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Mr Beast Parents Stephen Donaldson And Mrs. Donaldson: His Religion Family And Net Worth

MrBeast is the son of Sue Donaldson and Stephen Donaldson. While his mother is the chief compliance officer, his stepdad is an operations manager at his company. On the other hand, MrBeast’s biological father, Tracy, flies under the radar.

Jimmy Donaldson, best known as MrBeast, is a YouTube megastar based in America. His primary channel MrBeast is the fifth-most-subscribed channel on the platform. He has two more channels, namely MrBeast Shorts and Beast Reacts Boast.

The combined subscriber count (technically) makes MrBeast the most-subscribed US-based YouTube creator. YouTube’s most prominent philanthropist has gained insane fame and fortune in his career.

Did you know when Jimmy dropped out of East Carolina University and decided to become a full-time YouTuber, his mother made him move out of the family house? So who are MrBeast’s parents? 

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MrBeast Family And Religion

MrBeast was born on 7 May 1998 in Kansas. He is the son of Sue Donaldson and Stephen Donaldson, who grew up with his elder brother Charles “C. J.” Donaldson in Greenville, North Carolina. The Donaldson brothers don’t seem to have much age difference.

Sue Donaldson and Stephen Donaldson are MrBeast’s parents. (Source: YouTube)

The YouTube star’s elder sibling is also a content creator on YouTube. His channel name is MyBro, and he has 4.23 million subscribers. Charles quit his job at Walmart to become YouTuber in August 2019. He is also creative and has a loyal fan base.

The philanthropist and his family share a close-knit bond. They have appeared in his videos several times. For instance, Sue appeared in Giving My Mom $100,000 (Proudest Day of My Life).

Likewise, Tracy (his stepdad) got a new car in a video where the YouTuber bought an expensive vehicle using only $1 coins.

MrBeast’s parents got divorced when he was young. Thus, the star is not in contact with his biological dad. In addition, the media has not gotten any sight of Stephen.

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MrBeast Mother Used To Serve In The Military

Jimmy Donaldson had his fair share of struggles when he was a child. While his current life is extraordinary, he came from a humble background. In an interview, the talented personality revealed that his mom was in the military.

Due to this, they used to move a lot from one state to another. He added she raised him and his brother alone. MrBeast’s mother is MrBeast LLC’s chief compliance officer who handles the company’s finances.

On the other, his biological father, Stephen, is a businessman. Similarly, the philanthropist’s stepdad works as an operations manager at his company.

MrBeast Net Worth And Career

Jimmy Donaldson is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world. As per Celebrity Net Worth, MrBeast’s net worth is $25 million. At the same time, MrBeast’s salary is $3-4 million per month, which he earns from YouTube ads, excluding his in-video brand deals.

MrBeast is one of the highest-earning YouTubers in the world. (Source: MrBeast Instagram)

The talented content creator invests most of his video earnings in video production. He reportedly spends up to $300,000 on producing single videos.

Aside from the YouTube revenue, MrBeast earns a hefty sum from his merchandise line. As we already know how huge his fan base is. The Kansas native generates 40% of his annual income from his wide range of marches like T-shirts, hoodies, hats, water bottles, mouse pads, backpacks, and more.

MrBeast has donated or raised tens of millions of dollars to various charities. The Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program, Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the local animal center in LA, and numerous other organizations have benefited from the YouTube star’s generosity.

Every video of Jimmy is related to giving money or valuable items to needy people, friends, or relatives. Altogether, MrBeast is doing incredibly well in his professional life. He is also living merrily with his girlfriend, Maddy Spidell.

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