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Is Rickon Stark Dead Or Still Alive? What Happened To Him?

Fans are curious whether Rickon Stark from Game of Thrones is dead or still alive.

Game of Thrones fans will recognize Rickon’s surname as the Starks were the series’ main characters. 

The name “Rickon” will also ring a bell because it is the name of Eddard and Catelyn Stark’s youngest child. He died at 11 during the Battle of the Bastards.

Is Rickon Stark Dead Or Still Alive?

Rickon Stark, the youngest Stark child, is dead.

Rickon had been Ramsay’s prisoner since episode three of season six when Smalljon Umber handed him over to the Boltons. 

Rickon Stark 2
Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton and Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark in “Game of Thrones.

Rickon’s condition was unknown to viewers until Ramsay brought him to the battlefield in one of the episodes.

Fans were devastated before the action began.

Before they start fighting, Ramsay asks Jon and Sansa whether they are willing to let Rickon die just because they are too proud to surrender.

Ramsay continues to repeat his requirements if they want to preserve Rickon, but Sansa stops him and announces that he will die the next day, having firsthand experience with Ramsay’s “mercy.”

Rickon is murdered by an arrow just as he is about to approach his brother.

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What Happened To Rickon Stark?

Ramsay had prepared a horrible and tortuous execution for the youngster in a typical sadistic fashion. 

He let Rickon run across the battlefield towards Sansa and Jon, firing arrows at him the entire time. 

Rickon Stark 1
Ramsay killed Rickon Stark in Game of Thrones.

When Jon saw what was going on, he rode forward on horseback to try to save Rickon, but it was too late. Just as Jon was about to reach Rickon, Ramsay struck him with a lethal blow. 

Even though Jon and Sansa triumphed, the death of their youngest sibling left the episode with a sorrowful ending. With another Stark out of the picture, Sansa, Jon, Bran, and Arya are more crucial than ever.

Jon’s attempt to save Rickon nearly cost them the entire battle, and Littlefinger had to swoop in at the last minute with the Knights of the Vale to save them all.

Rickon Stark’s Appearance In House Of The Dragon

Rickon’s ancestor debuts in “House of the Dragon” roughly 200 years before Ned Stark is appointed Hand of the King in Game of Thrones’ first season. 

Of course, in this older era, the Targaryens sit atop the Iron Throne, with a whopping 17 dragons to their credit.

He appears for only a few seconds after the death of King Viserys I’s son, Baelon, the “Heir for a Day,” professing his devotion to Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

“I, Rickon Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, swear allegiance to King Viserys and his named heir, Princess Rhaenyra.”

Rickon Stark’s involvement on the show is currently solely for fan service. The episode and series will primarily focus on House Targaryen. However, Rickon’s appearance serves a thematic purpose.

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Rickon’s devotion is interrupted by a conversation between Viserys I and Rhaenyra in which he discloses Aegon I’s prediction of a force coming from the north to harm the Seven Kingdoms.

While Rickon only arrives for a brief period, there may be more Stark action to come.

House of the Dragon will most likely represent the Dance of the Dragons, a civil war when the question of succession following Viserys I’s rule reaches a head.

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