Orlando Bloom Back Injury

Orlando Bloom Back Injury After Falling Three Floors, Where Is He Now? Health & Accident Update

Orlando Bloom Back Injury; He suffered severe spinal cord injury after falling three floors from a window.

Orlando Bloom had a near-death experience back in 1998. The famous actor shared his mental health struggles while recovering from injury.

Even after going through such physical pain, he is well-healed and has huge fame in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in Hollywood movies like Black Hawk Down, the Australian Western Ned Kelly, and many more in line.

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Orlando Bloom Suffered Back Injury After Falling Three Floors

Orlando Bloom shared that he had fallen from three floors and, as a result, suffered from a severe injury. It was “one of the darkest times” in his life.

Moreover, he expressed that he was climbing up a rooftop terrace when the drainpipe he was scaling broke, and ended up falling. He thought he would not be alive after a near-fatal spinal cord injury occurred. During that time back in 1998, he was just 19 years old. 

Orlando Bloom recalls being told he may never walk again: ‘One of the darkest times of my life’
Orlando Bloom recalls being told he may never walk again: ‘One of the darkest times of my life’ [Source- TODAY]
“I was very fortunate to survive the fall because my spinal cord was still just intact,” he shared in an Instagram post on the occasion of World Mental Health Day through UNICEF.

While he was treated at the hospital, doctors told him for the first few days that he may never be able to walk again. 

Orlando Bloom Health & Accident Update

Orlando Bloom has good physical health now despite having such a deadly injury. After the injury, he had surgery with a back brace and was able to begin physical therapy. After just 12 days, he could walk off the hospital on crutches.

With time his physical health improved, but his mental health was having an issue. Orlando explained that dealing with mental health struggles is quite difficult because they are “unseen” but can provide an opportunity for growth.

He has tried to make others aware people about Mental Health causes and consequences and serves as UNICEF to act as international ambassador. 

With many accidents, injuries, and mental health issues, he has overcome a lot and is trying to build positive aspects in his life. He may be under medical supervision if he needs any if his injury troubles him again.

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Orlando Bloom shares photo of himself in back brace after falling down THREE floors and 'narrowly escaping death and paralysis'
Orlando Bloom shares photo of himself in a back brace after falling THREE floors and ‘narrowly escaping death and paralysis’ [Source- Daily Star]

Where Is Orlando Bloom Now?

Orlando Bloom is doing his profession well in the entertainment industry. He lives in Santa Barbara with his family.

Bloom got married to his spouse, the singer Katy Perry, and has a daughter together. Not only that, but he also has a son with his former wife, the model Miranda Kerr.

Besides just acting, he is involved in many charitable works and goes to many countries for a change. He is also active on his social media platform, updating his lifestyle.

His current doing can be seen by searching for him @orlandobloom, where he has more than six million followers. On October 2, he shared some work highlights, exciting his admirers.

Not only that, his viewers are excited about his projects, so they praise and support him, as seen in the comment section.

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