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Rob Dyrdek: Skateboarding, Movies & Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek is a former professional Skateboarder and currently an American entrepreneur, actor, producer, and reality TV personality.

He started as a skateboarder and got recognized by the people, which helped him propel the business and the acting world without any problems.

Dyrdek started skating at the early age of 11 and was already professional when he was 16.

Rob Dyrdek
Rob Dyrdek

Moreover, Rob set world records, won national and international championships, and swiftly ventured into the business and entertainment industry.

Skating was not his only strong forte, and he was decent at acting as well.

When he got into the entertainment industry, he was cast in different movies and reality TV shows due to his acting skills.

Quick Facts

Let’s look at some facts about Rob before getting deeper into this article.

Full name Robert Stanley Dyrdek
Date of birth June 28, 1974
Age 49 Years Old
Birthplace Kettering, Ohio, US.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Fairmont High School
Zodiac sign Cancer
Nickname Thuggy D, Bobby Diesel, Bobby Light
Height 5 feet 6 inches
61 kg
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Marital Status Married
Wife Bryiana Noelle Flores
Net Worth $50 million
Profession Professional Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, Actor, TV Personality, Producer
Salary $60,000 per episode
Social Media FacebookInstagram, Youtube, Twitter
Debut year 1991
Last Update April 2024

Rob Dyrdek: Early Life

Parents and Siblings

Robert Stanley Dyrdek was born on June 28, 1974, in Kettering, Ohio, the US.

He was born to his father, Gene Dyrdek, and his mother, Patty Dyrdek.

During his childhood, he lived there in Kettering and grew up alongside his sister Denise Dyrdek.

Childhood and Education

Rob was a very athletic kid from an early age, and he was amused with skateboarding.

When he saw other skaters performing tricks, it made him interested. So he picked up skateboarding at an early age.

Rob started skateboarding at the age of 11, and he got his first-ever skateboard from a former Professional Skateboarder, Neil Blender.

By the time the player was 12 years old, he already extremely good at skateboarding, and the board had become a part of him.

During that time, Rob was also studying at Fairmont High School.

But he did not finish high school and moved to Southern California to pursue his professional skating career.

The producer stated in an interview that he would always think about skating when he was in class and start doing tricks outside as soon as the course was over.

Rob Dyrdek: Nationality, Ethnicity, and Horoscope

Dyrdek is an American citizen as he was born and raised in Ohio.

Despite being of American Nationality, he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic background.

Additionally, he is a Cancer on the zodiac table. Cancers are known to be intuitive.

Moreover, Rob follows Christianity.

Rob Dyrdek: Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Rob is currently 49 Years Old as he was born in 1974.

Next, Rob stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall. He is not that tall compared to an average American.

Similarly, he weighs around 61 kgs.

He has an athletic and fit body despite being old.

Unfortunately, there is no information about Rob’s body size.

Moreover, Rob has brown hair and a pair of green eyes.

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Rob Dyrdek: Personal Life


Rob is quite a humorous and energetic guy. He is the happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

He is widely known to be creative and put his thoughts out in public and implement them.

Dyrdek has a very hyperactive persona, and he is open about his ideas to everyone.

Even during his movie and reality TV shows shoots, Rob is energetic.

He also does unconventional activities like making viral troll videos, jumping off heights, etc.

Rob’s personality has some downsides as well too.

Many of his fellow actors and TV personalities do not appreciate that kind of behavior from Rob.

His personality can be a hit or miss.


Rob lives a luxurious lifestyle, as you would expect from a person who is that famous and wealthy.

He lives with his family in Beverly Hills. He owns three huge mansions there.

Dyrdek bought the third mansion just recently in 2020. Moreover, it cost him around 8.5 million dollars.

The American skateboarder is also a dog lover, and he owns three dogs.

He has two bulldogs named Meaty and Beefy.

Additionally, he also has a pomeranian dog named Gretchen Weiner.

Rob Dyrdek: Career

After learning for one whole year and getting proficient at skating, Rob joined the ultra-popular G&S Skateboarding team.

He was the youngest member of the team, and at the age of 12, he was also able to get sponsored by Alien Workshop.

The sponsorship was possible due to his affiliations with Neil, but his wide range of skills was the primary reason for the backing.

Around that time, Dyrdek was on top of the world as he could make money at such young age while doing the thing he loved most.

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Skating Career

Rob continued skating for the G&S team for the next four years while keeping up with his studies, but he made a bold decision when he was 16 years old.

The actor decided to take a step forward and get into the world of professional skating while dropping his studies.

Rob had already made up his mind, and his parents supported his decision, and that is when Rob moved to southern California to pursue his skating career.

Soon after he arrived in California, he started skating and displaying his skills to a larger audience.

Due to his proficient skating and wide range of skills, different companies became interested in Rob as they assumed Rob would be the next big thing in the Skating world.

He was called up by the Droors clothing (Currently known as DC shoes).

Rob Dyrdek skating
Rob Dyrdek skating

They sponsored Rob, and after that, Rob began representing them while skating in tournaments or events.

DC Shoes sponsored Rob up until 2016.

Rob was also sponsored by big companies like EA Skate and Monster Energy during his career.

World Records in Skating

We all know that Rob is a phenomenal skateboarder but what’s more amusing is that he has set 21 world records in skating.

His most notable skating world records are:

  • Longest 50-50 rail grind
  • Longest boardslide
  • Highest skateboard ramp jump into the water
  • Farthest reverse ramp jump by a car, etc.

In his Longes 50-50 rail grind, he ground on the rail for 100 feet 5.75 inches in 2007.

With this achievement, he also set another record for the Longest boardslide.

Next, he jumped 10 feet 8 inches high after running down the ramp straight into the water.

Acting Career

After a successful skating career, Rob decided to use fame and money to launch himself into the entertainment world.

Rob started getting into the entertainment industry in 2006, and that’s when he was able to secure a role in “Rob & Big.”

He was able to act alongside his best friend and bodyguard, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, and his cousins.

This show propelled him further and helped him get bigger shows and act in movies.

Around 2008, Dyrdek acted in a movie named Righteous Kill. He played the character of Rambo.

He starred alongside legends like Robert de Niro and Al Pacino in that movie.

Then in 2009, Rob starred in Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Similarly, in 2009 again, he even produced his movie named “Street Dreams.”

In 2011, he appeared in Jackass 3.5 alongside Johnny Knoxville.

Moreover, in the same year, he also launched his show on the MTV network called Ridiculousness.

He would watch funny videos on the internet and react to them in this show.

Next, in 2012, Dyrdek appeared in a documentary about his friend and a former skater, Danny way.

It was called “Waiting for Lightning.”

Rob has also featured in a few games like Skate and Skate 2.

Business Career

Alongside being a skater and actor, he is an entrepreneur as well.

He is a brilliant person in business, and he surely knows with whom he should be affiliated.

He had built up different connections through his acting and skating career, and when he entered the business world, he was able to work with top companies.

The first company that he launched was called ‘Orion Trucks.’

Then he continued and opened small companies and tried out his luck.

He had launched small companies like hip hop record label and a skate shop.

He also launched his skating league called Street League Skateboarding during that time.

The skateboarding brand is famous for various styles of skateboarding skills and displays.

It started as a domestic project but soon went international. Moreover, it is also broadcasted on ESPN in over 198 countries.

Dyrdek also found his own company called Dyrdek Machine.

Rob has also invested in top-rising companies like UFC, Beach Wishky, Beatbox Beverages, and Stance.

Rob Dyrdek: Wife and Kids

Dyrdek is happily married to Bryiana Noelle Flores.

Bryiana is an entrepreneur herself, a model, and a beauty queen.

The couple got married back in 2015, and they are still in a happy relationship after six years.

They have a very likable personality, and they are one of Hollywood’s sweetest couples.

Dyrdek Family
Dyrdek Family

They also pact that they would renew their vows every five years during their marriage.

The couple has two kids named Nala Ryan Dyrdek and Kodah Dash Dyrdek.

Kodah is their elder son and is six years old, while Nala is their newborn daughter and is just three years old.

Dyrdek bought a 7567 sq foot lavish house in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Similarly. the former skateboarder lives in an $8.5 million mansion. 

The family resides in Beverly Hills in their enormous house.

Rob Dyrdek: Net Worth

Rob has a great business mindset with excellent acting and skating skills. He is a man of talents.

He has earned tons and tons of money throughout his career through different ventures.

“Rob Dyrdek is estimated to have the networth of $50 Million”

His primary source of income is from his business and acting. He is also sponsored by huge companies as well.

Moreover, he is also co-founder of Ultracast and recently became the co-founder of Black Feather Whiskey in 2017.

With all that wealth, Rob has taken a step forward to help the community, and he has created three safe spots for skating in Los Angeles.

He did this to ensure the safety of the kid skating in LA.

Rob Dyrdek: Social Media

Rob is available on FacebookInstagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

He has around 7.3 Million followers on Facebook.

Similarly, he has 6.3 Million followers on his Instagram account.

Next, he has amassed around 3.1 Million followers on his Twitter account.

Lastly, on his Youtube channel, he has approximately 132K subscribers.

Moreover, he also has his website named Robdyrek.

Rob Dyrdek: FAQs

Does Rob Dyrdek own DC shoes?

No, he doesn’t. He was just previously sponsored by them.

Does Rob still Skate?

Unfortunately, he stopped skating, but he is involved in leagues and skating-related stuff.

Does Rob Dyrdek own a horse?

Yes, he does. At a point in his career, he owned around 13 horses.

Does Rob Dyrdek have tattoos?

Yes, Rob does have tattoos.

Shockingly, he got a back tattoo of Monster Energy; the legend claims he tatted it because the brand supported him throughout his career.

Similarly, Rob has got a diamond tattoo on his forearm.

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