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Who Was Nick Riewoldt Sister Madeleine Riewoldt? How Did She Die? Family Tree

Fans are curious to learn about Nick Riewoldt Sister Madeleine Riewoldt. As she was sick, more than 100 blood transfusions, two bone marrow transplants, and seven months in the hospital were all part of Maddie’s treatment for the disease.

As for her brother, Bick Riewoldt is a retired Australian rules football player representing the St. Kilda Football Club in the AFL (AFL). During the 2000 AFL draft, he was chosen first.

He led St Kilda as captain in 2005 and from 2007 to 2016. After beating Gary Dempsey in late 2017, Riewoldt currently owns the record for the most marks in VFL/AFL history.

When his sister, Madeleine, passed away, he expressed how she was an expert in food and experimenting in the kitchen.

He will be appearing in the grand finale. If he wins the $100,000, he will honor his sister at the charity, “Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision.”

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Who Was Nick Riewoldt Sister Madeleine Riewoldt?

Madeleine Riewoldt was well-known as a gifted athlete throughout her youth, even before being diagnosed, with love for soccer, cricket, surf lifesaving, and Australian Football.

She was renowned for speaking out about her dissatisfaction at the time with the opportunities available to bright women in sports.

Unfortunately, Madeleine had illness, battle, setbacks, and hardship.

Madeleine had been battling from when she was unintentionally hit in the head with a shot put as a schoolgirl until she stepped into the doctor’s office at the age of 21 complaining of the flu she could not shake and was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia.

Nick Riewoldt Sister
St Kilda’s champion skipper was a broken man. He told Brown of his younger sister’s death following seven months of intensive treatment in which she deteriorated into a shadow of her former self. (Source: Fox Sports)

Her stamina was depleted, and she lost years to the sickness. The family relocated from Queensland to Melbourne, but Madeleine could not seek jobs. She kept her love of sports, family dinners, and cooking.  

When her cancer battle ended in February 2015, Madeleine asked her family and dog, Oscar, to make her a promise and was fiercely loyal and committed to them.

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How Did Madeleine Riewoldt Die? Family Tree Explored

Madeleine Riewoldt passed away at 26 from complications associated with the bone marrow failure syndrome known as aplastic anemia. She was diagnosed at 21 and fought bravely for five harrowing years.

When Madeleine passed away at Royal Melbourne Hospital, she was surrounded by her loved ones.

Family members believe it was more proof of her incredible toughness and spirit of resistance, but they also think she was determined to get better so she could meet James, the baby child of Nick and Catherine.

Nick Riewoldt Sister
Nick Riewoldt expresses how badly it affected him after the death of his sister. (Source: Fiveaa)

Maddie finally met and held her two-month-old nephew a few weeks ago after eventually recovering from illness.

Her parents, Joe and Fiona, and her older brothers Alex and Nick, the captain of the St Kilda Football Club, were at her side.

She underwent numerous bone marrow transplants, blood transfusions, and continuing treatment during those years.

Finally, in her honor, Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision was founded for Riewoldt’s and young adults with bone marrow failure syndromes by funding studies, offering support and working toward prevention, treatment, and a cure.

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