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Al Smith Wife: Was Basketball Player Married? Net Worth Before Death

People are eager to know more about Who is Al Smith Wife? Fans know about what is his net worth before his death. 

Alan Richard Smith was an accomplished retired basketball player, having spent five seasons in the American Basketball Association (ABA). Smith was born in Peoria, Illinois in born January 15, 1947.

His position as a point guard was highlighted by his stints with the Denver Rockets and Utah Stars, where he earned the distinction of leading the ABA in assists during a single season.

In 1965, the Chicago White Sox drafted Smith in the 7th round of the inaugural Major League Baseball draft, but he decided to go to college instead. USC and Notre Dame were options, but he chose to attend Bradley University as a basketball and baseball player.

During his four-year college career, interrupted by two years in the U.S. Army, Smith scored over 1,000 points in basketball and was named first-team All-Missouri Valley Conference in 1971.

His athletic achievements were recognized in 2004 when he was selected to Bradley’s All-Century team. The Chicago Bulls selected Smith in the 10th round of the 1969 and 11th rounds of the 1971 NBA Drafts.

He chose to sign with the Denver Rockets of the ABA instead, where he spent three seasons as the backup point guard to Larry Brown, averaging nine points and three assists per game in his first season.

The Rockets would eventually become the NBA’s Nuggets. In 1972-1973, Smith stepped up to become the Rockets’ regular point guard after Brown left his position to become head coach.

He achieved a career-best of 11+ points per game in his second season, alongside 5.5 assists per game. His scoring slightly dropped in 1973-1974; his average of 8 assists per game enabled him to top the ABA in assists.

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Al Smith Wife: Was Basketball Player Married?

Al Smith, a well-known superstar in the National Basketball Association, is known for being one of the most private athletes in the league.

He only infrequently participates in interviews and has never discussed his personal life publicly.

Talking about his who is Al Smith’s Wife, Smith has never revealed the identity of his spouse; many individuals are uncertain whether or not he is married. 

Al Smith never spoke of any information about his personal life.
Al Smith’s Wife, Al Smith, never spoke of any information about his personal life. (Source: Nasljerseys)

Al Smith is a highly accomplished professional who has built a long and successful career in his chosen field. He is known for his strong work ethic and dedication to excellence, but he has not been as forthcoming about his personal life.

Smith has always kept his private life separate from his public one, and he has always focused on his career rather than talking about his personal life.

Al Smith Net Worth Before Death

Before he passed away, Al Smith was a legendary basketball player who had already made an indelible impression on the sport. He played for several different teams throughout his career, and as a result, he accumulated a sizeable net worth due to his time in the sport.

At the time of his passing, it is estimated that Al Smith had a staggering net worth of $2 million. In the course of his career, he was highly successful. He made a significant amount of money, both of which contributed to establishing his position as an important figure in basketball history.

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How Did Basketball Player Al Smith Die?

AI Smith was discovered lying on the floor in his apartment, having shot himself. According to the news reports, this self-inflicted gunshot came after he shot his friend. The friend had been shot at a Sarasota apartment complex.

When law enforcement arrived on the scene, they attempted to contact Smith, but he did not respond. His friend was taken to the hospital, but no updates have been given.

Al Smith's jersey number is 10.
Al Smith’s jersey number was 10. (Source: nasljerseys)

Sarasota County officials made a forced entry to make contact, only to discover that the player had taken his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot.

His presence there was completely unexpected, and no further evidence was found to suggest a murder had taken place.

After the case was updated, many people grew to believe it had been a murder, with the public citing potential signs of foul play.

However, news reports soon confirmed that it had been a suicide, with the motive still yet to be revealed to the public.

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