged in 2007.

Furthermore, Ben and Mor have two children together: Leeya Eliana Shapiro, their first child, born in 2014.

Likewise, the Shapiro’s second child, a son, was born in 2016.

Who is the husband of Mor Toledano: Ben Shapiro? 

Ben Shapiro is a political pundit, public speaker, author, and lawyer from the United States.

Furthermore, he is a staunch advocate of conservatism. His advocacy is also known as “right-wing” politics.

He, too, is a well-known journalist who became a widely recognized columnist at 17.

Despite being born into a Jewish home, Shapiro thrived in academics even as a child.

Husband of Mor Toledano Ben Shapiro.
Husband of Mor Toledano: Ben Shapiro.

Furthermore, Ben Shapiro has received numerous academic accolades. One of his awards includes the prestigious ‘Phi Beta Kappa.’

Ben Shapiro is a very educated person and holds degrees in two subjects: law and political science. He also ran his own legal consulting practice.

Shapiro has been passionate about politics since he was a child.

In addition, he has contributed to various websites, including ‘’ and ‘WorldNet’

Furthermore, in his 20, Shapiro wrote his first book, ‘Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth.’

Moreover, Shapiro has consistently endorsed conservatism while opposing leftist viewpoints in his books and articles.

Mor Toledano: Education and Career

Mrs. Shapiro was fascinated by the mind-body connection. Hence, she decides to major in psychobiology as an undergraduate.

As a result, Toledano enrolled at The University of Los Angeles (UCLA). Subsequently, she eventually received her MD from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

Having graduated, she spent two years at UCLA. Furthermore, at UCLA, she was conducting various biological research.

Mor is also utilizing fMRI to analyze the influence of hardship in childhood.

She subsequently enrolled in UCLA’s School of Medicine. Furthermore, the college is also known as the David Geffen School of Medicine.

Moreover, Mor Toledano went to college to obtain her MD.

The American-born also served as a Clinical Skills Trainer while attending medical school. Furthermore, Mor Toledano works as a medical practitioner.

Furthermore, she is a resident MD in the Family Medicine Residency Program. Mor Tolenado works at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital.

Mor’s areas of expertise include women’s health, mental health counseling, and residency education.

In addition, she started the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium, which is now an annual event.

The [calculate_years datestring=”1988″] years old is also an avid supporter of bioethics.

Mor Toledano: Social Media 

The [calculate_years datestring=”1988″] years old is not available on any social media platforms. 

Furthermore, the medical practitioner likes to live a very private life. 

Mor Toledano: Net Worth 

Mor Tolenado’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. Furthermore, her primary source of income has been her medical revenue.

She is presently very concentrated on her profession and earns a healthy salary. In addition, her annual salary is roughly $294,000 each year.

Mor Toledano with her husband Ben Shappiro.
Mor Toledano with her husband, Ben Shapiro posing for a photo.

On the other side, Ben Shapiro, a political pundit, TV host, and lawyer has amassed a substantial fortune via his work.

Ben Shapiro reportedly has a net worth of $20 million.


Mor and Ben live a wealthy lifestyle, and Ben recently purchased a Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Mor and Ben reside in a 5,000-square-foot property. In addition, the couple paid approximately $7 million for their home.

Furthermore, the $7 million home contains a tennis court, seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a wine cellar.

Moreover, the house also includes; a party area and a game room. In addition, Shapiro’s also has a Home Theater for entertainment purposes.

Mor Toledano: Controversies

Mor and Ben’s one-year-old daughter Leeya Eliana was diagnosed with an atrial septal defect in 2015. 

Mor’s husband, an influential right-wing politician, drew the family into a bitter feud long after the tragic event.

In addition, Ben had a debate with Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night show host.

The [calculate_years datestring=”01/15/1984″] years old discussed health insurance coverage for pre-existing diseases with Jimmy.

Furthermore, Jimmy Kimmel was opposed to the Republican healthcare package. The health package was intended to replace Obamacare.

Ben challenged Kimmel for promoting Obamacare and linking it to government funding.

Ben also challenged Kimmel for using a painful personal narrative to advocate for public policy.

Kimmel claimed that Sapiro’s daughter received excellent healthcare coverage. Moreover, stating that Ben and Mor were both covered.

Moreover, Jimmy suggested that doctors should not accept their requests. 

The feud raged on for months, with Ben offering to debate Kimmel on the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What surgery did Mor and Ben’s daughter have? 

The couple’s daughter Leeya Eliana Shapiro had open-heart surgery for her Atrial Septal Defect (ASD).

Where is Mor Toledano employed right now? 

More is currently employed at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana, California.

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