Nahla Ariela Aubry: Halle Berry, Custody Battle & Net Worth

Nahla Ariela Aubry is the daughter of an American actress Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry.

The American actress Halle Berry is known for her role in the Catwoman, John Wick, and X-men movies. 

Since her birth as the child of the American actress, Nahla has been in the spotlight. 

Nahla with her mother Halle
Nahla with her mother Halle (source:

Moreover, Nahla is already a hot topic in the media and internet at such a tender age.

However, her mother likes to keep Nahla’s private life out of the media. 

Hence, there is significantly less information about Nahla Ariela Aubry.

In this article, we have mentioned detailed information about Nahla, including her early life, parents, net worth, and personal life.

Quick Facts

Full Name Nahla Ariela Aubry
Date of Birth March 16, 2008
Age 15 Years Old
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Mother Halle Berry
Father Gabriel Aubry
Brother Maceo-Robert Martinez (half-brother)
Sister None
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Zodiac Pisces
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Light Brown
Source of Income Parents
Net Worth $100 Thousand
Social Media N/A
Last Updated February, 2024

Nahla Ariela Aubry: Appearance

Both of Nahla’s biological parents are famous people. Her father is a model, and her mother is a well-known actress.

However, Nahla shares most of her facial features with her mother, Halle. She has beautiful brown hair and hazel eyes.

In addition, she has always been a cute and charming child since a young age. She is of mixed ethnicity, i.e., African, American, French, and Canadian descent. 

Nahla is still a very young child but, she has a healthy build.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, her mother recently chopped off Nahla’s hair due to the damage done by summing. 

Nahla used to swim endlessly during the pandemic, which led to hair damage from chlorine.

In addition, her mother also tried different conditioners to solve the hair problem, but unfortunately, they did not work.

Nahla Ariela Aubry: Early Age

Nahla was born in Los Angeles on March 16, 2008. She was born to her African-American mother, Halle Berry, and her French-Canadian father, Gabriel Aubry.

Despite having successful parents, Nahla, unfortunately, did not have a perfect childhood.

young Nahla Ariela Aubry
young Nahla Ariela Aubry (source:

Only two years after Nahla’s birth, her parents announced their separation. 

On April 30, 2010, the almost two-year-old Nahla had to face the separation of her parents. 

Her parents were never married but have been together since 2005. 

In addition, the battle for Nahla’s custody lasted more than two years. The battle was only finalized in 2012.

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Nahla Ariela Aubry: Parents

Nahla’s mother, Halle Berry, is an African-American actress. She is best known for her works as the Catwoman and as Storm in X-men movies.

Halle is a very successful actress and has won multiple awards for her work. She has also won the Oscars for the Best Actress for her work in Monster’s Ball in 2002.

Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry, on the other hand, is a successful Canadian model.

Aubry has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein and Vogue. In addition, he was also listed on People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People List.”

Moreover, the model was one of the male models with the highest-earning in the modeling industry in 2012.

Nahla’s parents met at a Versace photo shoot in 2005 and were together from 2005 to 2010.

They got separated in 2010 and had bad blood between them even after their relationship ended.

Her mother, Halle, made the allegation against her father Gabriel with the claims of emotional abuse. 

In addition, Halle also claimed that Gabriel was involved in an incestuous relationship with one of his siblings.

Currently, Halle and Gabriel share an amicable relationship. They agreed to have no bitter feelings for each other for the sake of Nahla.

Moreover, the couple is often seen spending time together with Nahla while maintaining a respectable distance.

Custody Battle

After their separation, Gabriel and Halle had a custody battle for Nahla that was only finalized two years later.

The legal battle is one of the highly publicized celebrity court battles of all time.

At the time, Halle wanted to move to France with her then-fiance, Oliver Martinez, and Nahla.

However, Gabriel wanted joint custody of Nahla. Hence, he objected to their move to France because it was an obstacle to the joint custody arrangement.

Oliver and Gabriel shared a physical altercation during the case proceedings, which resulted in Gabriel’s admission to Los Angeles hospital.

Oliver later filed against Gabriel. As a result, Gabriel was barred from coming within 100 yards from Halle, Oliver, and Nahla until the case was closed.

Gabriel demanded $50,000 for Nahla’s expenses during the case proceedings.

In addition, he also asked for the child support amount to be increased by $20,000 per month.

The court ruled in his favor and ordered Halee to raise the amount in June 2012.

Finally, the court closed the custody case after Halle agreed to an amicable custody agreement.

Hence, Nahla has been under joint custody since 2012.

In addition, her mother, Halle, was liable to pay the attorney fees of her father, Gabriel. The fee amount was a sum of $300,000.

Halle was also sent an order notification to pay $16,000 a month in child support in June 2014.

Additionally, she received a reminder to pay the $115,000 that she owed to Gabriel.

Recently, Nahla’s parents were again in court due to different opinions on raising their child. The difference in opinions initially started from chopping off Nahla’s hair.

In addition, Berry alleged that her ex highlighted and straightened their daughter’s hair and took him to the court.

Nahla Ariela Aubry: Personal Life

Nahla’s mother is a very well-known actress. Hence, she knows the burden of being a public figure.

On the other hand, Nahla is only a child and has yet to choose a career path of her choice. 

So, her mother has kept Nahla’s private life out of the spotlight and media to give her privacy. 

Moreover, she once took legal action against a paparazzi for trespassing to take shots of her daughter in 2008.

Nahla came into the spotlight during the heated custody battle. During the time of the COVID pandemic, her mother homeschooled Nahla and her half-brother.

While discussing homeschooling two kids, her mother said it was an exhausting job and a ‘Nightmare.’

Her mother gave birth to her half-brother, Maceo, during her failed marriage with French actor Oliver Martinez.

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Net Worth

Nahla is still very young and does not have any independent source of income. 

She lives with the wealth earned by her mother and her father.

Her Mother, Halle, has an estimated Net Worth of $90 Million. Similarly, her father has an estimated Net Worth of  $5 million to $6 Million.

In addition, the estimated net worth of Nahla Ariela Aubry is about $100 thousand.

Despite having a broken childhood, Nahla is now living happily.

Social Media

Nahla Ariela Aubry is not active on any of the social media platforms. 

However, she is sometimes seen on her parents’ social media pages.

Gabriel (father) carrying Nahla (daughter)
Gabriel (father) carrying Nahla (daughter) (source:

Her mother has a following of 7M on Instagram. Similarly, her father has 113k followers on Instagram.

Recently, her father shared a photo of her on the Father’s Day occasion where he was carrying her.

Her mother also posted a picture with her during her thirteenth birthday.

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Nahla Ariela Aubry: FAQs

How many times was Nahla’s mother, Halle Berry, married?

Nahla’s mother, Halle Berry, was married three times. Initially, she married David Justice in 1992, which lasted till 1997.

In addition, she married Eric Benet in 2001, which ended in 2005. The actress was married to Oliver Martinez in 2013 and separated in 2016.

Is Nahla Ariela Aubry going to be an actor or a model like her parents?

Nahla is mainly focused on her studies and has not shown any sign of joining her parents’ career path.

How is the relationship between Nahla’s parents?

Despite having a bitter personal relationship, Halle and Gabriel come together when it comes to Nahla.

Moreover, they were spotted together with Nahla at a carnival in Los Angeles in May 2018.

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