Rahki Giovanni: Workout, Career & Net Worth

Success means having the courage and the determination to become the person you were meant to be. The literal embodiment of the quote is the story of Rahki Giovanni.

Who is Rahki Giovanni, you must be wondering? Well, in that case, Rahki is someone who would even give male bodybuilders and fitness trainers a run for their money.

Rahki Giovanni is an American fitness trainer currently based in Florida.

Rahki Giovanni in Miami Beach.

She built a strong fan base on social media platforms following her strict workout regimen.

Rahki is an inspiration to many, but her outspoken attitude towards life has changed many lives.

Giovanni has been working out since 2015. She is primarily known for her thick muscular body.

In this article, there is all you need to know about Rahki Giovanni.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about the talented trainer Rahki Giovanni.

Full Name Rahki Giovanni
Date of birth August 4th of 1988
Age 35 Years Old
Birthplace Miami, Florida, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican-Haitian
Education Not Available
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Leo
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 176 lbs
Spouse None
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $250 thousand
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexual Orientation Straight
Siblings None
Boyfriends None
Profession Fitness model and trainer
Nickname Rahki
Salary $70 thousand
Social Media Instagram, Youtube, Facebook
Debut year 2015 AD
Merch Roman Chair, Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike, Treadmill
Last Update May, 2024

Rahki Giovanni: Early Life

Rahki was born on the 4th of August 1988. She was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America. She was raised and brought up in Miami heat.

Her father’s and mother’s name have not been disclosed to the public. Neither is the information about their whereabouts and professions are known to the public.

From what it seems, Rahki does not have any siblings and is a single child. And growing up a single kid means you get all the attention and care in the world.

It’s obvious that she grew up in a loving and nurturing environment.

We do not know where she went to high school. But from the way she puts herself, it seems that she has graduated high school.

However, there is no record of her ever graduating or going to any college.

She has given very vague answers about her childhood. Maybe she is a private person and does not want to release any information about her near and dear ones.

However, she shared with her fans that she wanted to become a model ever since she was a child and always strived for it. And maybe that was her determination in life.

People who grew up around Rahki have said that she was always a lively and outspoken person.

She was always very upfront about her opinions and did not like to stand with the crowd if she disagreed. This was a quality most people admired in her.

Rahki Giovanni: Physical Appearance

Obviously, without a doubt, Rahki has a great physique, and her body is in great shape.

She stands about five feet and eight inches tall. She weighs around 176 lbs.

Rahki Giovanni striking a pose.

Rahki has curly black long hair. Along with that, she has brown eyes and a dark complexion.

Her body type is muscular and is very curvy when it comes to shaping.

Rahki Giovanni: Personal Life

Rahki Giovanni is an American citizen. She is 35 Years Old. When it comes to her religious beliefs, Rahki is an avid Christianity follower.

She is of Puerto Rican and Haitian descent. So she grew up in a mix of cultures.

Being born in August, she is a Leo. Leos are fire signs and are often known to be impulsive. About her zodiac sign, Leos has traits such as inspiring, optimism, and humor.

Leos are known to be social butterflies and fit well in any kind of social setting.

They like to be in the center of all the action and thrive in getting all the attention.

This quality is clearly seen in Rahki, who embraces all the spotlight she is getting from all her social media platforms.

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Rahki has kept her lips sealed when it comes to her dating life. Not much is known whether if she has a boyfriend or not.

Being the beautiful woman she is, she must have had relationships, but she has not shared about them.

She is really focused on her career right now and does not intend to date any time soon.

Not anyone needs to have a relationship to be complete in life, and Rahki is a woman who firmly believes in that philosophy.

Rahki endorsed the value of self-love and being there for one own self. You can not have a successful career if you cannot truly embrace your own qualities.

However, fans have speculated that she has a man that she is keeping from the spotlight. There is no proof to back up this speculation from the people.

We hope when Rahki is ready to come out with the news of her information, and her fans will be the first ones to know as Rahki is an outspoken person and will not hide her feelings from her beloved followers.

Rahki Giovanni: Career

As someone inspired to be a professional fitness model from a young age, Rahki Giovanni has certainly captured her dream goals. Rahki started working out in 2015.

She has revealed that in her early twenties, she had a rather unhealthy lifestyle.

She fell into the routine addiction of food overflowing with carbs and sugar. Rahki saw herself in the mirror, and she did not appreciate what she was seeing.

She felt as if she needed to change her lifestyle and all that came with it. And Rahki has been committed to a healthy lifestyle ever since.

Rahki has been determined to follow a strict diet plan, workout sessions, and bodybuilding training since 2015. She followed the path of being a fitness trainer.

And her training sessions and workout have been proven beneficial for many people. Thus she has gathered more and more followers.

Aside from her job as a fitness trainer, she is also a full-time social media influencer.

She even has a YouTube channel to upload her workout videos and talk about her healthy diet plans.

She spends almost eight hours on her workout at the gym every day.

Now Rahki has an extremely defined muscular body and thighs that are strong enough to crush watermelons.

Because of her extreme bodybuilding hobby, she has been mistaken for a male in the past.

Rahki has such a great physique that she can win a fight against a male bodybuilder easily now.

Rahki Giovanni: Workout

People usually define Rahki’s workout routines as ‘Explosive workouts.’ Her workouts are usually HIIT and explosive form going through higher reps and lighter weights.

She could also switch to heavyweights with lower reps for more power, depending on the dictates of her intuition.

Rahki likes to switch up her workout routines from time to time.

Rahki has an intensive workout routine that compels her to spend about eight hours in the gym.

Her workouts started with light cardio. For her cardio workout to be successful, she used to run about one mile within six minutes.

Rahki working out at the gym.

She enjoys her workouts in the good weather in Miami. After such extensive cardio, she takes a small break to bring down her heartbeat rate to normal.

Then her cardio is followed by 43 to 45 repetitions of deadlifts.

Her triceps and biceps workout consists of barbell curls, bend-over rows, standing Barbell cups, and reps of high or low incline dumbbell presses, pushdowns, and bench presses.

Rahki is capable of doing 75 push-ups and 75 pull-ups every day. Her workouts are mostly box jumps, sprints, and occasionally isolated exercises such as leg extensions.

It is of no use when you work out a lot if you do not have a healthy diet plan.

So Rahki makes sure that she adapted a strict diet regimen. She only consumes food with high nutritional value.

Rahki has expressed her love for oranges in her diet. She says that oranges provide a great deal of vitamin C and also are very delicious to eat.

Rahki Giovanni: Net Worth

From her profession as a trainer and fitness model, Rahki has gained fame and gathered some wealth.

In her thirties, she has made an impressive fortune for herself than most fitness trainers do.

She is worth about $250 thousand. Rahki makes about $ 70 thousand a year.

She also gets paid by fitness brands for endorsing their products. So we can safely say that Rahki lives quite a quality life in Miami, Florida, all thanks to her earnings.

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Rahki Giovanni: Social Media

Rahki is a social media influencer and is very active when it comes to her social media platforms.

She uses Instagram and has over 670 thousand followers. She shares her daily workout and lifestyle routine with them.

Rahki also has a youtube channel by the name of RahkiGTV.

In her Youtube channel, she has over 70 thousand subscribers, and she has uploaded 75 videos.

She is also active on Facebook.

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Where is Rahki currently residing?

Rahki Giovanni is currently situated in the sunny state of Miami, Florida.

Is Rahki on Twitter?

No, Rahki does not have an official Twitter handle.

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