Nicholas Leival: Paintball, Graphic Designing & Career

Have you ever watched a Paintball tournament? If you have, then you must have also heard about Nicholas Leival.

Nicholas Leival is an American professional Paintball player.

Nicholas Leival is posing for the camera. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to being a Paintball player, Nicholas is also a freelance Graphic Designer and a traveler.

Also, Leival is obsessed with team games, and his first was the PSP – World Cup Upton Crew in 2008.

So, if you want to know more about this unique and fantastic Paintball player, continue reading this article.

Quick Facts: 

Here are some less-known facts about Nicholas Leival:

Name Nicholas Leival
Other Name Nick
Date of birth June 13, 1989
Age 34 Years Old
Place of Birth Ashland, Massachusetts, United States of America
Place of Residence Ashland, Massachusetts, United States of America
Nationality American
Religion Not Known
Gender Male
Education High School, Paintball Practice, Graphic Designing Course
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Shoe Size Not Known
Body Type Athletic
Marital Status Not Known
Girlfriend Not Known
Wife Not Known
Children Not Available
Occupation Professional Paintball Player
Career Debut 2008 PSP – World Cup Upton Crew
Career Wins 27 Firsts
Fighting Out Of  United States of America
Division Pro, Division 1, Division 2, Division 2/3, Division 3, and Division 4
Position Any
Trainer Dave Bains
Team Edmonton Impact Coach 
Years Active 13 Years (2008-2021)
Jersey Number #13
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn 

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Nicholas Leival: Early Life, Family, and Education

Family and Early Life

An outstanding Paintball player, Nicholas Leival is well known for his excellent Paintball skills.

Nicholas Leival, or Nick, is a well-known professional paintball player passionate about taking the sport to new heights.

In addition, his commitment to the game has brought him a lot of success, and his humility has helped him succeed as a teacher.

Also, this man is a fountain of knowledge both on and off the field.

However, not many details about his parents are known; their names and whereabouts are also in the dark.

But, since Nick is successful as he is today, we can be sure that his parents have always supported him.

Unfortunately, his siblings’ names and presence are also not known.


A man with absolute talent, Nicholas Leival is a fantastic Paintball player. But, not much information about his academic qualification is available.

However, we can presume that he is a high school graduate and has graphic designing training.

Finally, we do not have any information about his college degrees or qualifications.

Nicholas Leival: Age, Height, and Weight

Paintball is a rigorous sport and requires a lot of body stamina and strength.

Born on June 13, 1989, Nicholas Leival is  34. Nicholas is a Gemini. Gemini is known to be an outgoing sign.

Following that, they are constantly eager to try something new and intriguing.

Because they require continual stimulation, they are adaptable and capable of performing multiple tasks at once.

Finally, they are competitive people who enjoy a good challenge.

We do not have any such information about his height and weight. But, we do know that Nick has an athletic body with a very handsome face.

Therefore, we can say that he is extremely fit and keeps himself healthy to reach his fullest potential according to his height and weight.

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Nicholas Leival: Career

Beginning Career

Nicholas Leival started his Paintball career by playing at the PSP – World Cup Upton Crew held on October 26, 2008, and he managed to become 14th of 36 and gathered 90.5352 points.

Then, Leival played four games under Division 2/3 7-man from April 26, 2008, to November 1, 2009, and gathered a total point of 176.96796.

Nicholas Leival played four games under Division 1 RaceTo-5 from March 13, 2011, to October 23, 2011, and gathered 992.3104.

Finally, at the beginning of his career, Leival played eleven games under the Pro RaceTo-7 division and managed to gather a total of 2,870.656.

The Middle

Nick played these eleven games under the Pro RaceTo-7 division from March 11, 2012, to October 20, 2013.

Nicholas Leival is in between one of his games. (Source: Instagram)

Then, Leival played four games under the Pro X-Ball division and managed to gather a total of 2,099.84 points.

After that, Leival played four games under the Pro X-Ball™ division and managed to gather a total of 2,667.0176 points, which was held from June 7, 2015, to March 20, 2016.

Then, Leival played four games under the Pro X-Ball™ division from May 1, 2016, to November 6, 2016, and gathered a total of 3,129.12 points.

Nick played fives tournaments under the Pro X-Ball™ division from March 19, 2017, to November 5, 2017, and garnered 5,351.808 points.

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Later Career

For his later career, Nicholas Leival competed at the MVPS – MVPS 2019 – Winter Classic Combine AirUps on February 10, 2019, under the Division 3 RaceTo-4 division and managed to become 20th of 20 with Staff points.

Then, Nick played four games under the Pro X-Ball™ division, which was held from March 10, 2019, to May 26, 2019, and gathered a total of 8,170.624 points.

As of Now

Then, Nicholas Leival competed at seven other games under the Pro X-Ball™ division, which was held from November 10, 2019, to November 14, 2021, and gathered a total of 18,280 points.

Graphic Designing

Nicholas Leival is also the Graphic Web Designer at NXL Paintball League.

Snap Shooting Tips

Nick offers some pointers on tightening up and learning to snapshot in a game setting.

Further, one can win if one trains as close to real-life game scenarios.

LVL UP Sports

One can request for party Paintball tournaments.

From here, too, Nicholas Leival earns his money and makes his career.


Nicholas Leival also has a gun under his name, which he uses for his Paintball tournaments.


Further, this gun has a 6082-T6 body with a 6061-T6 aluminum barrel.

Nicholas Leival: Highest Points

At this current state and the start of this season, Nicholas Leival has Pro (8518.4) points.

Here, he secured the highest point at NXL – NXL Sunshine State Major Edmonton Impact held on May 2, 2021, under the Pro division, secured 1st place out of 20, and gathered a whopping 3200 points.

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Nicholas Leival: Teams

Paintball superstar Nicholas Leival first played for the Uptown Crew on November 1, 2009, under Division 3/4.

Nicholas Leival is with his dog. (Source: Instagram)

Further, he played for the Upton 187 cRew on October 20, 2013, under the Pro division.

Nick played for the Edmonton Impact on November 14, 2021, under the Pro division. In between, Leival competed for the Impact Love team on January 28, 2018, under Division 3.

Also, he played a tournament for the Kapp Factory under Division 4 on September 13, 2019.

Finally, Nicholas Leival played for the United States on July 21, 2019, under Division 2.

Nicholas Leival: Kill Count

Ferocious, Nick ranked number 1 in the 2016 Top 10 Paintball Players in the World list.

Further, while playing for the Edmonton Impact, Leival had 52 kills, 59 points played, and 0. 881 KP Ration.

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Nicholas Leival: Girlfriends, Wives, and Children

A private man, Nicholas Leival does not disclose much about his relationships.

Unfortunately, no information about his girlfriends, wives, and children is available.

Nicholas Leival: Net Worth

A professional, Nicholas Leival’s net worth remains unknown.

However, he earns by being a Paintball player, graphic designing, attending parties, and selling Paintball types of equipment.

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Nicholas Leival: Social Media

A social man Nicholas Leival is very active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, a prominent presence on social media.

In addition, he usually posts photos with his friends, family, games that he plays, and achievements.

Further, we can see from his bio that Nicholas is a professional Paintball player, graphic designer, and traveler.

Also, he has an active website where fans can directly contact Leival.

Moreover, Nick’s social media presence can be summarised as follows:

Facebook: Over One Hundred Likes

Instagram: Over Seven Thousand Followers

LinkedIn: Over Eighty-six Connections

Nicholas Leival: FAQs

Who is Nicholas Leival?

During the Wall Era, Nick was noted for his damage, winning many championships, MVP awards, and two 1v1 gold.

In addition, Nick is a third-place paintballer with a keen mind. Finally, his classes on strategy are a must-attend.

How bad does a Paintball hurt?

Each individual has a different threshold for pain and a different pain reaction.

Also, while some people look to be capable of fighting a heavyweight, others will shake at the slightest prick on their finger.

In addition, it’s hard to say how much a paintball hurts when you’re struck by one, and there isn’t even a paintball pain scale.

Finally, getting hit by a paintball pellet going at around 200 mph is sure to hurt, at least a little, regardless of your tolerance level.

How much does Paintball usually cost?

A 500-round paintball bag costs $15 to $30, while a 2000-round container costs $50 to $75.

Some of the things that determine paintball pricing are as follows:

To fly straight, paintballs must have a spherical shell. A more expensive paintball provides greater precision and consistency.

The shell of a more expensive paintball is more delicate, causing less pain when it hits you.

Fill quality: A top-of-the-line paintball has a thick, brilliant fill that is simple to see and wipe away (cheat).

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