Marina Lezcano riding a horse in her young days

Marina Lezcano: Early Life, Retirement & Net Worth

Have you ever seen the real wonder woman in real life? Do you know about her lifestyle?

If you are fond of horse riding, then you might have watched her controlling horse like a wonder woman handles her swords.

And that woman is none other than Marina Lezcano. She is the first woman in the world to win a Quadruple Crown, an achievement that no one could repeat.

Marina Lezcano Smiling
Marina Lezcano Smiling  (Source: Facebook)

When was the first time the lady who broke the legacy of the male jockey galloped? Can you guess?

Through this article, you will know when she did, along with her other achievements. 

Quick Facts

Here are some of the quick facts about Marina Lezcano:

Full Name Marina Lezcano 
Birth Date January 5, 1957 
Birth Place Lomas de Zamora
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Residence San Luis, Argentina 
Nationality Argentina 
Education Carreras de Caballos
Age [calculate_years datestring=”01/05/1957″] years old
Height 1.51 m
Hair color Grey
Profession Jockey, Turf(equestrian)
Marital Status Married
Husband’s name Hugo Rodolfo Gutierrez
Children  Three (Eduardo L. Gutiérrez, Andrés Gutiérrez and Trinidad Gutiérrez)
Nickname  Doll, Manzanita
Achievements Triple Crown of Argentine Turf (1978)
National Grand Prix 2 times(October 3, 1976)
Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini ( November 5,1978)
Quadruple Crown of Argentine Turf (1978)
Gran Premio Polla de Potrillos 
Gran Premio Jockey Club (October 10, 1982)
Grand Prize Two Thousand Guineas (GI) (1982) 
Gran Premio Latinoamerica de Jockey Clubes e Hipódromos (March 10, 1984)
Social media  Facebook
Retirement  April 30, 1989
Horse Racing Merch T-Shirts, Gifts
Last update [current-month], [current-year]

Marina Lezcano: Early life, Family, and Education

Marina Lezcano raced for the first time when she was on a farm with her favorite horse at a very tender age.

She was born to an English and French teacher on January 5, 1957, in Lomas de Zamora, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Her career as a jockey was not a smooth ride, and she had to face a significant rejection at the age of 15.

Moreover, she was denied entrance to the jockey-apprentice school at Hipódromo de La Plata. Furthermore, she was rejected because, at that time, women were not allowed on the Turf.

However, the incident didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. Nevertheless, she went to the San Isidro Racecourse the next day and was welcomed by the teachers. 

Age, Height, and Weight

The Argentine jockey who broke the many Legacy is now [calculate_years datestring=”01/05/1957″]years old.

In addition, Marina is 1.51m tall (4 ft 9 inches). However, there is no information about Lezcano’s weight and other body measurements.

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Marina Lezcano: Personal Life

Marina married a racehorse trainer, Hugo Rodolfo Gutierrez, on October 24, 1950.

After marriage, they left Buenos Aires and settled in San Luis in July 2008.

Moreover, she is now [calculate_years datestring= “01/05/1957”] years old and a mother of three children named Eduardo L. Gutiérrez, Andrés Gutiérrez, and Trinidad Gutiérrez. 

Marina Lezcano : Career

Marina Lezcano evolved her journey from the harsh comment “Go wash the dishes” to the pleasing urge “Save us, Doll.”

Doll debuted as a jockey on December 15, 1974, in the area of Palermo. In her debut, she came second with her mare, Sandié Show.

During her heydays, she also had to bear harsh comments as the audience used to make sexist comments like being a female, she has to wash the dishes rather than galloping on the field.

But later, she proved she is also best at horse riding.

Moreover, the jockey proved herself on December 29, 1974, winning the race with the same mare in the Argentine Turf.

Marina Lezcano in 1974 (Source: Wikipedia/wiki)
Marina Lezcano in 1974 (Source: Wikipedia/wiki)

She already had won 60 winning titles in her name by the age of 19. 

Then, Manzanita was elevated from the apprentice jockey category to the professional jockey category. 

On October 3, 1976, Marina became the first woman to win the National Grand Prix with the colt(a male horse) Serxens. 

In 1978, she carved her name in the golden letter in the field of horse riding as she was the first female jockey in the world to win the Triple Crown. 

Likewise, on November 5, 1978, she became the first woman to win the Quadruple Crown in Argentine Republic Grand Prix.

Moreover, she achieved this feat at the Palermo Hippodrome over 3000 meters with the Telescópic horse. Surprisingly, for 27 years, no one broke her record.

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Who supported Marina Lezcano to make her remarkable career?

Her trainer Juan Esteban Bianchi supported her career in many difficult situations.

Although he faced many criticisms for allowing a female jockey to ride Telescópico, he was along her side through thick and thin. And supported her in making a remarkable career.

Marina Lezcano: Net Worth

The net worth of Marina Lezcano is estimated to be around $1 million – $2 million. 

Moreover, her primary source of income was her racing career, but now, she is enjoying her retirement life.

Marina Lezcano: After Retirement

On April 30, 1989, Marina Lezcano retired as a jockey. However, even after her retirement, her love for the racecourse, horse, and Turf didn’t end.

She continued serving as a racehorse trainer in the Jockeys School.

In addition, Manzanita served as a racecourse trainer and as a director at La Punta de San Luis Racecourse for a brief time. 

Moreover, she is still linked to the field as a Villa del Hipódromo de La Punta trainer.

Social Media Presence

Marina Lezcano does not seem to be very active on many social media. But, she is active on Facebook

Moreover, we get to see her concern for the animals from her shared posts.

Marina Lezcano posing with her horse
Marina Lezcano posing with her horse

Through her post, it is known that she is engaged in rescuing animals. Also, she shares her memories of her jockey time and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marina Lezcano the first female jockey in the world to win the Triple Crown and the Quadruple Crown in the Argentine Turf?

Yes, Marina Lezcano is the first female jockey to win the throne of Triple crown and the Quadruple Crown in 1978.

Until 1975, women used to race only in particular races, so they were not allowed to perform in a big competition.

So, in 1978, she made history in the Argentine turf by becoming the first woman to win the Triple and the Quadruple crown with her horse, Telescópic.

How many years has Marina Lezcano held the record for the most number of victories in Argentine Turf?

Marina “Doll” Lezcano held the record for the number of races won by a female jockey in Argentine Turf for 27 years with 608 victories.

Her 27 years record of winning the most numbers of victories in the Argentine Turf was broken by the jockey Lucrecia Carabajal on July 7, 2016, by 613 races.

Does Marina Lezcano speak English?

Since Marina Lezcano studied English when she was younger, her mother was an English teacher; she might speak English.

Whom did Marina Lezcano marry?

The former Argentine jockey Marina Lezcano married Hugo Rodolfo Gutierrez on October 24, 1950. Hugo is a racehorse trainer. 

Also, the married couple has three children named Eduardo L. Gutiérrez, Andrés Gutiérrez, and Trinidad Gutiérrez

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