Jared Wayne attacking in the 2022 season with added physicality.

NCAA: Who Are Patrick Wayne And Shelley McLaughlin? Jared Wayne Parents Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Meet the Jared Wayne parents: Patrick Wayne and Shelley McLaughlin. Jare Wayne is a Canadian footballer who has just signed up to play NCAA football.

Like his father, he is working to make a name in his athletic career and just signed to play for the University of Pittsburgh Panthers.

Like most well-known players, he has also kicked off his high school football at Adam Scott Collegiate. After Playing there, he went to Port Hope’s Trinity College Scholl for three years.

His position is quarterback.

Patrick Wayne And Shelley McLaughlin

As mentioned above, Patrick Wayne and Shelley McLaughlin are the father and mother of Jared Wayne.

Patrick is a resident of Guyana. He spent his childhood in Scarborough, where he played at Simon Fraser University.

Later, he joined the Ottawa Rough Riders. His son moved south of the border to carve his path. Now, he kept his footsteps in the same line as his father.

Shelley McLaughlin resides in Ottawa. That is the place where Jared came to this world.

Not only is his father an athlete in his family tree. Jared Wayne’s uncle Clinton Wayne also played at Ohio State. Also, he was an active player for six years in the CFL.

Jared’s parents and relatives were kept in an environment that fosters an athlete. He has commented about his upbringing. My family supported me on the right track and guided me to get here, and I followed their advice.

Jared Wayne’s parents’ members always supported me and taught me much to get to this position. It is not only my achievement but my family’s achievement. We all can celebrate.

Jared says his father and mother also drove him to the States for his practices, camps, and tournaments. They have sacrificed a lot for me, and even though he thanks for millions of times, it will not be enough. 

Jared Wayne’s Parent’s Age Gap

Jared Wayne’s parents in’s and outs are not on a public platform,s nor has he posted on his social media profile.

As mentioned above, his father was an athlete, while there is no information regarding his mother’s profession. The age gap between Jared’s father and mother is not known.

Even though Jared moved to Peterborough at age three to play in the Peterborough Wolverines program for one year, her mother stayed back in Ottawa. The reason is unknown.

Later on, Jared entered the Kingdom Force Football Academy’s seven-on-seven summer program.

Pitt Football | Spring Practice, 3/4/22 | Jared Wayne - YouTube
Jared Wayne during Pitt spring football practice.

While searching for University, he commented that Pittsburgh was the best fit for him as he checked off all the boxes. Even though it was a hauling process, he finally went for Pittsburgh.

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The football facilities of Pittsburgh and Steelers have standard features adding the pro players in the circle, which gives a taste of patience, dedication, and labor to be pro level. At the same time, the University has the course he wanted to study: sports management and business.

Peterborough Firefighter Family And Ethnicity

The family members of Jared Wayne include his father, Patrick Wayne, his mother, Shelley McLaughlin, and two sisters. In total, he has five members of the family.

As of now, the public is not aware of Jared’s ethnicity.

He weighs 210 lbs and has a stature of 6′ 3”. The well-known wide receiver is in the senior class.

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Most of the commentator says that he is now a Peterborough firefighter. And don’t miss out that he is an eight-year CFL veteran.

He has signed with an NCAA school, and his future looks promising.

In 2021, he participated in 13 games. He was in the top five finalists for the Jon Cornish Trophy, given to the top NCAA football player from Canada.

This season, fans and commentators will enjoy and observe his game closely; who knows if he can carry the trophy with him?

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